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CDG Furniture Shined 2023 Furniture China

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CDG furniture, as a leading brand in the outdoor garden furniture industry, has always won the recognition and love of consumers with its unique design and high-quality products. From September 11 to 15, 2023, during the golden autumn season, under the leadership of CEO Lisa Liang, CDG Furniture made an exciting appearance at the 2023 Furniture China held in Shanghai with its latest fashion trend weaving rope chairs and best-selling outdoor garden furniture products, attracting the attention and pursuit of many customers both at home and abroad.

The biggest highlight of CDG Furniture at this exhibition is its latest fashion trend weaving woven rope chair. This chair adopts an aluminum frame and a unique braided rope design, which is not only comfortable and durable, but also has a fashionable and beautiful appearance. Through meticulous rope weaving techniques, the seat and backrest parts of the chair present unique patterns and textures, giving people an artistic enjoyment. At the same time, the chairs are also made of high-quality materials. Each dining chair with braided ropes is made of durable polyester braided ropes suitable for outdoor use, waterproof and sunscreen, ensuring the quality and service life of the product. The appearance of these weaving rope chairs not only showcases CDG furniture’s unique insights into garden furniture design, but also attracts the attention of many customers and has received a lot of purchase intentions.


In addition to trendy weaving rope chairs, CDG Furniture also showcases its best-selling garden furniture products. Garden furniture has always been a flagship product of CDG furniture, and its high-quality, cost-effective, and avant-garde design are highly favored by customers. The garden furniture products exhibited this time not only focus on comfort and practicality, but also incorporate fashion elements, giving people a unique feeling. Whether it’s rope chairs, outdoor dining tables, or classic aluminum outdoor furniture products, all demonstrate CDG furniture’s relentless pursuit of detail and deep understanding of customer needs. The appearance of these garden furniture products not only makes people feel comfortable and beautiful, but also demonstrates the leading position of CDG furniture in the garden furniture industry.


At 2023 Furniture China, CDG Furniture not only showcased its latest products and thoughtful services, but also attracted the attention of numerous domestic and foreign customers through meticulous booth design and display methods. The layout of the booth fully showcases the brand image and product characteristics of CDG furniture, attracting a large number of people to stop and watch and consult. The sales team of CDG Furniture also actively interacts with customers, patiently answers questions, and provides high-quality service to customers. This professional attitude and enthusiastic service have earned CDG Furniture the trust and praise of numerous customers at home and abroad during the exhibition.

By participating in 2023 Furniture China, CDG Furniture not only successfully showcased its latest fashion trend, woven rope chairs, and best-selling garden furniture products, but also further consolidated its leading position in the garden furniture industry. The successful holding of this exhibition has opened up a broader market for CDG furniture and provided consumers with more high-quality garden furniture choices. I believe that in the future development, CDG furniture will continue to bring more surprises and satisfaction to consumers with its unique fashion design, high-quality products, and comprehensive after-sales service.

CDG Furniture Debuts In 2023 Index Dubai

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With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the demand for commercial restaurant furniture and outdoor leisure furniture continues to increase. CDG furniture designs and produces various high-quality and cost-effective commercial restaurant furniture and outdoor leisure furniture products from multiple aspects such as material, design, comfort, and durability.

On May 23-25, 2023, CDG Furniture debuted at the 2023 Index Dubai Furniture Exhibition with its latest products made from original design, handmade rattan rope weaving, and environmentally friendly materials, immediately receiving enthusiastic attention from merchants from all over the world.


CDG Furniture was established in 2006, and the CDG brand is an early and well-known brand in the commercial furniture industry. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative stylish furniture for the alfresco, hospitality, home and leisure industries.


At present, CDG furniture products have been exported to over 160 countries and regions in most countries, and have a large customer base in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. CDG furniture has a production base covering an area of 20000 square meters with 200 employees, and has established a complete research and development, design, production, export and domestic sales service system, which can meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers for bulk procurement and diversified orders.


In the future development, CDG furniture will pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainability in its products, with the mission of improving human commercial life, and creating a healthier, more comfortable, and better life for consumers around the world.

Place The Aluminum Tables And Chairs In Outdoor Leisure Area

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What is the most important outdoor leisure area in the courtyard? Of course, it is a suitable table and chair for leisure. Setting up a set of tables and chairs in the outdoor leisure area for chatting, chatting, and drinking tea is simply not too comfortable. However, due to the different outdoor conditions and indoor conditions, it is important to pay attention when choosing outdoor furniture. Courtyard tables and chairs adopt a combination form with a harmonious and consistent style, but avoid placing too many objects to avoid appearing messy. The materials of outdoor furniture in courtyards are commonly made of rattan, aluminum, and iron, which have good load-bearing capacity and can be well integrated into the outdoor atmosphere in design. CDG outdoor furniture, aluminum tables and chairs, have better corrosion and moisture resistance. They are also less prone to rust when placed outdoors for a long time, and have strong load-bearing capacity, making them less susceptible to damage. Don’t worry about being blown away by the wind or being damaged by humans.


The aluminum tables and chairs are made of die-casting technology, full of metal texture, smooth and delicate without burrs. The wide seating surface conforms to ergonomics, making them not only comfortable and comfortable, but also breathable to sit in summer and non freezing to the cushion in winter. The pattern of the seat has an artistic sense and clear texture. During processing, multiple processes are carried out, and the height of the armrest is suitable for the human body’s bearing height. Placing hands on the armrest is comfortable and comfortable. Aluminum material is suitable for long-term outdoor use, waterproof and moisture resistant. The water on tables and chairs can be wiped with a cloth.


The aluminum dining chair has strong load-bearing capacity, easily carrying over 500 pounds of heavy objects, and the chair is not easily deformed. The pattern of the aluminum dining table has been carefully designed, with a smooth surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also resistant to high temperatures. There is no need to place table mats, and fresh food can be placed on the table. There are various styles of aluminum chairs to choose from, and you can choose the corresponding aluminum table and chair according to the style of the courtyard or outdoor aluminum table.


In addition to flowers and plants, a set of outdoor aluminum tables and chairs can also be placed in the yard, paired with an outdoor sunshade umbrella, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable leisure time in a leisurely afternoon. If you also like to shade a set of aluminum tables and chairs, you can contact CDG Outdoor Furniture!

What Should I Do When Outdoor Furniture Encounters Rainy Days?

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Outdoor furniture is very popular, but the most unpredictable is the weather. The biggest worry of many people before purchasing outdoor furniture is what to do with outdoor furniture placed in the yard and terrace when it rains? Wouldn’t outdoor rattan furniture get damp and moldy when it gets wet? Wouldn’t outdoor metal furniture rust and paint when it gets wet? However, what are the differences between these problems and CDG outdoor furniture products?


As we all know, ordinary outdoor furniture must be taken back or covered up quickly in rainy days. If no one happens to be present, it will suffer. The surface, cushion and cushion of outdoor furniture will be soaked in the rain for a long time, and it is easy to rust and mildew if the quality is poor. CDG outdoor furniture products do not have this kind of trouble. All cushions and cushions of Xinningju outdoor furniture are made of waterproof and breathable technology fabrics. Secondly, the technology fabric can also prevent pollution and mildew, but the waterproof fabric can not make the entire cushion waterproof. Zippers and pinholes will allow rain to seep into the interior, so the requirements for padding of cushion and cushion in outdoor furniture are relatively high.


CDG outdoor furniture products also take this situation into account, so Xinningju cushion padding adopts quick-drying cotton, which has higher performance of moisture and moisture prevention. Therefore, it has also been deeply loved by designers in the field of outdoor home furnishing. Compared with ordinary sofa filled sponge, quick-drying cotton can quickly leak water and restore dryness. Even if it is accidentally wet by rain, it can only be dried in the sun for 2-3 hours, which will not affect the quality of outdoor furniture. So rainy days will not cause any quality problems for CDG outdoor furniture. Whether in the beach, swimming pool or garden, CDG outdoor furniture products can well adapt to various scenes.

CDG Furniture Dining Table Chair Set

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Take the stress out of matching your table and chairs, with our great value dining packages. We have done the hard work for you and pulled together perfect combinations of timber, metal, upholstered and painted dining sets that will work whatever your style.


With scandi, modern, contemporary, and industrial designs to seat two, four, six, eight or ten people and in round, square and rectangle shapes we should have a solution that works for you. Whether you have a compact room or heaps of space and plenty of people to cater for.


CDG Furniture specialise in metal furniture,it’s a professional dining set manufacturers, supplying different types of commercial dining table set: restuatant dining set, cafe shop dining set, garden dining set…ect.

A Vintage Iron Bar Stool

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Are you looking for something unique and interesting to add to your at-home bar, kitchen island or entertainment space? Look no further than this CDG vintage industrial bar stool. Our Iron Bar Stool combines the hardiness of industrial design with the warmth and comfort of a classic vintage aesthetic.


If you have a breakfast nook in your kitchen, then a wrought iron bar stool might just be what you need. They are extremely strong, resist the bend despite the weight on them, which can give you peace of mind. A bar stool can serve as a place to indulge, but it also has other uses. The breakfast place, depending on its size, has room for two or more bar stools.


As the name suggests, you can have breakfast on wrought iron bar stools, or you can read the newspaper. The purpose is the same. A bar stool is usually higher than a regular chair, then a bar table is higher than a regular table. With a breakfast place the same principle applies. It is usually higher than for a dining room table.

CDG’s Stackable Practical Dining Chairs

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When choosing your seating for your restaurant, consider buying stacking chairs. The benefits of choosing these types of chair are tenfold.

As you already know they stack on top of one another, they are functional, especially when you need to make allowances for larger parties of people.

They are a great space maximiser – when the party is over, you can stack them away neatly, they take up vertical space and not vital floor space, perfect when cleaning is required. Today most designs have corresponding trolleys and carts to allow for easier manoeuvrability and quickness of tidy up.

We CDG’s stacking chairs are made from aluminium and are widely used in golf clubhouses, conference centres, hotels, schools, outdoor areas and fast food restaurants.The range of metal designs are also becoming more popular especially for venues which host weddings and other such celebrations.

Their strong design construction allows for continuous moving, shifting and stacking. If it’s aluminium you have chosen then they are lightweight which allows them to be moved with minimal effort and many are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

They have great versatility, gone are the days of the functional looking stacking chair. There are many beautiful designs on the market and along the way comfort has been improved greatly. Many can have their seat pads upholstered and feature a curved back, which can also be upholstered to enhance greater comfort and allows for your customers to sit on comfortably for a couple of hours. As well as chair design, seat pads and fabric choice you can combined all of these options with different frames – metal or wooden – which can also be powder coated or finished in many different colours – your choices are almost limitless.

Before making you choice, you need to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your decision, consider the following:

* your client
* your venue
* how they will be used
* construction & durability
* comfort
* style and design

We CDG is a commercial furniture factory, main in metal commercial dining furniture, metal dininh chair, dining table,bar chair, stool,bar table.

Should more information you want to know, please be freely contact

Discover CDG’s Windsor Range Product

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CDG is one more than 15 years professional metal and garden furniture manufacturer,
which product Contract, Designer and Garden, strong at Industrial and Vintage Style Furniure.
We have work out Taper Legs Windsor Stacking Dining chair. This chair become one of our hotsale items.
Now, we have completed the research and development of this series of products.
Until now Our Taper Legs Winsor Range product incould ing bellowing items, which already become the 2nd generation hot sale outdoor range product after the Cross Back range.

1. Stacking dining chair;


2. Arm dining chair;


3. Bar high chair;


4. Stool and Barstool.

CDG Barstool Collection

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Our barstool collection is one that we are proud of, we have created a range that we hope covers all bases and offers you choice, quality and style. We have industrial, modern, contemporary, scandi, luxe and hampton inspired looks that will suit restaurant, cafe shop, hotel and banquet. It is an easy and affordable way to update your restaurant space with timber, metal, and plastic bar stool options in both 65cm counter height and 75cm bar height. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour, or a dash of glamour, choose a style you love and that works for your restaurant.

A fabulous stool for a vintage inspired decor, these stools are based on the classic industrial stools. The Alice bar stools have a minimal style with metal hairpin legs and a timber seat. A durable, sturdy stool that is not only space-saving but great to look at too. It’s the perfect addition to any home or commercial setting! The Alice stool is stackable up to 4 stools high and available in a few different colours, Peppermint, Black & White.

A stool that amplifies a mixed style of contemporary and industrial, combining a streamlined powder-coated base and naturally finished solid ash timber seat. Symmetrical in design; this bar stool reinforces comfortable, durable and low maintenance seating for years.

CDG Furniture Windsor Chair

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A Windsor chair originally is a chair built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, or pushed into drilled holes, in contrast to standard chairs, where the back legs and the uprights of the back are continuous. The seats of Windsor chairs were often carved into a shallow dish or saddle shape for comfort. Traditionally, the legs and uprights were usually turned on a pole lathe. The back and sometimes the arm pieces (if arms are present) are formed from steam bent pieces of wood.

It is not clear when the first Windsor Chairs were made. It is known that, as early as the 16th century, wheelwrights started coping out chair spindles in the same way they made wheel spokes. The design was probably a development of West Country, Welsh and Irish ‘stick-back’ chairs, but the evidence on origin is not certain. It is thought that the first Windsor chair made its appearance in the county of Buckinghamshire, where the main centre of production eventually moved to High Wycombe.The first Windsors were of the comb-back variety. By the 18th century steam-bending was being used to produce the characteristic “bow” of the Windsor chair.The first chairs made this way were shipped to London from the market town of Windsor, Berkshire in 1724. There is speculation that the chair derives its name from the town of Windsor, which became the centre for the trade between the producers and the London dealers. Thus the name “Windsor Chair” is more about the style of chair than where it was made, with many diverse forms of Windsor chair being made worldwide.

In 2016 CDG Furniture made a further development on Winsor Chair, coping the chair by metal in steel and aluminim. The first face to lanch market In Sep. 2016. As a very specil and fresh finish, catch many customers’s eyes. Such CDG factory become crazy buse.

The chair range can be put outside and indoor. Now the metal Windsor chair are popular all over the world, especially in Europe, and in 2018 it raise another wave in Central and South America.

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