Bar style – Personality industrial style is heating

Bar style – Personality industrial style is heating

by jiemei1 |2019年5月20日 | Industrial News

Industrial style combined with nostalgia trend, it popular from Europe to all over the world. In China, more and more bars in this style .Industrial style bar with unique personality,makes customer enjoy stimulating sense in comfortable and excited relaxation. CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.Under this kind of environment,people had to stretch out the tired nerves and release the desire to be imprisoned.

Industrial style originated in the industrial period. Because of the poor workers in the bottom of society, they lived in the abandoned factories, used the old wood and scrap to make industrial style furniture. CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer. Copper and iron in light yellow,wood in grey black, and cold cement all is the symbol of industrial style furniture.


For now, a combination of nostalgia, industrial style decoration become a new fashion trend.It popular from the birthplace of Europe to America , Asia and almost every major city in the world, where are able to see the theme of industrial style of the space. Bar design is no exception.


Industrial style of the bar decoration design, which mainly using the metal is emitting a dazzling light of the real light, aesthetic mysterious Gothic dome, and the steam era of decadent and cry, instantly moved people.Industrial style bar with unique personality,make customer enjoy stimulating sense,beautiful and unique artistic conception,comfortable and excited relaxation. Under this kind of environment,people had to stretch out the tired nerves and release the desire to be imprisoned.

In current domestic China, bar decoration style highly praised this nostalgic industrial style. Some people feel that this kind of exotic style, in China seems a bit small but misfits, personally think that this is actually not much. Just like Every man has his hobbyhorse, in China, with industrial texture of the bar and there will be support by the consumer groups.


On the domestic, the general bar of the consumer groups mostly white-collar class, their work pressure is very large, the life needs of the appropriate decompression.

So the bar create a relaxed, comfortable environment , but also will reflect the style of their own culture to the customer, so that customers of the thoughts in the relax temporarily from irritability in life and work out.The industrial style bar that publicity uninhibited personality can stimulate people’s senses and make people to relax themself. In addition, the bar style can also meet some people follow the foreign fashion petty consumer mentality, but also be able to meet their curiosity about the factory shop!

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