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Advantages and disadvantages of metal furniture

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Due to domestic people accustomed to wood furniture, metal furniture is a new product, in the domestic consumers, but also some favorite consumers. CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.Here are some of the metal furniture for people to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of metal furniture:

Advantages of metal furniture environmental protection


The raw material of metal furniture is cold rolled steel plate. With the rise of the iron and steel industry of the “green revolution” and “zero energy” of the production process, from the selection of metal materials to the production process and after elimination, will not lead to the waste of resources to the society, and will not have influence on the ecological environment is friendly, reusable and sustainable development of resource products. prevention, moisture-proof, can be used for external use.


Fire is mainly reflected in the metal furniture can withstand the test of fire, so that the loss to a minimum. The most suitable for the southern region. Metal furniture moisture can solve the problem of people. In addition, the metal furniture can be used outdoors, which is more widely used than the traditional wooden furniture.


3.functional diversity, space saving


Because of cold rolled sheet strength, metal furniture after processing the bending process can meet the functional requirements of many aspects, multi drawer, mobile, simple, many advantages can do in different products. In addition, many varieties of welded metal furniture and pile assembly, firm, durable, and can save space.

Disadvantages of metal furniture


The texture is hard and cold


The raw material of metal furniture is iron and this kind of cold rolled steel sheet, the physical characteristics of the hard and cold characteristics of steel furniture, and this kind of characteristics, and people’s choice of the texture of the warmth of the contrary. Therefore, metal furniture is often rejected because of the texture of many people, but with the concept of change and fashion product ideas, more and more people like to buy Metal furniture.


Five ways to decorate a garden chair

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When planning a wedding, note that in every detail. When you think of food, DJ, wine – who has time to consider chair decoration? That’s why it’s one of the most overlooked parts of the wedding. But the way you dress up your seat can make your big day more unique. CDG furniture is a garden chair manufacturers.There are 5 ways to decorate and even make your simple wedding chair an exclusive memory for you and your guests.

  1. Chair ribbons and so on

The chair streamer is the best way to incorporate your wedding colors into minimal detail. There are plenty of different bow and brooches made of different shapes, so you can make your chair more subtle and elegant.


  1. Burlap fabric and roses

For couples who want a more retro and earthy feel, burlap is an excellent choice for satin or even transparent yarn. Pairing with a blush rosette, these chairs will definitely add a certain “wow” scream to a country-style wedding.


  1. Left, Left (or Right!)

When thinking aisle decorations, do not consider the relationship between the chair. Because they are so graceful that you can pull them to the side, all the guests are more willing to look to the bride to pull the most important part of the wedding party – and (we all know it is true)!

If you do not want to decorate every chair, just think about the back row – it is equally effective.

  1. Put the back of the same as the bow hidden!

What’s more elegant than a perfect tie bow? When added to a garden chair, the overall appearance of the wedding seat changes. You can leave it bland, or add a shiny brooch, the appearance of the wedding to another level. All depends on you!


  1. Flowers and transparent yarn

This is our favorite! Adding different textures and fabrics can really change the way your seat looks. Flowers and transparent yarn into the wedding space into a whimsical environment – the perfect place to get married.

Kensington Aluminium Chair

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The Kensington Aluminium Chair has a simple laid back design, almost minimalist in style. The chair features a vintage paint finish, to create an aged industrial style dining chair and would suit a wide range of table styles. This stunning chair is very comfortable and suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.

The contoured backrest ensures comfort and poise. The Kensington chair is made completely from aluminium, so will never rust; making this chair ideal for use in the garden, verandah, deck or patio setting.


The chairs come fully assembled ready for immediate enjoyment. CDG furniture is an aluminium chair manufacturers.

Advantages Of Aluminum Furniture

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Love the wooden look, but afraid it is not durable enough? We have exactly what you want! A full range Aluminum chairs and tables finished with a Wooden finish, Vintage Finish and Retro finish.They are in solid and reasonably price.

Fashion and Comfortable

Our heavy-duty range of chairs and tables features a durable aluminum frame, finished with a handmade  wooden, Vintage and Retro finish that are textured and resembles real wood. For comfort, the design match human’s body curve, outdoor fabric cushion or upholstered seat are available.


We have several colors and options allowing you to mix and match.

Wooden finish: Dark and Light Wooden finish

Vintage finish: Vintage White, black, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Red and Green

Retro finish: Retro Cream white, Light Yellow

Where the aluminum chairs and tables can weather any conditions, the upholstered seat does not. we recommend you to keep these chairs and table for indoor. Only the full aluminum chair version and table can be used for outdoor.



These heavy-duty chairs and tables have a solid structure and their strong base always keep stable,other materials could do after a few years.

No screw, no weakness. The fully welding frame is much stronger and durable, and will outlast any timber or wicker furniture.


Easy maintenance

Because of the construction of the frame and the material used, these chairs and tables never rust, rot or peel. You can be sure will not stain any surface , they could use in any weather for years and last many years.

If the chair or table with dust, just use common water and soft a soft cloth to clear, that fine. 

Easy to store and convenient to transport

The aluminum furniture might be super strong but also super light! This makes it very easy for you to move furniture around and re-arrange your sitting area as you want.

At the same time, all our chairs are stack-able, making then are very easy and convenient to store and transport.


Different design, same characteristics! Discover today CDG best seller, the Cross Back range, as well as the Thonet range and the newly added Salt chairs and armchairs.Any more questions? Leave a comment, we will reply you in short!


CDG Furniture has consolidated itself as a reliable supplier of top quality Contract, Designer and Garden furniture. We are a professional manufacturer supplier of restaurant furniture, bar furniture, outdoor garden furniture, etc.

Six major advantages of metal Furniture

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Six major advantages of metal Furniture


Highly personalized style

Most of the major components of modern metal furniture with a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm high-quality thin-walled carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum metal pipe production. As the thin-walled metal pipe toughness, ductility, and design can be done in accordance with the designer’s artistic ingenuity, give full play to imagination, processed into a variety of curves, curved shape and style. CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.


Artistic taste of the metal tube main frame and then with solid wood, wood-based panels, cloth, stone, glass and other accessories or accessories with a clever mix of different kinds of development, thousands of charm, it is refreshing. Many metal furniture, a unique form, avant-garde style, showing a strong personality style, which is often difficult to compare and match the wooden furniture.

Rich choice of colors

Metal furniture surface finish can be said to be colorful, can be a variety of beautiful colors of polyurethane powder coating, it can be light can be Kam chrome; can be bright crystal, luxurious elegant titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating, also Can be titanium and powder spray two or more colors matched the perfect combination of Zenghui. At present, the international popularity of the plating K gold-plated and gold-plated process, but also to the grade of metal furniture and taste to a very high level. Metal furniture set to use functional and aesthetic functions in one, and some high-grade Need for a collection of value.


Variety of categories

Metal furniture category and variety is very rich, suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room furniture used in everything. These metal furniture can be a good family to create a different room for the different needs of the atmosphere, but also make the home more diversified and more modern style.


With folding function

Many varieties of metal furniture folding function, not only easy to use, but also save space, so that the limited area of ??the family living environment is relatively relaxed and comfortable.CDG furniture is a metal furniture manufacturer.

Quite aesthetic value

The past two years in the domestic emerging iron furniture into the classical Chinese and Western charm in the seemingly rough style, elegant and simple yet modern atmosphere, rather artistic appreciation of the value and aesthetic value for today’s furniture market adds a unique landscape.


Goods inexpensive

The price of metal furniture is much lower than that of solid wood furniture, which is not good enough for people with incomparable incomes, but the family who decorate their homes lightly and creatively is not yet rich, but the families who pay attention to the benefits and beauty are Can be described as inexpensive.

Reasonable choose your coffee table and chair

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With 80 90 has gradually become the main force of consumption, we love to go to the cafe this elegant and romantic way of life, such as friends after work and go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee, a lazy weekend to sit in a cafe, internet reading magazines, also more and more people are keen to invest in the cafe, cafe tables and chairs to the end buy it? CDG furniture is a professional commercial furniture manufacturers.Here take you to look at the furniture genmed cafe tables and chairs to buy items you want to purchase help.

1.material is reasonable: different coffee table and chair, the surface of the material is also different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinet legs, with hardwood, relatively strong, capable of bearing load, and the internal materials of other materials are available; coat cabinet legs required thickness 2.5cm, thick it is clumsy, easy to bend the thin deformation; the kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not be used in fiber, and should use three plywood, fiberboard, will expand because of damage to coffee tables and chairs should be washable with water.

Found that wood has insect eyes, lost foam, that is not thoroughly dried. It is recommended that you check the finished surface, but also to open doors, doors to see inside a drawer inside the material has not decadent, you can use a fingernail pinch pinch, pinch into a note on the decay of the material. After the doors opened with a nose to smell, if red nose, eyes, tears, that because the formaldehyde content is too high, will be harmful to the human body. tables and chairs moisture content shall not exceed 12%, high moisture content, wood easy warping, deformation. The general consumers to buy, no test instrument, can adopt touch method, hand touch cafe on the bottom surface of the furniture or unpainted place, if you feel dry, so the moisture content of at least 50% or more, can not be used. Your suggestion is another way to have painted wood. Sprinkle a little water, if the slow down or not down, indicating high moisture content.

3.structure is firm: coffee tables and chairs small cafe furniture, such as chairs, stools, racks in the cement floor mop in the selection, fall gently, crisp sound, explain quality is better; if the sound hoarse, splitting the Ba Ba noise, that is not combined with tight mortise structure is not strong. Desks and tables can be shaken and shaken by hand. The sofa can sit, if sitting on the move rattled loud, shake shake, a nail is live, it does not take a long time. Table, table, chair legs should have four triangular clips, fixed effect, the selection of the furniture upside down a look, can touch the cloth chair.

4.feet of coffee tables and chairs is smooth: this point is placed flat on a glance, some coffee tables and chairs only three landing legs. Take a look at the desktop is flat, not bow back or collapse of the waist. The desktop, glass will be placed on spin; recessed desktop, I put pressure on the glass broken. Advise you to check the door, drawer joints can not be too large, should pay attention to the horizontal and vertical, Siemens does not sag.

Guangzhou CDG furniture is a professional manufacturer of commercial furniture manufacturers, the main production of the dining table, dining chair, is in the high-end positioning household metal furniture and external use.


Moveable or fixed bar tables? making the right choice for your cafe

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For any cafe, restaurant, or bistro that wants to stand out from the crowd, aside from décor and of course the food/drink, one way to make a great first impression is through the furniture you use. As a result bar tables are becoming increasingly popular because they not only promote a more relaxed dining experience for the customer, but they can also make great use of space, effectively increasing your bottom line.CDG furniture is a bar table factory.


So you’ve decided that you’d like to add some bar tables to your venue, but which ones do you choose?


There’s no getting away from the fact that when it comes to bar tables there’s a multitude of them to choose from. That said, there are some criteria that just might help you make up your mind and each of these should hold similar weight when making your decision. These are practicality and space.CDG furniture is a bar table manufacturers.

Moveable or fixed bar tables


With a choice of either moveable or fixed bar tables, which ones do you go for? Obviously if it’s flexibility you’re after then the moveable variety gives you this in abundance. They allow you to change the seating arrangements to suit the demands and needs of your customers and come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials. There are down sides in that clients may decide to move tables themselves to seat more of their friends. This might block aisles, gangways, and access points making it difficult for you to serve other customers. Another point to remember is that moveable tables aren’t as sturdy as fixed tables and therefore cafe owners can expect an increase in drinks spillage and glass breakages.

As beneficial as the moveable bar table is, the fixed table also has it’s advantages. Firstly, as they’re secured to the floor fixed tables won’t be manhandled so much. This means that they stand a greater chance of lasting longer. Although it’s fair to say that you loose flexibility with fixed tables they do have an advantage in that they gives you the chance to think about making the very best use of your space before they’re fitted. For instance wrap-around tables can be installed around poles and beams and smaller tables fitted into recesses for that cosy intimate feel. Finally some customers don’t like change and may favour fixed tables, especially when they have a preferred seating place.

How to choose the material of western table and chair

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How to choose the material of western table and chair


1.the choice of desktop materials


Western-style food tables and chairs desktop divided into fire board, melamine board, wood desktop, toughened glass board and marble board etc..


Fire board material in the Western-style food store in higher have been applied widely.


Melamine plate, surface quality is low, easy to fade, fracture and corrosion. However, due to its low cost of materials, but also easy to manufacture, low end products manufacturers often choose to use melamine board to make raw materials, and even more, to the use of melamine plate fire board. Need to be carefully identified at the time of purchase.


The wooden tabletop gradually rises, this kind of tabletop easy to clean, the natural grain is beautiful, its color selectivity is big, the surface wear-resisting property and so on the high characteristic is favored by the upscale dining room.


Marble desktop in civilian furniture has been widely used, but different from the western restaurant, the western restaurant in the desktop on its wear resistance, oil pollution performance requirements more stringent. Recommend the use of quartz stone, or acrylic stone.

2.the choice of the structure of the western table and chair


The structure of the western table and chair can be roughly divided into two types: the connected structure and the split structure.CDG furniture is a table and chair factory.


Conjoined structure is easy to place, but not easy to move, comfort is not reached, slightly higher grade western restaurant chairs and chairs are no longer using Siamese architecture. The whole structure is divided to messy customers left to increase the workload of regular, the waiter, but the body structure easy to move and again, comfort is also higher, but also the first Western-style food store.


When choosing the architecture material, pay more attention to the design rationality of the architecture and its stability. If it is steel structure, we must pay attention to the thickness of the steel pipe wall.

3.the choice of chairs and table


Western-style food is usually used for dining tables and chairs wooden chairs, wood chair, steel wood chair.CDG furniture is a table and chair manufacturers.


Steel wood chair material durable, changeable shape, simple and generous, has become the first choice of fast food restaurants.

Wedding Chair Styles

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When it comes time to rent chairs for your ceremony and/or reception, the myriad of options and styles from your local rental company might be a little overwhelming. Just keep in mind that the main goal is to choose a chair that best complements your wedding setting and overall aesthetic. To help you sort through the different options and decide which is the best for you, here’s a photo-filled guide to some of the most popular wedding-chair styles available.CDG furniture is a wedding chair Manufacturers.

Bentwood Chair: Modeled after the classic Thonet bentwood chair, this classic cafe-style chair is sophisticated yet relaxed, all at the same time. These chairs are best suited for outdoor venues like a vineyard or garden, or in more rustic and open-space settings like a tent, barn, or brick-walled loft.

Cross-Back Chair: This elegant farmhouse-style chair, with its curved lines and X-shaped back, is the perfect way to bring a classic, formal feel to a more rustic setting.

Elm table top maintenance

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Elm, known as a “blockhead”, wood texture understanding clear, moderate tenacity, strength and hardness, smooth surface planing, the chord surface pattern is beautiful, is one of the main timber furniture. The wood features: Sapwood heartwood, sapwood narrow dark yellow, dark purple heartwood grey; light material is hard, high mechanical strength, straight texture, rough structure. The elm furniture high-end practical, elm table also very welcome.CDG furniture is a table top factory. Good furniture or learn to care, we will try to understand the maintenance method of elm furniture.

How to maintain the elm table top–make good use of covering


Here, “covering” is not to say that the table should be covered with a layer of cloth, but that should be installed in the room curtains objects, so that they do not suffer from the sun exposure. In fact, not only is the elm table, all in addition to teak wood table should avoid direct sunlight. If do not pay attention to the maintenance of the elm furniture of the sun, so the furniture will not only lose their original luster, affecting the decorative effect, but also let loose wood, slowly deformation or cracking. We still have to pay attention to maintenance of elm surface temperature, because the table elm density is low, so the shrinkage and swelling rate is relatively large, and the elm table are not painted, relatively easy to deformation.


How to maintain the elm table top–keep cleaning


The table need always wipping the table, elm is no exception. Due to the nature of elm mesa special, very easy to happen moth event, do so in the elm table maintenance to more often wipe. In the table we should wipe with a soft cloth carefully wipe down the elm texture itself, at the same time in order to decay, we can be put on the cloth insect repellent. Yes, Xiao Bian here to remind you, must not appear in the maintenance process of elm surface water, that is to say we can’t wipe the furniture directly with wet cloth. Because of this will make wood furniture damp swelling, the final deformation.

How to maintain the elm table top–keep Waxing 


To solve the problem of how to maintain the old elm table must pay particular attention to the problem of waxing. The wax before we should use cotton cloth to wipe the furniture surface dust, like some stains we can be eliminated with a little alcohol. After waxing is the official, we should first coated with polishing wax, and then dry cloth slowly and evenly. In general, waxing frequency once a week is enough, should not be too frequent. At this time the elm table maintenance, we must be careful not to be overly friction furniture, to avoid damage to the twilight zone.


How to maintain the anti – elm table


Table maintenance and make sure the elm elm table because insects, flavor is sweet, so very popular borers welcome, so often the best general wipe, wipe with a soft texture, and then wipe down, put some amount of insecticide. Typically, a quarter of a waxing maintenance on Elm table, the table does not protect by moisture intrusion, but also protect the surface. Elm table maintenance should also note that the wood furniture are afraid of exposure, so to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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