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Let Outdoor Furniture Dance Freely With Nature

by ehaitech |2023年5月24日 |0 Comments | Industrial News

In recent years, the trend of outdoor furniture design has showcased a cross border mix and match style. Whether casual or classical, the creation of space is centered around the human living experience, while maintaining a personalized style to meet the needs of different groups of people. In many outdoor furniture products, a new demand is conveyed – how you think, do, and express yourself.


The home furnishing trend that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s has made a comeback, leading people to miss those beautiful old times. Standing in front of the luxurious tanned leather sofa, one cannot help but think of the life scenes of the past: the light and elegant home environment, the scattered wooden furniture, the casually opened books, the dark dressing table… If the color is changed to elegant white, it is also a light, lively, and casual modern home style. The round and full sofa shape makes people involuntarily want to immerse themselves in its embrace, lying on it reading or listening to music, Feel the soft and comfortable feeling comfortably.


The cross-border mixing and matching of outdoor furniture is not limited to the diversification of styles, but also reflected in the use of furniture materials. Mixing and matching materials with vastly different styles can create a unique fusion in the ultimate conflict. A series of free and bold combinations of plastic and iron, fabric and porcelain, leather and solid wood, wood and porcelain, fabric and leather, and so on, will make the room rich and three-dimensional. At the same time, conflicting decorations are used to achieve cross-border integration, such as chairs that are completely of the same color or their surfaces decorated with flower patterns. Cross border mixing and matching “brings together things that traditionally do not belong together, creating a more unique artistic effect.


The selection of cross-border design for outdoor home products is very broad, with furniture of different eras, materials, and shapes freely combined. Home is no longer a model, but its own state. Nowadays, “leisure life” has become a life philosophy pursued by people, reflected in outdoor home products. What is exhibited is a “slow design” that increases additional emotional communication between people and the world around them by downplaying the functionality of the product. Slow design embodies the spirit of “people-oriented” design, which does not refer to the length of design time, but emphasizes that designers should be in a state of calm, relaxed, and casual perception in design creation, that is, following the most sincere state of their hearts, hoping that people will have a moment in the pursuit of material life, listening to their hearts, caring for life, and enjoying life.


In fact, the ever-changing colors and personalized styling are more manifested as a relaxed attitude towards life, fully reflecting youth, vitality, and fashion. In terms of color, it is no longer limited to the basic colors of “black, white, and gray”, but rather a mixture of multiple colors, either bold and bold, or gentle and introverted, or interesting and humorous; In terms of styling, local decoration is used to showcase the user’s personality, such as using circular, semi circular, and curved shapes, closely combining outdoor furniture design concepts with popular elements such as fashion, internet, and anime. Furniture that can adjust its functions and combinations at any time due to lifestyle changes, and pursue entertaining structures in design, such as hidden, stacked, and rotated designs that can make the home full of a sense of gaming, is a manifestation of this style.

Leisure Furniture Helps You Better Balance Work And Relaxation Time

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In today’s era, work has become an indispensable part of our lives. In order to survive and develop better, we must invest more time and energy in our work. However, long hours of work can make us feel stressed and exhausted, causing us to lose our balanced lifestyle. Therefore, seeking a balance between work and relaxation has become particularly important. Leisure furniture can provide us with a good balance point, which not only brings benefits to our physical and mental health, but also creates a comfortable, warm, and relaxed atmosphere at home.

In modern office life, people usually need to deal with various challenges, such as intense work pressure, traffic congestion and information overload. All of these pose great challenges to our physical and mental health. In this situation, leisure furniture can become our comfort. Leisure furniture is a type of furniture that can relax our body and mind, such as lazy sofas, lounge chairs, hammocks, and so on. These furniture were valued by people in the past and are also widely popular in modern homes. Because they can not only bring benefits to our physical and mental health, but also create a comfortable, warm, and relaxed atmosphere at home.


Firstly, leisure furniture can help us compensate for the physical and mental fatigue caused by prolonged work and stress. For example, visual fatigue is one of the most common symptoms when facing computer screens in the office. In this situation, choosing a comfortable lounge chair can reduce the burden on the eyes and improve reading comfort. Moreover, as a type of furniture that can help us relax both physically and mentally, leisure furniture can also help us solve the pain problems we often face in the neck, shoulders, and waist.

Secondly, leisure furniture can create a relaxed, warm, and comfortable atmosphere for us. In fact, this is also one of the reasons why leisure furniture is very popular in homes. These furniture not only provide us with visual comfort, but also enhance the comfort of the seats through the selection of various fabrics and materials. Materials such as high-quality cotton fibers, faux leather fabrics, and leather fabrics can also bring warmth, softness, and comfort. Of course, leisure furniture can also enhance the beauty and style of our home.


Finally, leisure furniture can also help us find ways to relax and entertain at home. Leisure furniture allows us to freely enjoy our time, such as watching TV on a lazy couch, reading in a lounge chair, or taking a nap in a hammock. These furniture not only allow us to relax physically and mentally, but also create a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Therefore, when we are under high pressure in work and study, leisure furniture can become a valuable resting time for us.


In short, leisure furniture is increasingly favored by more and more people in today’s society and has become a preferred way of life for many people. For our physical and mental health, as well as the balance between work and relaxation, choosing to place appropriate leisure furniture may be a good choice. Because leisure furniture not only allows us to relax physically and mentally, but also creates a comfortable, warm, and relaxed home atmosphere. In this competitive social environment, leisure furniture may bring us a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

How To Purchase Guaranteed Catering Furniture?

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With the development of the catering industry, restaurant operators have increasingly high requirements for catering furniture. When purchasing dining furniture, it is not only important to pay attention to its appearance and comfort, but also to its guarantee performance. So, how should we purchase guaranteed catering furniture?

1、 Understand the functions and dimensions of the required catering furniture

Before purchasing catering furniture, one should first understand the functions and dimensions of the required catering furniture. Different types of restaurants require different dining furniture, such as self-service tables, buffet cars, etc., while Western restaurants require dining tables, chairs, etc. In addition, the size of catering furniture should also match the space size of the restaurant to avoid causing space waste or affecting the dining experience.

2、 Choose a guaranteed brand and quality

When choosing dining furniture, it is important to choose a guaranteed brand and quality. A brand is a form of reputation, and a reputable brand represents the support and recognition of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, while quality is an important factor in ensuring that restaurant guests dine. From the choice of tableware materials, seat fillers, structural stability, material durability and other aspects, we can ensure the quality of catering furniture and provide more professional and reliable dining services for restaurants.


3、 Evaluate the price of catering furniture

When purchasing dining furniture, price is an important factor that affects consumers’ choices. However, the price of catering furniture should not be solely focused on, but should be evaluated from the perspective of cost-effectiveness. To understand the market situation and the needs of different types of restaurants, evaluate the price advantages and disadvantages of catering furniture of different brands and qualities, make more comparisons, and choose the most favorable solution.

4、 Choose reliable after-sales service

The strength of after-sales service capabilities for catering furniture is also one of the important factors to consider when choosing a furniture. After purchasing, there may be some usage issues and situations that require repair. If the after-sales service ability is not strong, consumers may encounter many difficulties in installation, maintenance, and other aspects. Therefore, when choosing dining furniture, it is important to pay attention to whether the reliability and quality of after-sales service can be guaranteed satisfactorily.


5、 Pay attention to safety precautions for furniture

The safety precautions for catering furniture are very important. When choosing dining furniture, it is necessary to consider safety factors during use, such as whether there are sharp edges on dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, etc., and whether they have passed national safety standards testing. If the selected catering furniture cannot meet the necessary safety measures, safety accidents will occur, causing adverse effects on the restaurant.

6、 Pay attention to maintaining catering furniture

Buying guaranteed dining furniture is not only about choosing the appropriate type of furniture, but also about paying attention to daily maintenance and upkeep. We need to take different maintenance measures for catering furniture of different materials and types. For example, when there are stains on the backrest and other areas, professional furniture cleaning solution can be used to clean them, while leather dining chairs need to be cleaned and wiped with appropriate amounts of mud or soapy water and water in spring and autumn each year.


In short, purchasing guaranteed catering furniture requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors in order to make the best choice. Only when the comprehensive performance in various aspects such as brand, quality, price, after-sales service, safety measures, and daily maintenance is evaluated and guaranteed satisfactorily, can we provide a good dining environment and customer experience for the restaurant, and bring new opportunities for its business development.

What Is Fashionable Outdoor Furniture?

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Fashionable outdoor furniture is an indispensable part of modern life. It is not only a necessity for outdoor enjoyment of life, but also a way to express personal taste and quality of life. Nowadays, fashionable outdoor furniture no longer solely meets functional needs, but focuses more on design and aesthetic value, becoming a sharp tool for decorating landscapes and shaping environmental atmosphere. Below, CDG Furniture will discuss with you the characteristics, design style, material selection, and maintenance of fashionable outdoor furniture.

1、 Characteristics

Personalization: Fashionable outdoor furniture emphasizes personalized design, allowing people to enjoy personalized comfort and elegance on their own gardens, balconies, or terraces.

Comfort: The comfort of outdoor furniture is also an important feature of fashion furniture design. It is not only about form and aesthetics, but also needs to achieve comfort and practicality, so that people can truly relax their body and mind.

Multi functional: Fashion outdoor furniture can not only be used for sitting and sleeping, but also for storage, hammocks, or building into outdoor restaurants.

Environmental protection: Fashion outdoor furniture usually focuses on the environmental protection of materials, making products not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, but also possessing environmental attributes.


2、 Style

Modern minimalist style: The modern minimalist style is mainly based on simple and clear colors, clear and concise lines, and uses advanced materials such as metal and plastic, fully reflecting fashion and a sense of future.

Chinese modern style: Chinese modern style combines traditional Chinese aesthetic elements and modern furniture design concepts, showcasing unique Eastern cultural charm and fashion through natural materials such as mahogany, bamboo, and stone.

Industrial style: Industrial style room decorations often use refined steel materials and thick logs, presenting a strong modern industrial aesthetic and are very popular in the fashion field.

Natural Wind: Outdoor furniture with natural wind mainly needs to express natural, primitive, and harmonious aesthetic characteristics, usually using imported log materials to express natural beauty through rough and natural craftsmanship.


3、 Material

Wood: Wood furniture is the most common type of outdoor furniture, as it can enhance the natural texture of outdoor furniture. At the same time, wood can also be very flexible in shaping various shapes and curves, adapting to the design requirements of various styles.

Metal interior: Outdoor furniture with metal interior showcases a modern and futuristic style, not only visually appealing but also has a long lifespan.

Fabric: There are various types of outdoor furniture fabrics, usually using durable materials such as linen, polypropylene, etc. to cope with the impact of outdoor temperature, humidity, and sunlight.


4、 Maintenance

Always clean and maintain: Outdoor furniture needs to be regularly cleaned and cleaned to ensure its cleanliness and hygiene.

Follow the prompts for maintenance: Different materials of outdoor furniture require different maintenance methods, so it is recommended to understand their maintenance methods and precautions when purchasing outdoor furniture.

Waterproofing: Outdoor furniture should pay special attention to waterproofing issues, such as soft seats such as mats, which need to be dried and moisture-proof in a timely manner.

In short, fashionable outdoor furniture should not only meet people’s daily needs and aesthetic standards, but also consider the environmental friendliness and durability of the materials. In terms of design style and material selection, people need to choose according to their own needs and preferences.

Can Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Tables And Chairs Be Rainproof And Waterproof?

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Will outdoor furniture, tables, and chairs placed in outdoor yards, balconies, and terraces become damp and moldy when it rains? Many people’s concern before purchasing leisure furniture, outdoor tables and chairs, is that if they accidentally encounter a rainy day, what should be done for outdoor furniture placed in the yard or terrace? So today, CDG Outdoor Furniture will tell you how different our leisure furniture outdoor tables and chairs will be in terms of rainproof and waterproof.


As is well known, ordinary furniture must be quickly taken back indoors or covered when it rains. If no one happens to be at home, it will suffer. Prolonged exposure to rain can cause the cushions and cushions of furniture to get wet, and poor quality furniture can easily become moldy. However, CDG leisure furniture outdoor tables and chairs do not have this kind of trouble because our outdoor furniture and indoor furniture have different materials, CDG’s outdoor furniture has various properties such as waterproof, moisture-proof, and mold proof. Taking rattan tables and chairs as an example, CDG’s rattan adopts 100% new environmentally friendly PE rattan. Unlike other rattan in the market, our rattan is solid, so it has good weather resistance, UV resistance, various weather environments, no fading, no discoloration, excellent breathability, waterproof, and mold proof, and can be washed with water.


In addition, the cushion of CDG outdoor furniture is made of waterproof and breathable fabric, and the waterproof fabric can also prevent dirt and mold. But waterproof fabrics cannot make the entire cushion waterproof. Zippers and needle holes can allow rainwater to seep into the interior, so outdoor tables and chairs for leisure furniture have higher requirements for the filling of cushion cushions. CDG outdoor furniture also takes this situation into account, so the cushion in our outdoor furniture uses special materials and structures. The interior is high-density foam, two layers of polyester filler, two layers of non-woven bag, and two layers of outer fabric, all of which comply with California standards, EU standards and their environmental certification. Even if we accidentally get wet in the rain, we only need to dry in the sun for 2-3 hours, which will not affect the use quality of outdoor furniture in any way.

Therefore, when CDG’s outdoor furniture products encounter rain, there is no problem at all. You don’t need to worry about outdoor furniture being exposed to sunlight and rain, so CDG’s outdoor furniture, outdoor tables and chairs, has always been deeply loved by people.

European Style And American Style Garden Courtyard Furniture

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In today’s fast-paced society, urban people often feel that life is trivial, stressful, and prone to physical and mental exhaustion. Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to natural and healthy life, and outdoor gardens and courtyards have become important leisure places. Outdoor gardens and courtyard furniture are also receiving more attention. Now CDG Furniture introduce the relevant styles of outdoor garden courtyard furniture from different perspectives.


1、 European style garden courtyard furniture

The European style garden courtyard furniture style has a very obvious European classical style, emphasizing artistic appreciation and exaggerated expression, with emphasis on style and texture as the main characteristics. In terms of color, European style garden courtyard furniture is relatively light colored, with white, gray, and light yellow as the main colors. In terms of materials, European style garden courtyard furniture mostly uses iron and wood, and more importantly expresses aesthetic feelings through the created lines and exquisite details. In terms of layout, European garden courtyard furniture has a more majestic feeling, emphasizing the noble and elegant style, and more showcasing the noble and elegant style of European classical furniture. European style garden courtyard furniture is very artistic and aesthetically pleasing to people, and this style is more inspired by the experiences and lessons of history and human culture.


2、 American style garden courtyard furniture

The American style garden courtyard furniture style is very good at making the space feel more comfortable, warm, and friendly, emphasizing a sense of freedom, laziness, and comfortable enjoyment. The colors of American style garden courtyard furniture are relatively diverse and bright, emphasizing objects such as fruits, plants, and animals, which is more in line with the aesthetic concepts of Europe and America, making people feel a warm and friendly atmosphere. American style garden courtyard furniture has a variety of materials, such as ash wood, fir wood, iron art, stone, etc. It places great emphasis on practicality and comfort, meeting the needs of the home environment and functions. The fusion of American style garden courtyard furniture with nature is more perfect, reflecting the harmonious relationship between humans and nature. This style is more suitable for families who value family and personal quality of life, enjoyment, and comfort.


In short, the style of outdoor garden courtyard furniture needs to be chosen according to one’s own preferences, family, and environment, and different styles will bring different feelings to people. Therefore, as a part of the home environment, outdoor gardens and courtyard furniture are undoubtedly an essential part of our daily lives.

Color Design Principles For Outdoor Furniture

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Color tone is an overall sense of color, and the choice of color tone determines the vividness and liveliness of outdoor furniture style, precision and solemnity, indifference and dullness, as well as friendliness and liveliness. Therefore, the selection of color for outdoor furniture should be particularly cautious. Generally, outdoor furniture can be determined through artistic means based on its usage function, product structure, fashion trends, and user preferences. Designers should follow the main design principles of putting people first, being interesting, and being artistic when designing the colors of outdoor furniture. The outdoor furniture designed not only has practicality and functionality, but also conforms to the concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. At the same time, it also embodies the trend of popular colors of the times and meets people’s emotional, comfortable, and sensory needs.


Designers need to know the color combinations, and different colors give viewers different inner feelings – such as green symbolizing nature and conveying a pure experience; Black represents stability and gives a sense of security; Red represents joy, blue symbolizes depth… So what do you think of the colorful combination of outdoor furniture, tables, and chairs? For example, the color design of outdoor furniture in restaurants should choose bright colors and lively styles.

The color design of outdoor furniture generally refers to the following points: high brightness color tones express lightness and lightness, while low brightness color embellishments express depth and solemnity. Warm tones have a warm effect, while using cold tones can make people feel calm. Using warm colors with high chromaticity as the main tone can make people feel excited, while using cool colors with low chromaticity as the main tone can make people think calmly.


In short, color tone is one of the elements in outdoor furniture color design that dominate and unify the overall color perception. When using color for outdoor furniture design, designers should fully consider the inherent attributes of color, pay attention to the trend of color, and design outdoor furniture that meets the current era background and people’s aesthetic needs on the basis of full humanization.

Mainstream Trend Of Outdoor Home Life

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Unconsciously, outdoor home leisure life is increasingly recognized and favored by people from all over the world, and the data on outdoor furniture purchased by families in recent years shows a sharp rise. It can be seen that nowadays, people’s pursuit of quality of life is not only satisfied with the pursuit of supporting indoor furniture and facilities, but also attaches great importance to the creation of outdoor leisure space and the quality of outdoor leisure life.


I remember that in the past, people’s perception of outdoor furniture remained focused on the leisure furniture that should be provided in high-end markets such as hotels and villas, as well as high-end residential buildings. This attitude is dispensable for ordinary families. However, in recent years, when decorating a house, as long as there is a balcony or a terrace, people have slowly planned to place balcony furniture, tables, and chairs with appropriate sizes on the outdoor space to enrich people’s outdoor leisure life, Moreover, the idea of casually buying tables and chairs and placing them in a sitting and resting place is gradually becoming more and more sophisticated in the creation of outdoor leisure living spaces such as balconies and terraces. Try to make yourself look more pleasing to the eye and more able to relax.


The creation of a leisure space on the terrace and the matching of outdoor furniture on the outdoor balcony make the whole family feel even warmer. At a glance, it can be seen that the owner of the house loves life. An ordinary three bedroom one hall adds a lot of fun to life out of thin air. It has also improved the quality of life a lot. I think this is also the life configuration of a warm family that many of us yearn for and like. As long as we have ideas, we can boldly take action to make our lives more colorful and free from rigidities and traditional life patterns. Only by constantly breaking the status quo can we reap more and better life experiences.

CDG Furniture provides a wide range of high-quality outdoor furniture and outdoor table and chair products based on customers’ site needs. Please pay attention to our website and check relevant information and trends in a timely manner.

Outdoor Backrest Chair: Add Comfort For Outdoor Leisure

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Outdoor backrest chair is a kind of special outdoor furniture. It is not only practical and functional, but also provides a comfortable and convenient place for people to rest and gather. In parks, courtyards, swimming pools and other places, Outdoor backrest chairs often become an ideal place for people to relax, gather and bask in the sun.

1、 Design features
The design features of Outdoor backrest chairs are simple structure, beautiful appearance and comfortable use. It is generally composed of seats, backrests and supporting structures. The seats and backrests are generally made of plastic, wood and metal, and the supporting structures are generally made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The design of Outdoor backrest chairs requires both practicality and aesthetics. Especially for public places, it needs to be durable and safe. Therefore, it is generally made of durable, anti-corrosion, sunscreen, and easy-to-clean materials, and factors such as anti-theft and anti-prying should also be considered.


2、 Material characteristics
Outdoor backrest chairs are used outdoors for a long time and exposed to the sun, which requires very high quality of seats. Common materials include metal seats, plastic seats, wooden seats, marble stone seats, etc. According to different materials, there will be some differences in their performance. Therefore, when selecting seats, it is necessary to consider whether they have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, waterproof and moisture-proof, durability and so on in the use process, and select seats of appropriate materials according to the use requirements.

In addition, when selecting Outdoor backrest chairs, the weather should also be considered. For example, wooden seats are not suitable for wet, rainy, sunny and sunny weather. Metal seats are popular, but we should take good care of rust prevention, do a good job in the maintenance of outdoor seats, and increase the service life.


3、 Application scenario
The Outdoor backrest chair is a kind of high utilization rate in restaurants, coffee shops and urban public facilities. Outdoor backrest chairs are suitable for various outdoor places, such as parks, courtyards, swimming pools, etc. In places such as parks and courtyards, the Outdoor backrest chairs are always full of people. Therefore, the design and selection of Outdoor backrest chairs should be practical and reasonable, comfortable and beautiful.

Balcony Tables And Chairs Create A Comfortable Leisure Time

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A small balcony is a space for outdoor activities at home. The balcony is not only a space for family communication, but also a space for daily rest and relaxation. As people pay more and more attention to the family environment, more and more people begin to seek the comfort of the balcony.


The style of balcony tables and chairs should match the family life. Of course, for larger villas, you can choose leisure lounge chairs with large balcony and sufficient space for sitting and lying down, which is of course very comfortable. If you are a city resident living in an apartment, the balcony may be smaller. We can choose more suitable small leisure balcony tables and chairs according to your environment.


Of course, there are different styles of balcony tables and chairs. You must decide according to your own taste. As the saying goes, buy what you like. If you don’t like it, it’s too boring. Life should have its own style, so the style includes pastoral style, simple modern style, European and American modern style, American rural style, Southeast Asian style, neoclassical style, etc.


The balcony tables and chairs are usually not very expensive. A three-piece set of one table and two chairs is a good match. When choosing a balcony chair, you should choose the style that suits you. No matter what style you want, as long as you like comfort. CDG Furniture is a professional manufacturer of outdoor balcony tables and chairs, providing reliable outdoor furniture products. If you want to buy balcony tables and chairs, please contact CDG Furniture immediately.

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