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CDG Furniture’S Faux Leather Dining Chairs Used In Restaurants

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In today’s society, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the dining environment are also increasing. A restaurant is not only a place for people to enjoy delicious food, but also an important place to experience the quality of life. In this context, furniture, as an important component of a restaurant, its material, design, and comfort directly affect the dining experience of customers. The faux leather dining chairs of CDG furniture have been widely used in restaurants due to their unique advantages, becoming an important choice to improve the quality of restaurants.

1、 The material characteristics of faux leather dining chairs

The faux leather dining chairs of CDG furniture are made of high-quality faux leather materials, which are very similar to genuine leather in appearance and touch, but are more affordable, allowing more restaurants to choose furniture with high cost-effectiveness. Faux leather materials have the advantages of softness, smoothness, wear resistance, and easy cleaning. They not only provide a comfortable sitting experience, but also effectively extend the service life of dining chairs. In addition, faux leather materials also have good breathability, allowing customers to enjoy a refreshing dining environment even in hot summers.

2、 Design advantages of faux leather dining chairs

CDG furniture emphasizes the combination of practicality and aesthetics in the design of faux leather dining chairs. The lines of the dining chairs are smooth, and the design is simple yet fashionable, which can be well integrated into various styles of restaurant environments. At the same time, the seats and backrests of the dining chairs are designed ergonomically, which can fit the curves of the human body and provide the best support, allowing customers to enjoy a more comfortable experience while dining. In addition, the CDG faux leather dining chair also adopts an anti slip design, effectively avoiding accidents caused by chair sliding.


3、 The application of faux leather dining chairs in restaurants

Upgrading the restaurant: The high-quality materials and fashionable design of CDG faux leather dining chairs have significantly improved the overall level of the restaurant. Customers can not only taste the delicious food while dining, but also feel the high-quality service and elegant environment of the restaurant, thereby enhancing their favorability and turnover rate towards the restaurant.
Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere: The soft, comfortable, and breathable CDG faux leather dining chairs allow customers to enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during meals. In such an environment, customers can relax their bodies and minds, chat about food and life with family and friends, and increase the fun and interactivity of dining.
Easy to clean and maintain: The material of CDG faux leather dining chairs has good wear resistance and easy cleaning, making the restaurant more convenient and efficient in daily maintenance. Even if there are stains or wear on the dining chair during use, it can be restored as new through simple cleaning and maintenance, effectively extending the service life of the dining chair.
Strong adaptability: The design of CDG faux leather dining chairs is simple and fashionable, and can adapt to various styles of restaurant environments. Whether it’s a European restaurant, an American restaurant, or a themed restaurant, CDG faux leather dining chairs can coordinate with the overall style of the restaurant, creating a harmonious dining environment.


4、 Market prospects of faux leather dining chairs

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing demand for dining environments, the market prospects of CDG faux leather dining chairs are becoming increasingly broad. More and more restaurants are paying attention to the selection and matching of furniture to enhance the quality and attractiveness of the restaurant. CDG faux leather dining chairs have strong competitiveness in the market due to their unique material characteristics, design advantages, and practicality. In the future, CDG faux leather dining chairs are expected to occupy a larger share in the restaurant furniture market and become one of the preferred furniture for more restaurants.

Industrial Style Woven Rope Dining Chair

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In the busy modern life, furniture is not only a filling material for space, but also a reflection of people’s personality and taste. Especially in dining spaces, a well-designed dining chair can not only enhance the overall dining experience, but also become the finishing touch of restaurant decoration.


This Industrial Style Woven Rope Dining Chair from CDG Furniture leaves a deep impression at first glance. Its design is simple but not simple, with smooth lines, revealing a low-key sense of luxury. The frame of the chair is made of aluminum, which is not only lightweight but also sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding large weights. The surface of the aluminum material is treated with outdoor powder spraying, giving the chair a unique texture that combines the hardness of metal with a delicate touch. This treatment method also makes the chair durable and waterproof, allowing it to maintain good condition even in humid environments.


The sitting experience is also a major highlight of this industrial style woven rope dining chair. The chair is equipped with a thick waterproof cushion, which is made of soft and breathable materials, making it very comfortable to sit on. Even in hot summer, you won’t feel stuffy. At the same time, the seat cushion also has a waterproof function, even if the water cup is accidentally knocked over, it can be easily wiped clean, which is very convenient and practical.


The backrest design of the chair is even more unique. It adopts a handmade polyester braided rope design, presenting a string like shape, which is not only beautiful and durable, but also fits the back and is elastic. This design allows the chair to provide support while also providing a certain massage effect on the back, allowing people to enjoy physical and mental relaxation while dining. Even if sitting for a long time, one will not feel tired.


Industrial style has always been highly sought after, and it is loved by young people for its unique rugged, retro, and practical characteristics. This woven rope dining chair perfectly embodies the charm of industrial style. Its minimalist design, sturdy materials, and comfortable seating experience all reflect the characteristics of industrial style. At the same time, its design also pays great attention to detail handling, such as woven rope backrests, waterproof seat cushions, etc., all reflecting the designer’s pursuit of practicality and comfort.


In industrial style decoration, this dining chair can easily blend in and become a highlight of the space. Whether it’s restaurants, cafes, or hotel gardens, it can complement various decoration styles perfectly. Its appearance not only enhances the sense of class in the space, but also allows people to enjoy a unique atmosphere while dining or working.


Not only suitable for commercial venues, this industrial style woven rope dining chair is also very suitable for home use. In the home, it can not only be used as a dining chair, but also as a study chair, leisure chair, etc. Its sturdy material and comfortable seating experience enable it to meet the needs of different occasions. At the same time, its minimalist shape and unique design can also add a unique aesthetic to the home space.

CDG Furniture Appears At CIFF: Innovative Design Leading New Trend Dining Space

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Recently, the highly anticipated China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Expo – CIFF – opened grandly, attracting the attention of the global furniture industry. At this grand exhibition, CDG furniture became one of the focuses of the exhibition with its unique design concept and comfortable product experience. CDG Furniture has always been committed to creating comfortable dining spaces for customers. Through continuous innovation and improvement, it has successfully won the trust and love of customers from more than 100 countries around the world.


CDG Furniture understands that comfort is the core element of furniture products, and innovation is the key to achieving a comfortable experience. Therefore, CDG Furniture has always maintained a keen insight and forward-looking thinking in product development, constantly innovating to meet the needs of different customers. At this CIFF exhibition, CDG Furniture brought multiple innovative products, allowing people to see new possibilities in the furniture industry.

Firstly, CDG Furniture’s new rope furniture products are eye-catching. This furniture innovatively uses polyester material as the rope weaving, and after 3000 hours of UV resistance testing, it ensures the best performance of color fastness and flexibility. In terms of weaving, CDG furniture has also made bold innovations, from dense weaving to hollow weaving, harp weaving and other weaving methods, making furniture both artistic and practical. In addition, CDG furniture also pays attention to the combination of materials and chooses aluminum alloy frames as support, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also rust free and recyclable, fully reflecting the concept of environmental protection. In terms of surface treatment, CDG furniture adopts outdoor anti UV matte powder, and the powder spraying process undergoes chromium free passivation treatment and professional sewage treatment, ensuring that the product is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.


The main functions of outdoor rope furniture are leisure and dining, but CDG furniture has not stopped there. They are well aware that in different scenarios, furniture requires more peripheral accessories to create a more perfect spatial atmosphere. Therefore, CDG furniture has also conducted in-depth research and innovation in lighting, shading, storage, and other aspects, striving to create a more comfortable and comfortable dining environment for users while meeting practical functions.

In addition to rope furniture, CDG furniture’s new aluminum outdoor furniture products are also eye-catching. This furniture features a simple design and vibrant colors, which not only conform to modern aesthetic trends but also easily blend into various outdoor environments. Whether it’s balconies, gardens, swimming pools, or large terraces, CDG’s aluminum outdoor furniture can perfectly fit, creating a natural and relaxed outdoor space for consumers. At the same time, this furniture also has excellent durability and anti-corrosion performance, which can maintain its new appearance and performance even in harsh weather conditions.


Of course, CDG furniture has not overlooked the market demand for indoor restaurant furniture. They are well aware that a high-quality restaurant not only requires delicious dishes, but also comfortable and high-end furniture to complement it. Therefore, the new indoor restaurant furniture products of CDG furniture use ultra-fine fiber reinforced leather as the material, which has excellent wear resistance, breathability, aging resistance, and is easy to clean and maintain. At the same time, its comfortable touch and high-end appearance make this furniture a beautiful scenery in the restaurant space.

At the four-day CIFF exhibition, CDG furniture successfully attracted the attention of new and old customers from around the world with its fashionable design, comfortable feel, and affordable price. Many visitors stopped to admire and try out CDG furniture products, praising them endlessly. Many customers have expressed that they will establish long-term cooperative relationships with CDG Furniture to jointly promote the development of the furniture industry.


Faced with widespread market recognition and favor, CDG furniture did not feel complacent. They are well aware that only through continuous innovation and progress can they stand invincible in the fierce market competition. Therefore, CDG Furniture will continue to deeply cultivate the commercial furniture market, continuously launch more innovative and practical products, and create a better and more comfortable dining experience for consumers.

In the future, CDG Furniture will continue to adhere to the concept of “comfort first”, guided by customer needs, driven by technological innovation, and continuously improve the quality and service level of products. They believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, CDG Furniture will definitely achieve even more brilliant results in the global furniture market.


At the same time, CDG Furniture will actively fulfill its social responsibility, pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. They will continue to use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to reduce their impact on the environment; At the same time, they will also actively participate in public welfare undertakings and make contributions to society.

In the context of globalization, CDG Furniture will continue to expand its international market and work together with global partners to promote the prosperity and development of the furniture industry. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, CDG Furniture will definitely become a leader in the global furniture industry, creating a better living space for consumers.

Aluminum Outdoor Garden Furniture Helps Create A Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

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With the improvement of quality of life, outdoor living space has gradually become an important component of our daily life. Whether enjoying a leisurely afternoon with family on weekends or having a barbecue party with friends at night, a comfortable and beautiful outdoor living space is indispensable. In this space, the choice of furniture is particularly crucial. CDG furniture’s aluminum outdoor garden furniture, with its unique charm and advantages, is becoming the preferred choice for more and more families to create outdoor living spaces.


1、 The advantages of aluminum outdoor furniture
Aluminum outdoor furniture is favored by consumers for its durability, lightness, rust prevention, and corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional wooden or iron outdoor furniture, aluminum furniture is more adaptable to the ever-changing climate environment and is less susceptible to moisture, deformation, or rust. In addition, aluminum furniture also has the advantage of being easy to clean and maintain, even in humid or rainy seasons, it can maintain its original luster and texture.


2、 The characteristics of CDG’s aluminum outdoor garden furniture
Unique design and diverse styles: CDG furniture’s aluminum outdoor garden furniture has a unique design and diverse styles, which not only have a modern and simple fashion sense, but also a retro and elegant charm. Whether it’s European classical style or modern minimalist style, it can add a touch of brightness to your outdoor living space.
High quality, durable: CDG furniture focuses on product quality, using high-quality aluminum materials and advanced production processes to ensure that every product can withstand the test of time. Its aluminum outdoor furniture not only has a beautiful appearance, but also is durable and can accompany you through one beautiful outdoor time after another.
Humanized design, comfortable and practical: CDG furniture’s aluminum outdoor garden furniture fully considers ergonomic principles in its design, striving to provide users with the best comfortable experience. Whether it’s outdoor dining chairs, leisure chairs, or outdoor dining tables, you can experience unparalleled comfort and convenience while enjoying outdoor life.


3、 How to choose suitable aluminum outdoor garden furniture?
Choose the appropriate size based on space size: When choosing aluminum outdoor garden furniture, the first thing to consider is the size of the outdoor space. Ensure that the size of the selected furniture is coordinated with the spatial layout, neither appearing too crowded nor too spacious.
Choose the appropriate material and style based on usage frequency: If you plan to frequently use outdoor furniture, choosing durable and easy to clean aluminum garden furniture is a wise choice. Meanwhile, according to personal preferences and usage needs, choose suitable styles and styles to make your outdoor living space more personalized.
Consider furniture maintenance and upkeep: Although aluminum outdoor furniture is relatively durable and easy to clean, regular maintenance and upkeep are still essential for better future use.

CDG Furniture Spring Festival Annual Meeting

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In the bright lights, the Dragon Year Annual Dinner of CDG Furniture came as scheduled, which was an unprecedented success with the enthusiastic participation of all staff. At the beginning of the dinner, the general manager Lisa delivered a passionate annual summary and planning meeting, each of which was full of wisdom and foresight, providing valuable guidance and direction for the upcoming new year. His unique insights and forward-looking strategies have won warm applause and high expectations from every employee present.


After the general manager’s speech, the atmosphere of the dinner gradually warmed up. Employees participated in various meticulously designed games and performances, with laughter and cheers echoing one after another, and a festive atmosphere pervading the entire venue. These activities not only provide a stage for employees to showcase their personal talents and talents, but also enhance team cohesion and friendship in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Applause, laughter, and cheers intertwined to create a lively scene, allowing everyone to feel the warmth and welcome of the CDG family.


The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the gathering at the table. Colleagues raised their glasses and drank freely, sharing each other’s stories and experiences, and tasting delicious food. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the hearts of team members are more closely connected, and understanding and trust between each other are further deepened. At this moment, CDG’s Dragon Year Annual Dinner really became an unforgettable feast.


Looking back on the entire banquet, it can be said to have been a perfect event. It is full of fun, friendship, and inspiration, not only showcasing the hard work and dedication of CDG employees, but also a warm celebration of the company’s team’s achievements. This dinner has made us even more convinced that in the days to come, we will continue to work together, grow together, and write a more brilliant chapter. We look forward to another year of challenges and opportunities, the moment of reunion, and working together to create a better future.

High Quality Commercial Leather Chairs

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CDG Furniture, a brand with innovation and excellent quality as its core, has launched several new commercial leather chairs. These commercial leather chairs are uniquely designed, perfectly combining modern and classic European design elements, giving people an authentic European style. Meanwhile, their outstanding product quality makes these commercial leather chairs stand out in the market and an ideal choice for commercial venues.

Our commercial leather chair design fully showcases the delicacy and elegance of European style. The lines of the chair are smooth and the outline is clear, giving people a simple and powerful aesthetic feeling. At the same time, the design of the chair also fully considers ergonomics, with both the backrest and seat carefully designed to provide the most comfortable sitting position.


In terms of material, our commercial leather chairs are made of thickened metal iron frames and high-quality faux leather. The metal iron frame is sturdy and durable, and can withstand high-strength use in various commercial places. Faux leather is soft and comfortable, with a delicate touch, ensuring the comfort of the chair while also being easy to clean and maintain. The selection of this material makes the chair both practical and durable, meeting various needs in commercial settings.

The excellent quality of CDG furniture commercial leather chairs is not only reflected in their design, but also in their production process. Every chair undergoes strict quality control, striving to achieve the best in every aspect from raw material selection to production process. This pursuit of quality has earned CDG furniture products widespread praise and trust in the market.


The commercial leather chairs of CDG furniture are suitable for various commercial places, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. In restaurants, it can provide customers with a comfortable dining environment; In a coffee shop, it can provide customers with a pleasant leisure space; In hotels, it can provide guests with a relaxing riding experience. Regardless of the location, this chair can add elegance and comfort to commercial spaces with its elegant design and excellent quality.

In the future, CDG Furniture will continue to launch more high-quality products to meet the needs of more consumers. Meanwhile, we also look forward to seeing CDG furniture perform better and better in the market, bringing more high-quality products and services to consumers worldwide.

CDG’S Aluminum Bar Chairs Are Sturdy, Durable, And Fashionable

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CDG furniture has always won the love of consumers with its exquisite craftsmanship and excellent design. This time, we bring you the metal bar chair produced by CDG Furniture. This bar chair is made of all aluminum and has excellent durability, which can be used indoors and outdoors. At the same time, its surface is painted with car outdoor paint, making the color of the bar chair more solid, which means it has a longer lifespan in outdoor environments.


1、 Made of all aluminum, sturdy and durable
The metal bar chairs produced by CDG furniture are made of all aluminum, which has excellent durability and stability. Aluminum is a lightweight, high-strength metal material with good corrosion and weather resistance, making it very suitable for the manufacturing of outdoor furniture. The design of this Aluminum Bar Chair fully considers ergonomics and mechanical principles, and through precise calculation and design, the load-bearing capacity and stability of the bar chair are excellent.
Meanwhile, another advantage of all aluminum material is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. The surface of aluminum is smooth and hard, not easily stained with stains and fingerprints. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth to restore its smoothness. In addition, the weather resistance of aluminum material also enables this Aluminum Bar Chair to withstand various harsh weather tests, whether it is wind, rain or direct sunlight, while maintaining its original quality and appearance.


2、 Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
The metal bar chairs produced by CDG furniture are not only suitable for indoor environments, but also suitable for outdoor use. Its design is simple and elegant, with smooth lines, suitable for matching with various styles of furniture and environments. Whether placed in outdoor places such as courtyards, balconies, or terraces, it can add a unique charm to the home.
In outdoor environments, the durability of this Aluminum Bar Chair is better demonstrated. Due to the use of all aluminum material, it can withstand various harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, high temperature, low temperature, etc. Even in extreme weather, it can maintain its original quality and appearance, adding comfort and convenience to outdoor life.


3、 More solid color intensity
The surface of the Aluminum Bar Chairs produced by CDG furniture is painted with car outdoor paint, making the color of the bar chairs more solid. This spray painting technology uses high-quality coatings and professional spraying equipment, making the surface of the bar chair smooth and hard, with bright and long-lasting colors. Even in outdoor environments, this spray paint can resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays and wind and rain, maintaining its original color and quality.


4、 Personalized design
In addition to the characteristics of durability and color stability, the metal bar chairs produced by CDG furniture also have personalized designs. The design of this bar chair is simple and elegant, with smooth lines that conform to the characteristics of modern home style. At the same time, it also has a variety of colors to choose from, which can be customized according to personal preferences and home style. This personalized design makes this bar chair not only a piece of furniture, but also a work of art.


5、 Environmental protection concept
CDG Furniture has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection in its production and operation. In the manufacturing process, we focus on resource conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, we actively promote environmental protection concepts and green lifestyles, encouraging consumers to choose environmentally friendly and healthy home products. This Aluminum Bar Chair also meets the requirements of environmental protection concepts, using environmentally friendly materials and coatings for production, without harmful substances and odors.

In short, the metal bar chair produced by CDG Furniture is an excellent product that combines durability, color stability, personalized design, and environmental protection concepts. It is not only suitable for indoor environments, but also suitable for outdoor use; Not only does it have excellent quality and appearance, but it also conforms to the characteristics of modern home style and the requirements of environmental protection concepts. If you are looking for a high-quality, practical, and beautiful metal bar chair, CDG Furniture’s Aluminum Bar Chair will be your best choice.

Villa Garden Outdoor Dining Table And Chair Set

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The villa garden outdoor dining table and chair set product from CDG Furniture is an amazing choice. It not only has excellent design and functionality, but also adds infinite charm to your outdoor space. This set of products features a table made of carefully selected teak countertops and aluminum frames, as well as a dining chair made of hand woven outdoor polyester ropes and aluminum frames, bringing you a perfect fusion.


Firstly, let’s take a look at the design of this dining table. Its 2-meter length is very suitable for 4-8 people to use and can meet your outdoor gathering needs. The teak countertop is not only sturdy and durable, but also showcases the beauty of natural wood grain, giving people a feeling of closeness to nature. The aluminum frame gives it a stable structure and lightweight features, making it convenient for you to arrange and move in outdoor spaces.


Next, let’s talk about the characteristics of this dining chair set. The dining chairs are made of hand woven outdoor polyester ropes and aluminum frames, which are highly artistic and comfortable. Outdoor polyester ropes have waterproof, fade resistant, and durable properties, which can withstand various harsh weather conditions. The aluminum frame makes the dining chairs lighter and easier to move. In addition, the colorful design not only adds a fashionable and trendy atmosphere, but also injects vitality and vitality into your outdoor space.


CDG Furniture’s villa garden outdoor dining table and chair set products are not only suitable for household use, but also very suitable for the needs of commercial places. Whether used for outdoor restaurants in hotels, outdoor dining areas in restaurants, or garden terraces in high-end villas, it can create a comfortable, fashionable, and unique dining experience for you.


In short, CDG Furniture’s villa garden outdoor dining table and chair set products, with their exquisite design, durable materials, and fashionable colors, have become the perfect choice for outdoor spaces. Whether for commercial or household use, it can create a pleasant, comfortable, and fashionable dining environment for you. Let’s enjoy the fun of outdoor dining together!

Amazing Nordic Style Dining Chair And Table Set

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The Nordic style woven rope chair and outdoor dining table set of CDG furniture is an ideal choice for any outdoor dining area. This woven chair is made of high-quality polyester rope weaving, and each chair is handcrafted with exquisite woven backrest and seat surface, perfectly combined with the aluminum chair frame, presenting an overall exquisite and beautiful appearance.


The Nordic style woven rope chair is not only attractive in appearance, but its design considers comfort and durability. High quality polyester rope weaving material has characteristics such as wear resistance, water resistance, and sun protection, allowing the chair to withstand various outdoor environments. The handmade woven backrest and seat surface provide comfortable support, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasant experience of outdoor dining.


In addition, the Nordic style outdoor dining table is spacious and comfortable to accommodate 6-8 people. It adopts timeless classic color versatility, allowing you to easily match various outdoor decoration styles. The technology plastic wood countertop of the dining table, combined with an aluminum base frame, is both sturdy and durable. The technological plastic wood material makes the dining table waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, without the need for special maintenance, making it more suitable for outdoor use.

The Nordic style woven rope chairs and outdoor dining table sets of CDG furniture not only showcase the minimalist beauty of Nordic style, but also emphasize functionality and durability. Whether used in backyard dining areas for families or outdoor dining areas in commercial settings, this set can meet your needs. You can enjoy delicious food in the outdoor dining area while feeling a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.


In short, CDG Furniture’s Nordic style woven rope chair and outdoor dining table set are a delicate, beautiful, comfortable, and durable choice. Whether in appearance or function, it can meet your needs for outdoor dining areas. With this set, you can create a delightful outdoor dining experience, making your outdoor dining experience more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Table And Chair Set Furniture Products For Indoor And Outdoor Use

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With the improvement of quality of life, people are paying more and more attention to the comfort and leisure style of life. Outdoor furniture, as an important component of leisure life, is increasingly favored by people. As a professional furniture brand, CDG Furniture not only focuses on quality and design, but also pays attention to the practicality and multiple applications of furniture. Today, we will introduce CDG Furniture, a universal indoor and outdoor table and chair set furniture product.


1、 Product Introduction
This table and chair set furniture product from CDG Furniture is made of high-quality raw materials, with strong durability, high practicality, and multiple applications. The product includes a rectangular table and six matching chairs, which can meet the needs of various occasions such as home gardens, outdoor restaurants, and hotel entertainment.

The table of CDG furniture adopts a rectangular design, with a moderate size, which is suitable for both household and commercial use. The desktop is made of waterproof materials, which can effectively prevent rainwater infiltration when used outdoors. At the same time, the edges of the table are meticulously treated, rounded and smooth to avoid scratching hands during use.

The six matching chairs are also made of high-quality materials, and the cushion is filled with highly elastic sponge to ensure comfortable sitting posture. The back and armrests of the chair are designed with hand woven polyester ropes. The overall design of the chair is fashionable, stackable, easy to carry, and space saving.


2、 Advantages of the product

This table and chair set furniture product from CDG Furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical. Whether it’s family gatherings, outdoor picnics, or hotel dining, it can meet the usage needs. At the same time, the product also has the characteristics of multiple applications, whether indoors or outdoors, it can be easily handled.

CDG furniture is made of high-quality materials, greatly improving the durability of the product. Both the table and chair have undergone strict testing and inspection to ensure the quality and lifespan of the product. In addition, the surface treatment of the product is also in place, which can effectively prevent scratches and corrosion.

CDG Furniture’s table and chair set furniture product also fully considers the comfort of use. The cushion and backrest are filled with highly elastic sponge, which can provide good support and comfort. The design of the backrest and armrest also fully considers ergonomic principles, providing customers with a great dining and riding experience.

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