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Enjoy Your Leisure Time In The Garden

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Whether you are a little girl at best age or a teenager who loves to soar in the sea of books, or a housewife who likes literature, you dream of having a small garden in your home. In this garden, you can see stars with your family on sunny nights. You can play with children in the morning, and you can talk with your lover in the afternoon. Occasionally, you can enjoy tea in the garden, read a book, or invite a few good friends in your garden and have a pleasant chat.


A fashion new bench for 2 persons ,durable and strong , not need too much space, special handmade finish outlook in your green world , near your favorite plant to make you happy all day.

A small aluminium garden table, put on your garden tools or some flowers and ornaments in it , you can stay in your small garden, happy work, a little sweaty, more energy.

CDG Handmade Rustic Aluminium Dining Chairs

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Stylish & Comfortable

Our heavy-duty range of chairs and stools features a durable aluminium frame, finished with a heat transferred wooden finish that is textured and resembles real wood.
For extra comfort, they come with an upholstered seating choise . We have various colors and options allowing you to mix and match.
Where the aluminium frame can weather any conditions,All-aluminium version can be used 100% outdoor.



These heavy-duty chairs and stools have a solid structure and their strong base will remain stable, preventing sagging the way other materials could do after a few years.

No screw, no weakness. The fully welded frame is much stronger and durable, and will outlast any timber or wicker chair.


Low maintenance

Because of the construction of the frame and the material used, these chairs and stools will not rust, rot, or peel.

You can be sure will not stain any surface and additionally, they will perform in any weather for years and last many years.


Convenient storage and transport
The aluminum frame might be super strong but is also super light! This makes it easier for you to move furniture around and rearrange your sitting area as you go.

Plus, all our furniture is stackable, making it even more convenient to store and transport.

Should any inquiry you have , please be freely contact with CDG.

The Perfect Commercial Restaurant Furniture Layout – Choosing Furniture

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You will have to do some serious thinking about what kinds of furniture will work best in your space. You’ll also want to look at local business codes and regulations. The fire department or other regulatory agencies might have rules you’ll need to follow in how your space is set up. Here are some other considerations.

Quality – Make sure to consider the amount of wear and tear your restaurant furniture will be enduring. Refrain from buying non-commercial furniture since it simply won’t hold up. Choose furniture that is made for commercial purposes. CDG furniture is a commercial restaurant furniture factory.


Shape – Analyze your space to determine exactly what shape of tables you will need. Who will be eating at your restaurant the most? You probably want to have some larger square tables, a few smaller square tables, and a round table or two. This will depend on the size of your space and how patrons will be moving within the restaurant.

Style – There are two general styles of tables. You can choose to have anchored seating or portable. A booth is a good example of anchored seating. It might be a good idea to have a mix of both. Portable tables are great for extending anchored seating and for having seats in spaces away from the walls.


To get the best quality and different styles of commercial metal restaurant furniture, reach out to us online at or by giving us a call at 86-20-36933273.


Four Ideal Restaurant Chairs

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The restaurant decoration and aesthetic is a vital aspect of defining a brand is known by everyone.We CDG forcus with restaurant furniture for more than 16 years and work with restaurant designers with their fingers on the pulse of today’s trends. CDG furniture would like to share about what restaurant chairs to look for in four types of restaurant: fast casual, casual dining, cafes, and food courts, and cafeterias.

On the spectrum between fast food and casual dining, fast casual restaurants have rocketed into the spotlight in the past decade as health-conscious consumers began searching for a dining experience with the convenience of fast food, but with the transparency of home cooking. Fast casual restaurants usually don’t include table service, opting instead for a fast food-like experience in which the customer orders at a counter then finds a seat in the dining room.
But while fast food brands scramble to reinvent themselves as hip eateries, fast casual restaurants were created with trendiness built in. With their main target market made up of Millennials (ages 20-35), fast casuals often build their brands on designs and messages that resonate with a young audience. Take, for example, the popular Mexican-inspired chain Chipotle, whose interiors are practically the encyclopedia entry for industrial chic, or community-focused salad chain Sweetgreen, whose clean, modern look encourages visitors to focus on the experience.
When choosing restaurant chairs for a fast casual concept, creating a cohesive image is key. A restaurant’s furniture is just as much a part of its brand as the name, logo, and even the food, so you should make sure that each aspect speaks to the others. Stick with designs that are clean and contemporary, and make sure durability and ease of maintenance are at the top of your requirements list: fast casuals tend to have short visits and high traffic, and without table service, employees may not notice as quickly when spills occur.


Casual dining restaurants, including family dining, arose in the late 1960s in response to the growing number of dual-income families looking for the experience of sitting down to a delicious meal together without the time investment required to cook at home. While some speculate that the latest trends mean that people are spending less time and money on casual dining, these restaurants offer a complete package: great food at affordable price points with table service and an enjoyable atmosphere.
Because a complete package is what casual dining patrons have come to expect, it’s critical to get the restaurant furniture just right. Casual restaurants often make their biggest profit margins on alcoholic beverages and desserts, which means customers need to have the incentive to stay in their seats. Upholstered restaurant chairs layer on the comfort and style, especially with a durable fabric that fits the colors and patterns used in other aspects of the restaurant’s branding. Another important factor to take into account is the range of seating needs a casual dining restaurant should accommodate: choosing furniture and creating a floor plan that allows for easy wheelchair access, high chairs, and booster seats encourages families to visit and return. While the sky’s the limit on choosing an aesthetic for casual dining — think of the difference between Olive Garden and Red Robin — be sure to choose chairs that look and feel of the high quality that will set the restaurant apart.


Cafes and coffeehouses are often synonymous in the popular imagination, and with good reason. Traditionally, American cafes will serve light fare, such as pastries and sandwiches in addition to hot drinks, whereas coffeehouses focus on specialty coffee and espresso. In reality, however, the difference comes down to branding and perception. Regardless of whether a business is known as a cafe or coffeehouse, customers expect more or less the same experience: order at a counter, pick up their (often customized) drink or food, and choose between dashing out the door or sitting down for a few hours of relaxation or productivity.
From giants like Starbucks to the corner small-batch roastery, the overwhelming image of cafes and coffeehouses is a space that’s warm, quiet, and personal. Offering a variety of seating options, such as a bar lined with stools, a few bistro tables, and couches or lounge chairs allows customers to choose the experience that makes them feel welcome. And, of course, for the students, business people, and other under-caffeinated, overworked individuals, supplying plenty of electrical outlets and wifi access brings an incredible amount of value to each visit.


The main goal for designing a dining space for a food court or cafeteria is to create a design that is cohesive, attractive, and easy to maintain. For businesses and schools, cafeterias are gathering places where people can take a break and enjoy a meal, so incorporating branding into the furniture can help build positive associations. For either space, durability is a must, as high volumes and short visits means chairs and tables are constantly being shuffled around. Varying seating options and chair height can help make the most of the dining area for larger capacities.
Product Suggestions: Brady Communal Table, Harper 4-Leg Chair, Hurdle Low Stool
By understanding customer expectations for restaurant concepts, you can create a furniture design for your restaurant that builds your brand, rather than detracts from it. Including concept-specific considerations into your search for restaurant chairs, in addition to quality and aesthetic, can ensure that your investment pays for itself in contributing to a great customer experience.

How To Design For Cafe And Restaurant

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If you’re anything like me you prefer to sit inside a booth area within a cafe whenever possible. Indeed, they’re usually the first seating that fills up inside any cafe or restaurant. If you’re with a couple of friends then sitting in a booth makes the space feel more private and lets you feel you can confide any problems or share a joke without everyone around you being privy to the conversation. That said, having the right booth design can be a big factor in allowing for customer comfort and for waiting staff to be able to serve guests. It’s important for any cafe owner to have the correct booth specifications, precise measurements, and the right style of booth table to ensure that their venue gets the most from their seating.


Leave sufficient gut space
‘Gut space’ refers to the amount of room allowed from where the customer’s back hits the booth seat to the top edge of the table. The last thing you want is to have your booth seating installed only to find that it’s such a squeeze for customers to get seated that they simply up sticks and leave. In general consider leaving a space of around 50-55cm to allow plenty of room for movement.

The good news is that booth space for 4 people takes up considerably less floor space when compared to open seating, which means that a cafe owner can ultimately cater for more customers and increase their revenue.

Consider using rounded corners
Rounded or radius corners are a good way for cafe owners to ensure that their customers are more comfortable and as its name suggest doesn’t feature any sharp edges. Consequently customers won’t find themselves bumping into unforgiving corners which can make it difficult to squeeze into a booth and may also bruise their legs.


Clipped corners are a good feature
A booth table with clipped corners is another great option. Basically this style of table features corners which are clipped to a 45 degree angle. Not only does this make it easier for customers to access their table but waiting staff will find it easier to serve their guests drink and food too. Typically this is just one detail that enhances your customer dining experience and one that is worth while considering when planning your booth installation.

Use the right base
It’s important in the hospitality trade that the right base is used for cafe tables and is essential if your seating is to work. It’s a good idea to fit a cantilever base in order to maximise comfort and space for customers. These bases offer plenty of leg room as well as plenty of support even under pressure. In addition this type of base is easier to clean, meaning that waiting staff can turn around a booth quickly and efficiently.


Sometimes, however, a cantilever base isn’t the best option. If you’ve got rounded booth seating then there’s no way that your table can be connected to a wall. Instead you’ll need a sturdy single column base with either an X-style or disc base. This gives good support to the table and still allows plenty of leg room for customers.

The benefits of booth seating are clear for all to see. Not only are guests comfortable, but cafe owners will find their business runs more smoothly and that their well designed booth makes customers want to return time and time again.

What We Like and Dislike In Cafes

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Euro is known for its cafe culture so it’s hardly surprising that there’s some tough competition out there, and making your mark as a cafe owner can be a daunting task. We think one of the best ways to create a great cafe is by taking a look at what attracts you to a cafe in the first place and what puts you off going again. With this in mind, you can identify the areas of your cafe where you can hopefully do better than others around you. Here are a few things which spring to mind when we’re deciding which cafe to visit. Hope it helps.

Comfortable chairs
Now you might not feel the same way about cafe furniture as I do, but for me it has to look nice and, more importantly feel comfortable. I do not like rickety chairs, chairs with stained upholstery, chairs that are too saggy, or chairs that are bold upright. Instead I prefer chairs to be of a good quality and well constucted with clean seats/covers. If I’m comfortable and the coffee is good, then I am more than likely to order another together with a sandwich or croissant, yes please ?

Stable tables
Why is it always me that gets the wobbly table? Perhaps all of the tables are made this way? A wobbly table causes spills and this REALLY niggles. I prefer cafe tables to be clean and to have all 4 legs on the floor not propped up with folded pieces of cardboard.

So that’s what I like and dislike in cafes which may have helped point you in the right direction. The key to appealing to customers is to put something of yourself into it to give it character and show what you’re all about.

We don’t just ramble on about what we like in cafes we also supply a wide range of gorgeous cafe furniture to suit all tastes and budgets.
So why not visit CDG website for more choice(

Feeling La Vie Francaise

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Knowing that tasting French food is not arty, it is a business person’s social skills that embody a person’s social qualities and allow you to win more business opportunities.

Food is not an object on the table, but a person’s life. In Paris, he describes a person as comfortable and can say être dans son assiette (in his own plate); in New York, describing a person as rich, he would say “He went to Jean Georges for dinner”. Similarly, we can walk into the restaurant, approach the table, and live in a gourmet in“France” style.

In the eyes of fashionistas, France is synonymous with fashion. In fact, France is still a big country in agriculture and the third largest exporter of agricultural products in the world. Occupy 54% of the country’s land area is not a luxury flagship store, but farming and animal husbandry. In the famous 11 wine regions, there are nearly 80,000 wine estates with a history of several centuries, and even 400 kinds of cheeses. Of course, the French are equally fashionable in terms of eating, and even they eat, they can be extravagant, stimulating, and yet serious.

In recent years, Parisians have added a new word: fooding, which is food+feeling. In fact, it is a new word summarizing the tradition: food, talk about feelings, heavy feelings. In other words, in addition to the color, flavor and nutrition of the food, it also pays attention to the restaurant’s nvironment, the art and taste of the dishes.

There are roughly four different categories of French cuisine: Café, Bistrot, La Brasserie, Gastronomique. The restaurant has its own flavor, the only thing that is the same is “fine dinner.” Want to eat dinner at Samsung restaurant, it is best to book one or two months in advance, temporary reservation, may only be able to eat lunch.

The cafe has always been the poet’s writing room, the artist’s living room, and the wisdom of the school, soaking in the city’s humanistic qualities. Coupled with a few sets of CDG Cafe Sets, only sitting there drinking coffee, CDG metal furniture bring you enter the French atmosphere.

Choose The Right Furniture For Your Pubs

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Choosing the right furniture for your pub seems straightforward, but getting it wrong can take your business from success to failure in short shrift.
Following these 5 simple tips won’t guarantee success, but they will help you create a space that works for your business and that your customers love.

Fit the Theme
Every pub needs its own theme. Whether it’s your local relaxed pub or swanky downtown place to be, it’s important that the chosen theme permeates throughout the establishment. If you own a pubing for the urban grunge look, either recycle old furniture or give new models a treatment for a more weathered look. If your customers are expecting quality and are paying for a higher level of service, opt for more expensive wooden chairs rather than plastic.


Bar Stools
Having a restaurant can give your pub a lot of options. For example, if a group doesn’t have a reservation but is willing to wait 20 minutes, you not only get a full table you weren’t expecting but they’ll also have a few drinks while waiting! Bars are often in high traffic areas, so remember to think about the weight of each unit.

Style vs. Practicality
Those gorgeous large chairs and tables may look the part, but will they help you maximise the number of people you can serve? While you don’t want to squeeze your customers into small spaces, so try and find a balance.

Furniture that Offers Flexibility
Also ensure that your furniture can be easily moved around for larger or smaller parties. You should easily be able to serve both couples looking for a romantic evening and larger parties by simply moving things around a little bit!


Making Space for More Customers
Many pubs leave money on the table by not having enough tables and chairs for occasions that are particularly busy. Think national holidays, celebrations, or random large groups that require additional room. To ensure you don’t miss out on such events, think about having expandable or foldable tables and chairs for a quick and dirty restaurant expansion.

Find pub furniture, bar furniture and cafe furniture to CDG at

10 Elements About Industrial Style furniture

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Industrial Style have been become polular in the world, especially favorite by younth.
This style exudes a gruff, mysterious quality that many people will fall in love with it.

1. Black, White and Grey classic colors flavor;
Black, white and Grey colors are the perfect colors for insustrial style.
Black color mysterious and cold; white color elegant and light. When they mix, creating layers of change.
Use these three colors for home, restaurant or coffee shop, can make the environment more industrial.


2. Brick walls instead of monotone painting wall;
Brick wall pait with blak, white or Grey color, can bring one old but morden style visual effects,
it is good match with rugged industrial style.

3. Raw concrete walls;

4. A bare pipeline;


5. Metal furniutre;
CDG is one metal furniture manufacturer, strong at industrial and Vintage style furniture, which are very good for industsrial style home or restaurant.


6.Matching with wooden;
CDG’s chair , always matching Plywood or solid woodn seat and backrest;
Bar stool aways wich solid wooden seat.

7. Using leather as ornament ;

8. Ametal skeleton, double joint lamp and bulb;

9. Water pipe style Furniture

10. Old, but not out fashion of the old industry.

A Beautiful Bar Set On Your Balcony

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When you are at home, you always feel something set need in the house. You may put a set of things on the balcony, you can put a set of things near the kitchen door, you can also put a set of things next to the sofa, that is, most people want a bar set .

My house just need a set of bar set. If the bar set on the balcony, when wake up every morning, listening to birds crisp squeaking, beautiful bloom at the balcony of the roses, drink a pot of hot Green Tea, that is a wonderful thing.

How happy it is if a friend visits the bar stool at the door of the kitchen and puts a few cups of red wine and cake.

If there is a bar set next to the sofa, after dinner, sitting on a stool and reading the book about plants, it is a matter of art.

A set of square bar table and bar chairs, with 2pcs of nordic style bar chairs, seating height of H75cm just right, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor. Even if it is on the balcony, when it is rainy days, it will be durable though you forget to move back to the room.

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