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CDG hot sale cross back bar stool

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The wooden bistro chair is an iconic presence at cafés across Europe. Our bar- and counter-height versions are crafted in metal for lasting outdoor use with a rustic finish to add to its antique charm.CDG furniture is a bar stool suppliers.


Welded of steel tubing.

Hand-painted powder coat finish.

Glazed and sealed with a protective top coat.


Rubber bumpers on feet to protect floors.


Bar Height: 19″ wide x 19″ deep x 46″ high

Counter Height: 19″ wide x 19″ deep X 42″ high

The advantages of CDG furniture

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It is because the unique advantages of the CDG furniture product was so popular in the market, the company is so amazing speed of development, now our advantages are summarized as follows:


1.metal furniture metal furniture is the core of CDG furniture. At first the CDG furniture as a agence service customers. From the beginning of 2013 we have own design team and factory, began to the creation of its own brand. And have a very clear goal and market positioning. Specializing in the production of coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial use of high-grade metal furniture.


2.Quality control: as the Agence experience and strong professional QC, QA team, CDG in quality control have very professional technology and strict standards, it lead us to the stage of rapid development in a short span of three years

3.Production management efficiency: CDG furniture from 2013 only 30 workers began to now every month 30 to 40 high containers production capacity. Because of CDG down to accumulate experience, innovation, reform and a system of management methods.


4.The price competition, the greatest degree of increase production efficiency, good cost control, the greatest degree of reduction in the marginal cost, from the source supplier of cheap and fine, to material the highest utilization rate control, arranged reasonable inventory etc., our products have very strong competition in the same quality standard.


5.Hand made finish: This is the biggest feature of CDG furniture products. Ordinary powder, although the production efficiency is high, but can’t meet the personalized, characteristics of the market demands, in such a concept, we CDG furniture founded the a series of Hand Made Finish, such as imitate wood, antique series, vintage finish, and the new weathering finish, making CDG products are sold.

Classical Design Thonet Chair

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Solna 14 chair is French designer mike. Sauna (Michael Thonet, 1796-1871) in 1859, is a very elegant craft characteristic, but can be one of the classic furniture of mass production industrialization way, by stood to his own company (Gebruder Thonet) production from 1859, is still widely used


Solna chair designer called mike. Solna, Germany and Austria, was a carpenter do cabinet . His father is a famous leather craftsmen, Franz called Buddha. Sauna (Franz Anton Thonet of Boppard), his childhood with his father do leather apprentice, has his own practice do cabinet in 1819. Married a year later, lady called ana. “he (Anna Grahs), they have five boys.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.

In 1830, solna began testing pressure bending wood, wood, with animal glue and fixed shape, the use of this method in the furniture. He multilayer bending wood composite, reoccupy adhesive is fixed, the success in 1836 created the first curved wooden chair, called “wave, chair” (German called “Bopparder Schichtholzstuhl”, is equivalent to in English “Boppard layerwood chair”), in order to able to mass production in the future the curved wooden chair, he tried to buy the glue factory chase mill “m” company (the Michelsmuhle), to promote their own bent wood technology must be patent, 1837, stood to try to patent in Germany, Britain, France, Russia, but didn’t succeed. Stood back to focus on improving their chairs, with hot steam to bend wood, material selections were a little bit thin, light, solid wood chair, he made a lighter, more elegant, beautiful solna to chair. Master the new technology, he continues to design, make the important


Solna chair structure characteristic: bend natural, smooth lines, keep the integrity of the wood texture, the furniture of glued laminated bending process, can be in larger surface bending forming, according to the needs of human characteristics and use of a flood, torsional, no crack, deformation, etc. Tell from the design, sleek lines bent wood furniture is unmatched by other furniture. From the material application, in addition to the surface layer is made of high quality veneer, lining material not only requires low, and can be short to long, wide, make full use of the material, is real wood, greatly reduced because bending shape and waste generation.


Our CDG furniture also has a series of metal similar solna chair, can be piled up, suitable for commercial venues.

CDG Cafe Tables

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Choosing the right café table can make all the difference when creating that perfect ambience for your café/bistro/restaurant.  These days, tables don’t have to be large and boring and are made to fit into just about any area or space that you have. If you’re looking for a more intimate feel, try going with smaller café tables. On the other hand, larger tables can promote a family friendly style.

Styles to suit all themes


Here at CDG we have a wide range of café tables, table tops and table bases so that you can mix and match. CDG furniture is a cafe table manufacturers.If you’re looking for a modern industrial look, then why not opt for the stainless steel tables. Not only do they look stylish, they’re extremely hard wearing too. This means that you can use them both inside and out. If on the other hand you have a retro theme going on, then our sleek black and chrome or red and chrome tables really fit the bill. For a more rustic feel, our wood and chrome tables really do put the finishing touches to that perfect bistro look.

Contemporary rustic home

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This contemporary  home was styled by CDG team . CDG Team did a fantastic job, provide a modern and colorful chairs  for their clients, tying in perfectly with the spectacular rustic view. This home features a living room with an adjoining blight balcony,  Floor-to-ceiling , bringing in plenty of natural lighting to fill the space. Scroll down and take a tour through this modern home!

CDG also create a beautiful dining setting amid the expansive rustic view, while the Cross back chair and Cross back bar chair provide a relaxing spot to read a book .CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.The cross back chair perfect match the desk form the ideal entertaining quarters, especially  to see the vast outdoors in the countryside.

CDG furniture is the leaders in commercial furniture

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Our sales team often gets asked about the difference is between commercial and residential furniture.  After all, the thinking goes, a chair is a chair and a table is a table, regardless of whether you buy it from a retail location or a commercial dealer. Unfortunately, that line of thinking is false for a number of reasons.


Despite the fact that some designers and furniture buyers have taken to choosing residential grade furniture for offices, there are significant benefits to choosing commercial quality furnishings for any business in the hospitality industry.

CDG furniture is the leaders in commercial furniture.First impressions are lasting – and at CDG furniture, we understand that many clients will develop a first impression of your company based solely on the business environment you cultivate. CDG furniture is an innovative and global company that specialises in providing clients with affordable and high-quality products to suit a range of commercial environments. Whether you’re outfitting a modern office or opening a new café, we strive to match your vision with furnishings designed to promote a comfortable and professional ambience.


Our range of over 50,000 products, in twenty different departments, extends from marble-top bars to restaurant dining tables, from laser-cut signboards to eye-catching leisure chairs. However, you won’t have to choose between the products alone! Our specialists will be there to offer you expert advice, ensuring that you find the product that’s right for you and your unique business environment. We’re confident that at CDG furniture, you’ll find everything you need to create a work space that’s comfortable, practical, and looks great too.


The difference between commercial and residential furniture has nothing to do with looks, although residential furniture is often considered more aesthetically pleasing.  Instead, it’s all about construction.  As we said above, commercial furniture has to withstand continuous usage and abuse at the hands of customers and staff.  Because of that, it is built with heavier materials.  Commercial manufacturers typically use 16 or 18 gauge steel is used instead of the 22 or 24 gauge found in retail furniture. 


Commercial furniture can cost more than residential furniture (although not always), but is actually cheaper when you consider cost per use.  As we mentioned above, commercial furniture can easily get 10 times or more usage than residential furniture, but it often costs only 2-3 times as much, making it very cost effective for restaurants, bars, resorts, and offices.

CDG Awarded Spot in Top 10 for Modular Seating Solutions

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Whether in community spaces, common areas, or formal lobbies, CDG seating provides a flexible, easily-configurable solution for creating a comfortable environment and a pleasing aesthetic. Thonet recognized the need for CDG seating as collaborative, open spaces became a trend in corporate, education, and healthcare markets and introduced the CDG seating several years ago.

Today, CDG continues to set the standard in modular seating as Designer Pages ranks CDG 3 in the fourth spot among the top ten modular seating solutions. Designed by Qdesign, CDGutilizes the Thonet Quik-Kinect device, allowing the furniture to be reconfigured without the use of tools.


CDG comes in a variety of finish . For Green projects, Thonet offers the product with a bio-based foam and formaldehyde free core. Congratulations to CDGand thanks to Designer Pages for this recognition.CDG furniture is a dining set factory.

Retro industrial retro tables and chairs how to match

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With the gradual growth of interior decoration industry, various styles have come home. In addition to the decoration style, residential furniture should be changed, which makes the whole space more harmonious, otherwise it is neither fish nor fowl. Industrial style is nowadays many young people like the decorative style, but the industrial style furniture how to match, today we have to discuss the mix of industrial retro chairs.CDG furniture is an industrial style furniture manufacturers. type industrial wind tables and chairs


The bar is very suitable for the local industrial wind break. Bar music or loud or quiet, perfectly fit the industrial wind and heavy metal retro taste, safe movement, and offbeat and unique.


2.simple industrial wind tables and chairs


The industrial style can be simple, but it also give a simple and just like people like the character. The figure, with a wooden plank seat desktop, other parts are to create a simple shape with black metal, but more stool is designed as a compass appearance, which is simple and novel. room type industrial wind tables and chairs


Many families are very fond of industrial wind tables and chairs, but did not dare start. As pictured, this industrial wind retro furniture with furniture can be preferred in general household furniture. The curved desk and chair support wooden color panel is very suitable for daily furniture. the old type industrial wind tables and chairs


Sometimes industrial retro is not necessarily gorgeous and neat, old and old look more let us feel the taste of history. Industrial style retro furniture original can also be so, not only can meet the requirements of residential renovation, can also meet the company meeting the requirements of more romantic cells can meet the owner.



More retro style furniture industry, please contact Guangzhou CDG Furniture Co., a focus on high-end manufacturing industry of wind retro furniture company.

Vintage Style Stacking Thonet Chair

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CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers. We were developing well Vintage handmade finish since earlier of 2013. The iron thonet chair is our first generation product.

 At the beginning, we sold this product base solid finish:

White, Black, Red or Blue only; Secondly we sold iron thonet chair base dark wooden finish, and than light wooden finish. Since 2014, we started to think deeply: how to save cost, and meet customers demand. Until end of 2014,we stated to modify the iron thonet chair, to make it stack-able, aluminium version are available, and finish Vintage Style. After these improvement, the loading qty is 2 times more than the un-stack-able version. In this way, CDG save FOB cost,  customers save shipping cost. And stacking version is more suitable for cafe shop, restaurant and Bar use. Iron and aluminium material both available, customers there is one more option, can meet different level customers demand.

One of our customers from Italy, they bought stacking Iron thonet chair from us sine mid of 2019. Until now they bought more than 7*40HC Vintage stacking Iron thonet chair from us, total more than 8000pcs.

Here share some their project images.


Outdoor Wedding Chair

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CDG is one metal furniture specialist, we supply our product to Home Furniture and Contract Market. Wedding chair is belong to contact market. One of our Bulgaria customer have purchased hundreds of Stacking Cross Back Chairs and some tables for their own hotel.

They use our chairs and table for outdoor wedding. At the beginning of June, they just held one outdoor wedding party, and share some nice images with us.CDG furniture is an outdoor chair factory.


They bought Vintage Grey finish from us. Actually, all of our vintage colors: Vintage White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange and solid colors, like White, Cream White, Pink, Blue, Yellow or Green, they are suitable for wedding chair as well.

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