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Vintage Style Stacking Thonet Chair

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CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers. We were developing well Vintage handmade finish since earlier of 2013. The iron thonet chair is our first generation product.

 At the beginning, we sold this product base solid finish:

White, Black, Red or Blue only; Secondly we sold iron thonet chair base dark wooden finish, and than light wooden finish. Since 2014, we started to think deeply: how to save cost, and meet customers demand. Until end of 2014,we stated to modify the iron thonet chair, to make it stack-able, aluminium version are available, and finish Vintage Style. After these improvement, the loading qty is 2 times more than the un-stack-able version. In this way, CDG save FOB cost,  customers save shipping cost. And stacking version is more suitable for cafe shop, restaurant and Bar use. Iron and aluminium material both available, customers there is one more option, can meet different level customers demand.

One of our customers from Italy, they bought stacking Iron thonet chair from us sine mid of 2019. Until now they bought more than 7*40HC Vintage stacking Iron thonet chair from us, total more than 8000pcs.

Here share some their project images.


Outdoor Wedding Chair

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CDG is one metal furniture specialist, we supply our product to Home Furniture and Contract Market. Wedding chair is belong to contact market. One of our Bulgaria customer have purchased hundreds of Stacking Cross Back Chairs and some tables for their own hotel.

They use our chairs and table for outdoor wedding. At the beginning of June, they just held one outdoor wedding party, and share some nice images with us.CDG furniture is an outdoor chair factory.


They bought Vintage Grey finish from us. Actually, all of our vintage colors: Vintage White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange and solid colors, like White, Cream White, Pink, Blue, Yellow or Green, they are suitable for wedding chair as well.

The Lucy chair-Modern wire dining chair

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This replica bend chair is a unique indoor and outdoor chair that is designed to fit it any modern space with its simple, yet classic geometric detailing.

The design of galvanized wire of the Lucy chair is so timeless that it simple will not go out of fashion. CDG furniture is a dining chair manufacturers.


This wire chair is perfect as a dining or occasional chair, thanks to the pattern and sled base legs.

A Brand-New Trestls Table

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If you’ve ever needed a particular size or style dinning table, you might be looking around for quite some time.This is one reason to turn to us.We can build you a reclaimed white-washed  table, hutch, or one of many other sorts of furniture items that seems from salvaged wood that will be just the right fit and look for your home.CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.Thats what our customer did after an extensive search for a“grayish”table that had a pedestal and would stand up to the test of time.  


Built from reclaimed hand-made finish, this dinning table is more rugged than your old Levi jeans!Sanded down to a smoother level, this trestle table is quietly elegant but, don’t be fooled by the delicate look… It can stand up to even the hardest of family trials. 

White washed to perfection, the brown tones of the come thru the milky tones giving it a antique appearance.  Still bright and cheerful, this is one great dinning table for any home where you don’t want to have to “care” about the feet that will be on it. Seen with our half phoenix base.As seen:  230*97cm , white washed finish Priced as seen:  $245 .CDG furniture is a dining set factory.


This nice ,rustic,traditional dinning table is a table that you and your guests will love.Impeccable hand-crafted to balance warmth and  elegance,this dining table is perfect to enjoy a lifetime of family gatherings and  festive entertaining.

Stacking Cross Back chair Exclusivity for Eclipse in UK market

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CDG Furniture is a metal contract furniture specialist, start metal furniture manufacture since 2009. We are strong at Vintage style and Industrial style contact metal furniture.


Due CDG’s main market is Australia, our metal contract furniture’s first market and main market also Australia. But since second half of 2013, we have got into European market.

Since 2014, we got more and more orders from European countries.Especially Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and UK market.


Our Vintage stacking cross back have reach an Exclusivity agreement with Eclipse from UK since Nov. 2016 to end of Oct of 2017. We believe our product would be selling well at UK market, there are more and more CDG’s products will be exclusivity for Eclipse. 

Trend in industrial Furniture

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Traditional industrial furniture is made from materials that are designed to withstand prolonged commercial use. Heavy gauge steel, solid timber and durable fabrics such as leather were used so that they could cope with the daily grind of a busy factory or workshop.


Today’s furniture market has been flooded with cheap products made of disposable materials. Mass production of flat-pack furniture that is designed to last only a few years has become common place and unfortunately is destined to be granulated or disposed of in landfill.

Investing in handmade furniture means that you get a product crafted from quality materials. This is also true for industrial-style furniture. As specialists in this area we have spent years developing and refining our processes to ensure our product is of the highest quality.


You can, of course, find “handmade industrial-style furniture” on the internet at low prices. However, this usually means corners have been cut, sometimes quite literally: cheap wood, such as old scaffolding boards, and a poor finish are often tell-tale signs.CDG furniture is an industrial furniture manufacturers.


We have come across a number of examples of steel furniture that are not coated, so the original oily surface is left to make a mess, slowly rust and look unsightly. We have seen reclaimed wood in the form of old pallets and scaffolding boards that are often filled with rot and infested with bugs being sold as furniture to be used in a home. This wood could have been treated with rat poison and all types of commercial chemicals that you really wouldn’t want to eat your dinner from.


When looking around for your next piece of furniture we advise that you research where it comes from. Does the company present itself as one you can trust? Does it have an “about” page with information and contact details including address? It might seem obvious but does the company actually make the furniture? Does it have a workshop where you can visit and see the items being made? Perhaps most importantly, is the company proud to show off examples of recent work including testimonials and photos?


There has been a boom in this industrial style. It is hard to visit a high street without trendy cafes and shops full of industrial steel and wood furniture.


Unlike the “throw away” mass-produced furniture or poorly made “budget” items, CDG offers something different.CDG furniture is an industrial furniture factory. Each piece we create is carefully designed and produced based on our understanding of authentic industrial furniture. We prefer to over-engineer rather than cut back on materials. Why use 1mm-thick steel when 3mm will produce a superior product? We do not use veneers or MDF, only solid wood. A piece of 40mm-thick Oak will last for generations. It can be re-sanded and oiled time and again.

When you buy well-made furniture that is built from quality materials, it is always an investment. A solid Oak dining table will last a lifetime but will also maintain a high residual value. We are producing furniture now that will be around long after we have gone. You could call it “heirloom quality”. Furniture made from hardwood and steel is always going to be a valuable combination. If built right, by skilled people, it is a sound investment. When you purchase handmade furniture from an independent company you are also buying a small piece of the training, experimenting, developing and perfecting that went into the product. For every design there are probably 20 others that never made it past a sketch or prototype. It is this dedication and creativity that ultimately allows for furniture designs to be produced.


Another point to consider when choosing where to buy your furniture is the service. When you contact CDG furniture, We can answer any questions you have and talk through options relating to your enquiry. If you have a bespoke product in mind we will be able to visualise your idea on the computer to ensure we produce the best design for your requirements.


Excellent customer service is at the centre of what we do. We want your experience with us to be positive so that not only will you return but will also recommend us. We are a family business and we want our customers to understand who we are and see what we offer.


Get in touch today to start your journey with CDG.


CDG furniture retro metal windsor chairs

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CDG furniture retro metal windsor chairs


Item No.: 728-H45-ST/ALU, 728M-H45-ST/ALU.


Enjoy a set of Windsor chairs to bring a retro look to your home with modern colors. These chairs are placed in your yard like an elegant model, with a unique Retro Finish, white, blue, green, pink, yellow, gray etc. soft colors meet together with your quiet, Comfortable, flourish flower and grass, so form a charming picture. CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.Making a cup of coffee, sitting in the  yard, soon forget a full day fatigue. Or in the weekend, enjoy place a music, together with your lover, enjoy the rocking sunshine under the the leaves. Leading you feel full sigh of t human’s wisdom.

The materials we use is steel or aluminium, so as to meet indoor and outdoor occasions such as the use of this metal texture of the chair sturdy and durable, easy to clean. Excellent choice of aluminum material, durable, easy to move and clean. CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.The point color design, is the complement of most color schemes. Place these comfortable and casual chairs in your office, dining area, yard or other place and enjoy the freshness of the new living space.


Structure with or without armrest and handrail two options. Size is big, sit very comfortable.


Feature:A set of 6 chairs and one table

Material: Aluminum or iron

Finish: Retro, multi-color

Style: Clear lines, for your living space to add fashionable retro style.

Hairpin range, the right option for restaurant

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CDG furniture developed well Hairpin range since 2015, which including Dining Chair, stool, Bar stool and bar chair. They are modern industrial furniture, very suitable for restaurant, coffee shop.CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.

Hairpin Chair

This chair is solid steel frame with bent seat and backrest. The legs shaped to look like hairpin bring a different touch; the bent wood seat and backrest are comfortable enough for seat.

Hairpin Stool

Our Hairpin range currently includes 2 versions:

1st version: frame made of solid steel with steel iron plate, always in matt black and white colors, can be use for indoor and outdoor.


2nd version: frame made of solid steel but with solid ash wood seat, also can be use both indoor and outdoor, which look nice in matt black and white colors, but also look elegance in Vintage finish style.

Hairpin bar stools

As for the stool, bar stools we count the industrial and ash wood bar stool options, including two standard sizes: mid height H65cm and height bar stool H75cm.

Both can be use for indoor and outdoor.


Hairpin bar Chair

For bar chair, same as bar stool, including two standard sizes: mid height H65cm and height bar Chair H75cm. The Hairpin bar chair just develop well on Aug, 2016, we have create heavy metal finish and nano gold and silver finish.


CDG furniture is a dining set factory.Visit CDG web site to get more information.

The most popular dining chairs

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The most popular dining chairs
Lean back, relax, and enjoy the moment they spend at your place. It’s exactly what you want your customers to do. Backrests were created for that sole purpose! They don’t have to be plain and boring though. Backrests bring extra comfort, as well as extra style.
We have put together a selection of cross back chairs and bar stools, including different designs and textures for you to play with.CDG furniture create a charming and inviting ambiance in your living or restaurant space with this stylish chair. The designer cross back adds a modern, yet classic appeal to conform in different settings.CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.
CDG furniture metal Cross-Back Chair adds a touch of classic simplicity to your kitchen decor. The Cross Back Chair Set can be used in a dining room, kitchen, or wherever you need extra seating. These classic chairs are finished in black with contrasting natural seats.CDG furniture is a metal furniture manufacturers.CDG furniture metal Cross-Back Chair become more and more popular all over the world.
You will find wooden chairs completed with a steel frame. While it might look cold and uncomfortable, these cross back chairs are curved in a way that hug your customer’s back.

Latest in Table Tops from CDG

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We CDG have recently launched our latest table top range – Solid wood with a vinatge look/distressed aged look in today’s hospitality and commercial industry.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture suppliers.

These tops are becoming more and more popular with customers, which can be used hotel, restaurant, cafe, club, bar, etc.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.

Some features as below.

* For interior use

* High quality of Ash, Oak, Pine, etc.

* Available in different Sizes:

Square(600*600mm, 700*700mm, 800*800mm, etc.)Round(φ600mm, φ700mm, φ800mm, etc.)

Rectangula(1200*700mm, 1200*800mm, etc.)

* Various colors: vintage white(white wash), light/dark carbonized, original, etc.

* Can be customized on size, thickness, colors.


Be sure to drop by our showroom to check out these exciting table tops!

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