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Wedding Chair Styles

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When it comes time to rent chairs for your ceremony and/or reception, the myriad of options and styles from your local rental company might be a little overwhelming. Just keep in mind that the main goal is to choose a chair that best complements your wedding setting and overall aesthetic. To help you sort through the different options and decide which is the best for you, here’s a photo-filled guide to some of the most popular wedding-chair styles available.CDG furniture is a wedding chair Manufacturers.

Bentwood Chair: Modeled after the classic Thonet bentwood chair, this classic cafe-style chair is sophisticated yet relaxed, all at the same time. These chairs are best suited for outdoor venues like a vineyard or garden, or in more rustic and open-space settings like a tent, barn, or brick-walled loft.

Cross-Back Chair: This elegant farmhouse-style chair, with its curved lines and X-shaped back, is the perfect way to bring a classic, formal feel to a more rustic setting.

Elm table top maintenance

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Elm, known as a “blockhead”, wood texture understanding clear, moderate tenacity, strength and hardness, smooth surface planing, the chord surface pattern is beautiful, is one of the main timber furniture. The wood features: Sapwood heartwood, sapwood narrow dark yellow, dark purple heartwood grey; light material is hard, high mechanical strength, straight texture, rough structure. The elm furniture high-end practical, elm table also very welcome.CDG furniture is a table top factory. Good furniture or learn to care, we will try to understand the maintenance method of elm furniture.

How to maintain the elm table top–make good use of covering


Here, “covering” is not to say that the table should be covered with a layer of cloth, but that should be installed in the room curtains objects, so that they do not suffer from the sun exposure. In fact, not only is the elm table, all in addition to teak wood table should avoid direct sunlight. If do not pay attention to the maintenance of the elm furniture of the sun, so the furniture will not only lose their original luster, affecting the decorative effect, but also let loose wood, slowly deformation or cracking. We still have to pay attention to maintenance of elm surface temperature, because the table elm density is low, so the shrinkage and swelling rate is relatively large, and the elm table are not painted, relatively easy to deformation.


How to maintain the elm table top–keep cleaning


The table need always wipping the table, elm is no exception. Due to the nature of elm mesa special, very easy to happen moth event, do so in the elm table maintenance to more often wipe. In the table we should wipe with a soft cloth carefully wipe down the elm texture itself, at the same time in order to decay, we can be put on the cloth insect repellent. Yes, Xiao Bian here to remind you, must not appear in the maintenance process of elm surface water, that is to say we can’t wipe the furniture directly with wet cloth. Because of this will make wood furniture damp swelling, the final deformation.

How to maintain the elm table top–keep Waxing 


To solve the problem of how to maintain the old elm table must pay particular attention to the problem of waxing. The wax before we should use cotton cloth to wipe the furniture surface dust, like some stains we can be eliminated with a little alcohol. After waxing is the official, we should first coated with polishing wax, and then dry cloth slowly and evenly. In general, waxing frequency once a week is enough, should not be too frequent. At this time the elm table maintenance, we must be careful not to be overly friction furniture, to avoid damage to the twilight zone.


How to maintain the anti – elm table


Table maintenance and make sure the elm elm table because insects, flavor is sweet, so very popular borers welcome, so often the best general wipe, wipe with a soft texture, and then wipe down, put some amount of insecticide. Typically, a quarter of a waxing maintenance on Elm table, the table does not protect by moisture intrusion, but also protect the surface. Elm table maintenance should also note that the wood furniture are afraid of exposure, so to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

How to choose the table Base of the restaurant

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The nice thing about buying a single desktop and table base is that you can mix and match a custom look that reflects the ambience of the restaurant.CDG furniture is a table base Manufacturers.


For example, you can match a wooden countertop to a stainless steel base for a modern industrial look, or combine a granite countertop with a gorgeous black cast iron base to create a classic style.CDG furniture is a table base factory.


At CDG Furniture, we offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. All of our table stands are made of high strength structural steel or heavy cast iron.


A variety of options, which is more suitable for your mind it? Do not hesitate, let’s compare cast iron and iron legs. Below, we create a simple list to understand the pros and cons of the next two.

Cast iron legs:


In the long run, cast iron is strong, heavy and durable. Its surface texture effect is relatively coarse. We offer different styles of cast iron.




    Durable and heavy duty

    We use an outdoor powder that is impervious to water and ensures that it does not rust

    The color of the powder coating looks natural. Also welcome homemade color. We recommend the use of deeper non-gloss treatments, such as matte black or black, to hide the defects of cast iron.

    Adjustable rubber stopper helps to eliminate swing. And is suitable for most models.




    Although most of the color we can do powder, but some of the surface smooth light (such as white, silver, etc.) will show the natural defects of cast iron, we do not necessarily recommend

    May require more careful cleaning, because the surface is not smooth.


Iron table base:


    More concise and refined, stainless steel in the design and surface treatment have better flexibility, the advantages of a broader, applicable to a variety of styles of the table.




    Very durable

    We use outdoor powder, with impermeable to ensure that it is not easy to rust;

    Easy to clean. Just use warm soapy water and a clean towel.

    The color of the powder coating looks very self-evident, also welcomed the custom colors.

    The iron contains at least 30% of the regenerated component

    Adjustable feet help to eliminate swing. Suitable for most models



    The weight is large, making handling difficult

How to purchaise iron furniture

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Iron furniture has been favored by some consumers, but from the formation of a consumer boom is also a far cry from the reason is that people know little about wrought iron, Of consumer behavior. CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer.Here are a few simple authentication techniques:

1.With a hard object in the furniture is not striking the corner of the percussion, such as striking exposed coins and the same color rather than rust, it is a special treatment of genuine, you can use 5 to 20 years without rust, to maintain the original color. The general products generally do not have this layer of special treatment, the general use to 3 years to lose the original color, become rusty.


2.High-grade iron furniture, welding point is not exposed.


3.Attention to detail, such as petals, leaves, branches delicate process, no broken marks. In addition, the iron furniture as a result of hand-made, is a heart to create a work, so they tend to have the personality of the manufacturer’s mood, if you have a certain artistic appreciation of vision, will be able to feel their spirituality.

How to customize furniture?

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Because a lot of people dining room and decorated in different styles, young people now want to and designer restaurant design companies on the differences, and most of the finished furniture is relatively popular in the design, it is difficult to meet the individual requirements of consumers, therefore, custom furniture has attracted more and more consumers welcome. In recent years, custom furniture has become a model of the design of the decoration, it is a low cost, agile operation of the rapid response to the needs of individual customers, have replaced the traditional furniture making momentum, loved by many owners. CDG furniture is a custom furniture factory.


Custom furniture customization process, everybody is familiar with, the general measurement design, production, transportation, complex scale installation, the entire process by the most professional designers, workers, and professional equipment factory, for consumers, the professional thing to professional people to do, to reduce the scene construction, decoration save time, ensure the quality of furniture, but also more customer service guarantee. CDG furniture is a custom furniture suppliers.So the advantages of custom furniture where, how can we choose to let the satisfaction of custom furniture?

Custom furniture advantage


At present, the market has a large number of custom furniture enterprises. On the basis of mass production, these enterprises will be regarded as a separate market segments for each custom engineering consumers to meet their individual needs. At present, the use of custom furniture are the main form of the dining table, chairs, lockers, screens etc.. Custom furniture for both consumers and manufacturers, the advantages are obvious. Here we mainly look at, for consumers, what are the advantages of custom furniture. Consumer needs are met. Custom furniture according to personal interests put forward for design, design a variety of color collocation, style rich new products to meet different people’s individual requirements of the furniture are popular mass-produced furniture incomparable.


Consumers can control the cost of furniture materials. Custom furniture because of the various parameters of the furniture can be customized, that is, you can control the cost of furniture, that the cost is too high can be reduced. In addition, the vast majority of custom furniture brands are generally looking for suppliers, have good protection materials, and the price is also relatively cheaper, it saves the cost, the price is slightly lower. Different from the common custom furniture to buy finished furniture, consumers and businesses to communicate not only stay in a simple level, but the needs of consumers and businesses the depth of communication, good communication in order to achieve satisfactory results.


Purchase custom furniture should pay attention to


Custom furniture has not yet standardized standards, in terms of materials, environmental protection, price and other manufacturers and consumers of the self appointed. So in the purchase of custom furniture, consumers should consider the following aspects. According to the size of the room to determine the type and size of custom furniture products. If the house area is limited, it is necessary to choose to save space, as simple as possible, the volume is relatively small. To unify with the decoration style. Decoration to determine the style of the home before the purchase of furniture is critical, custom furniture must comply with the overall style of decoration. Pay attention to the rationality of furniture. In the choice of custom furniture, all materials should be consistent with the increase and decrease in the design principles, to take into account the support, practical, beautiful, not wishful thinking to highlight the personality, to focus on rationality.


Custom furniture inspection tips


Customized furniture to meet the needs of the individual, which requires more stringent quality control of the supplier’s products, from the procurement of materials to the process, to the inspection, each step strictly according to the process.

Select several major advantages of aluminum furniture

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As a restaurant owner, whether novice or seasoned, one thing to consider is your home furniture budget. Although there are countless furniture options to choose from, aluminum furniture has proven to be the best choice.CDG furniture is an aluminum furniture suppliers.


Aluminum furniture is a good choice for restaurants because it is rust-proof and easy to stack and store and easy to clean, and can be stored for long periods in warehouses. As a result of these five reasons, restaurant owners want to maximize the savings in furniture on the expense of aluminum furniture is their ideal choice. Here we talk about the four benefits of aluminum furniture:

1.high-quality aluminum furniture, strong, durable, weather conditions, making it a beachfront restaurant settings and other outdoor settings the perfect choice.


2.easy to clean. Aluminum furniture is known to be easy to clean, which is very attractive to restaurant owners. Simply kneading a damp cloth or applying light abrasives can make your dining room furniture clean and ready for your next customer in seconds.


3.production fast. Restaurant owners can take orders within 4 – 5.5 weeks, because aluminum furniture in the CDG furniture company has a very mature production line.


4.easy to stack and storage. Aluminum furniture can be easily moved from one part of your outdoor dining set to another, due to its light weight and without strenuous effort.


As a result of the four benefits mentioned above, any restaurant owner should consider aluminum furniture when choosing furniture. CDG Furniture Co., Ltd. has a wide variety of aluminum furniture, with competitive prices, will not break the restaurant boss’s budget bottom line.


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Din Tai Fung is an award winning restaurant, acclaimed for its wide range of “world famous” dumplings. The tradition of Din Tai Fung continues today in its locations in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Thailand.

In Din Tai Fung of Emporium, Melbourne, Australia, you can see a nice chair below called Moon Back chair from CDG(see more nice chairs by: furniture is a restaurant furniture manufacturers.

CDG is the top commercial metal furniture manufacturer in south of China, concentrately supply outdoor and indoor used metal chairs and tables to restaurants, cafes, hotel, club, etc. all over the world.

CDG is bringing our chairs to every corner of the world.


11 Ideas for an Elegant Outdoor Party

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Master hostesses and novices can unite around these easy outdoor party ideas. With inspired crafts, like DIY invitations and tablecloths, and simple recipes, you can spend less time fretting and more time socializing in the sun.CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture manufacturers.

1: Serve Small Bites

Keep your guests full well into the evening with a medley of sweet and savory tartlets. Small bites are perfect for warmer weather, as you can take out only what you need, and replenish from the fridge if necessary. Stock up on cute trays for easy transportation from kitchen to yard.


2: Make Picnic-Inspired Party Invitations

Handmade invitations set the tone for a thoughtful, beautiful day. Weave paper (get help here) to bring to mind woven picnic baskets.


3: Make Cookie Party Favors

Guests with a sweet tooth can pack a few lemon thyme cookies to go. Our “berry stained” muslin satchels are almost as cute as the cookies, and they’ll seal your status as the ultimate hostess.

4: Go Berry Picking

Before the festivities begin at home, have the group meet at a berry patch. Most patches let you wander and pick freely, so it’s the perfect leisurely activity for adults and kids. A head’s up that berry patches most often charge per pound of berries.


5: Serve a Signature Drink

If summer has a quintessential drink, it’s lemonade. For a chic but easy spin on the classic party drink, add sprigs of lemon thyme and juicy peach nectar. Set up a jug with glasses on the buffet, so guests can refill as necessary.


6: Decorate with Candles

Homemade copper lanterns offer a sophisticated vibe at a lean cost. The secret? Copper tape from a home store looks just like the real stuff. Choose blush-color flowers to echo the colors in your flower arrangements.

7: Create a Simple Buffet

Whether you make everything from scratch or pick up chips and dip from the store, a pretty buffet arrangement can make any party spread look good. Start with our pretty dyed tablecloth. (Get the how-to HERE.) Then, think variety: multiple shapes, colors, and heights of dishes.


8: Enhance Your Party Trays

Make a simple wooden tray look smashing with woven copper strips. Pick up the strips at a craft store or, then follow our how-to for fabulous results.


9: Decorate with Flowers

Summer party decorations are waiting in your garden. Here, we used a mix of roses, apple blossoms, and blackberry stems, but you can use whatever flowers are in season.


10: Set Up Stations

No matter your party activity, make sure you have extra supplies for each guest. For berry picking, we gathered baskets, sun hats, and muck-ready boots for guests to borrow.


11: Rent a Tent

Don’t let wiley summer weather ruin your outdoor affair. Rent a tent for the day to add shade and sophistication.

For more fabulous outdoor party ideas


So-Easy Party Tips!


Here are three easy tips for making your summer soiree the party of the season.


Guangzhou CDG furniture manufactory is specialist on the Garden metal furniture ,our designs for matching outdoor event and outdoor party also.)CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture factory.

CDG hot sale cross back bar stool

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The wooden bistro chair is an iconic presence at cafés across Europe. Our bar- and counter-height versions are crafted in metal for lasting outdoor use with a rustic finish to add to its antique charm.CDG furniture is a bar stool suppliers.


Welded of steel tubing.

Hand-painted powder coat finish.

Glazed and sealed with a protective top coat.


Rubber bumpers on feet to protect floors.


Bar Height: 19″ wide x 19″ deep x 46″ high

Counter Height: 19″ wide x 19″ deep X 42″ high

The advantages of CDG furniture

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It is because the unique advantages of the CDG furniture product was so popular in the market, the company is so amazing speed of development, now our advantages are summarized as follows:


1.metal furniture metal furniture is the core of CDG furniture. At first the CDG furniture as a agence service customers. From the beginning of 2013 we have own design team and factory, began to the creation of its own brand. And have a very clear goal and market positioning. Specializing in the production of coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial use of high-grade metal furniture.


2.Quality control: as the Agence experience and strong professional QC, QA team, CDG in quality control have very professional technology and strict standards, it lead us to the stage of rapid development in a short span of three years

3.Production management efficiency: CDG furniture from 2013 only 30 workers began to now every month 30 to 40 high containers production capacity. Because of CDG down to accumulate experience, innovation, reform and a system of management methods.


4.The price competition, the greatest degree of increase production efficiency, good cost control, the greatest degree of reduction in the marginal cost, from the source supplier of cheap and fine, to material the highest utilization rate control, arranged reasonable inventory etc., our products have very strong competition in the same quality standard.


5.Hand made finish: This is the biggest feature of CDG furniture products. Ordinary powder, although the production efficiency is high, but can’t meet the personalized, characteristics of the market demands, in such a concept, we CDG furniture founded the a series of Hand Made Finish, such as imitate wood, antique series, vintage finish, and the new weathering finish, making CDG products are sold.

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