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Business Strategy Of Coffee Shop

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Business Strategy Of Coffee Shop

1. Increase consumption with matching plan
First, you can set up a pair of packages to increase consumption. Due to the wide variety of coffee shop products, it is not easy to rely on a single product to support a store, so the sales of a single product cannot improve the performance. We can attract more customers by combining snacks and light meals.

2. Keep the freshness of raw materials
Secondly, it can keep the freshness of raw materials. In principle, when purchasing raw materials or peripheral products, we should use them up in a short time, but when selling, we should ask customers about the possible use date, and should not sell any expired products to customers, so as to improve customers’ trust in products and coffee shops.


3. Products should be updated in time to improve service quality
Also, products should be updated in time to improve service quality. In addition, the franchisee should have a fairly professional understanding of the product itself, and the content of staff education and training should include the basic knowledge of product and brewing skills, the operation process of store management, implementation practice, staff statement filling and basic etiquette, which can help improve the popularity of your store.

4. Creating an interactive environment
Don’t let your coffee shop be just a coffee shop. To make it a good place for the host and guests to communicate and interact, the host can create an atmosphere of art and culture exhibition hall through specially designed music and lighting, combined with fixed theme art exhibitions or regular concerts, reading conferences, concerts and exhibitions, which can not only win the favor of many guests, but also enable modern people who often bear heavy pressure to obtain spiritual relief. We believe that many customers will also be attracted by the comfortable atmosphere you create, and then become regular customers who often come here for consumption and communication.

Team Building Of Restaurant Staff

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The most important decisive factors for the success of a restaurant are the quality of food and the team building of employees, especially the team spirit of restaurant employees, which determines what kind of dining experience a restaurant can provide customers. The following professional manufacturer of restaurant furniture, CDG Furniture, will explain to you the key issues of team building of restaurant employees.

1. First is the recruitment and training of waiters and kitchen staff.
Recruit front office and back kitchen staff as planned, and all staff will carry out brain washing project to instill the enterprise’s philosophy and management direction in the early stage, so that all people can subconsciously understand the current situation. Be prepared to move customers and employees, form an invisible centripetal force, and pull each partner’s heart together.

2. The positive attitude of the head of the restaurant.
The head of the restaurant should grasp the heart of each employee. In management, only by grasping the heart and understanding what others want can he effectively implement management, adjust the team building, and arrange each post according to the budget business situation.


3. Job division and responsibility establishment.
Formulate clear posts, determine personnel, clarify job responsibilities, let everyone know their responsibilities, make clear goals, and let them make their own short-term work plans first, so as to know them well.

4. Training on restaurant related matters.
The basic information of the restaurant, business direction, per capita consumption level, surrounding markets, flow of people, and expected goals. The advantages of the restaurant in the same period and other training are in place to let employees know what they are going to do; Training basic service essentials and standards. Grasp service skills and apply them to practical work flexibly; Train other touching service projects, so that everyone can develop a good working habit, bring customers closer, make friends with customers, do a good job in touching service, innovate service, and become a new highlight of service.


5. Develop incentive learning system.
Attach importance to the education and training of employees, so that employees can always feel the joy of success, as long as efforts are made, there will be affirmation.

6. Innovative service concept.
We should lay a solid foundation for service until we are satisfied with the service. We should be strict with ourselves, strengthen the sense of responsibility, cultivate the sense of ownership of each employee, and constantly innovate the service concept of the restaurant.

Slow Pace, Enjoy Life – Garden Home

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With the gradual implementation of garden home life, it brings a new experience of outdoor life; In a word, the enthusiasm of consumers has driven the vigorous development and broad market prospects of garden furniture. So what are the garden style furniture? What are the advantages?


First, leisure and entertainment
This kind of garden furniture is commonly encountered in our daily life. It is mainly used in the outdoor decoration of large gardens and high-end residential areas. When it plays the role of landscape decoration, it can also give people the role of leisure and entertainment, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Even though the resource utilization has been maximized, it can also save money, which is the most popular choice of many developers. Because garden furniture can contribute a rare power to environmental protection and green life.

Second, high-end consumer
With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the decoration level of various bars, clubs, Internet cafes and other high-end consumer entertainment places has risen to a very high level. In order to attract more consumers, the operators of these high-end consumer entertainment places began to choose some quiet and beautiful garden furniture as decorations. We have to admit that these personalized and pastoral furniture have brought unexpected effects to their business.


Third, practical at home
Dress up your warm and happy nest as a beautiful countryside, as if you are in a sea of flowers every day: listening to insects and smelling the fragrance of flowers… Of course, the most suitable home furniture at this time is garden furniture, which is economical, practical, green, natural, healthy and environmentally friendly. This kind of rural style decoration has become a fashion trend and a favorite choice for many young people.

IV. Decorative
Our life needs too many vases to decorate our world, so that our world is full of colorful colors. Such garden furniture plays a role of embellishment and decoration completely, and has no practical use value. As this kind of furniture has a certain limit on the scope of use, its development is also subject to certain constraints, and the sales volume is not optimistic, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of furniture manufacturers for processing and making garden furniture.


V. Commercial profit-making
In many high-end restaurants, especially some western restaurants, garden furniture will be used as the table and chair for daily dining in the restaurant, and these garden style furniture will be rendered as a profit tool with commercial value. Garden furniture can bring rich economic income and profits to these business places when it brings pleasure to the eyes, and has become the first choice of many restaurant operators.

CDG explains the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture?

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Characteristics of rattan furniture
Natural, simple and leisurely. Rattan furniture is purely handmade, and the original processing procedure of rattan materials is quite complicated, which needs to be processed through cooking, drying, bleaching, mildew prevention, disinfection and sterilization. After strict processing, rattan has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong permeability, natural texture, fresh feel, comfort and uniqueness, and conforms to human mechanics and engineering.


Advantages of rattan furniture

1. Pure handwork is more environmentally friendly
Environment friendly, healthy and practical. Rattan furniture is purely handmade, with no industrial processing products. Handmade, made of pure natural materials and based on the concept of green and environmental protection, it is popular with the public. The products are made by hand and will not cause industrial pollution. They are very good.

2. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer.
Rattan furniture has good air permeability and won’t be stuffy. The thermal conductivity of rattan furniture is very poor, so you won’t feel stuffy when sitting on it. Even if you don’t turn on the air conditioner in summer, you won’t feel stuffy, and it has good air permeability and cool hand feel. In summer, you can use more rattan furniture in your bedroom, which will help you avoid summer heat.


3. Beautiful appearance
Pure handmade products with exquisite workmanship. Vine weaving products are traditional handicrafts handed down by our older generation, and are treasures of our Chinese culture. They are exquisite, smooth in line, unique in art, and can be used as artworks for decoration, integrating practicality and appreciation.

4. Durable
Rattan furniture is solid and dense, not easy to be damaged. After a long period of processing, such as steaming, drying and bleaching, the rattan furniture has become very tough. Even if you squeeze it, the rattan furniture will rebound. Very durable.


Disadvantages of rattan furniture

1. Simple design
It is difficult to make complex patterns of rattan furniture handmade products. The furniture of rattan products are all handmade. After all, the transformation ability of one hand is limited, so its shape will be relatively simple.

2. Cleaning is troublesome
There are many places where rattan furniture hides ashes, so it needs to be taken care of frequently. The surface of rattan furniture is more textured, and it often hides dust. It needs to be cleaned with a wet rag.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture that CDG furniture shares for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about furniture products, please continue to pay attention to CDG furniture.

Choose The Right Coffee Shop Furniture

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Coffee culture has developed rapidly in recent decades. More and more people like to taste drinks or eat in cafes, which makes cafes have a greater impact on the catering market and more and more people open cafes. Nowadays, many furniture manufacturers have introduced coffee shop tables and chairs with various styles. Customers often feel that each has its own unique style, and each customer with different aesthetic values likes different styles. However, in order to make their coffee shop tables, chairs and furniture more distinctive, many customers have chosen customization. Customization of coffee shop tables and chairs is becoming more and more popular, and has been recognized and loved by many customers. Now let’s see how to choose the coffee shop furniture together with CDG furniture!


1. Coffee shop decoration layout table and chair effect
Cafe is a kind of dining place, but it is not an ordinary dining place. As long as other restaurants do a good job of production, coffee shops require a good consumption environment. So the whole coffee shop needs to be decorated in a different style. The furniture used in high-end coffee shops needs to show more than a sense of fashion. Consumers in coffee shops generally have certain cultural connotations, so the furniture used in coffee shops should focus on highlighting the distinctive culture of coffee shops. This is why the furniture used in coffee shops must be specially customized. The style and placement of the coffee shop furniture should be determined when designing the coffee shop. The coffee shop decoration and the purchase of the coffee shop furniture should be carried out at the same time.


2. Practicability of tables and chairs in coffee shops
This is a must for every restaurant furniture, and the coffee shop is no exception. The coffee shop furniture should be practical to improve the consumption experience of the coffee shop. Therefore, the comfort of coffee shop furniture, especially the coffee shop chairs and sofas, is crucial. Whether the furniture design of the coffee shop conforms to ergonomics, whether the sofa materials of the coffee shop are skin friendly and environmentally friendly, and whether the quality of the coffee shop chairs and sofas filled with sponges and spring pads is qualified. These are the key factors that determine the comfort of coffee shop furniture.


3. Quality of coffee shop furniture
The quality of coffee shop furniture determines the depreciation cost of coffee shop furniture every day and the maintenance cost of coffee shop furniture every year. If the quality of the coffee shop furniture is not up to the standard, the coffee shop will face high operating costs, which is not conducive to the sustainable operation of the coffee shop. To test the quality of coffee shop furniture, we should start from two aspects of materials and design, focusing on the load-bearing property, structural strength, abrasion resistance, stain resistance and other properties of coffee shop furniture. As we know, tables and chairs in coffee shops are generally made of solid wood or plate type. They also have their own characteristics, so when choosing which material to use for coffee shop tables and chairs, you can choose according to the decoration style of the restaurant.


CDG restaurant coffee furniture manufacturers provide professional high-quality coffee shop tables and chairs and coffee furniture combinations, have 15 years of experience in coffee shop furniture, provide customizable coffee shop card tables and chairs, and create the right size of tables and chairs for your coffee shop according to the area of the coffee shop, making your coffee shop different from others.

Functional Area Design Covered By The Decoration Of Restaurant Space

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Restaurant space design is a new and growing professional field of design. It is not an isolated system, but a comprehensive concept. How should the decoration of restaurant space be designed? Although the form of restaurant space design shows a diversified development trend, due to the limitations of its fundamental responsibilities, no matter how the combination form of restaurant space design changes, it should cover the design of four basic functional areas.

1. Service Workspace Design
The significant difference between catering industry and food processing and retail industry is that catering industry consists of providing food and services. Although the space area of the service workstation is limited, it must be convenient for the service personnel to carry out their work smoothly.


2. Dining space design
Dining space design plays an important role in the whole dining space design. It is the space for customers to eat and enjoy services, and also the area where customers stay for a long time. The creation of this space is closely related to the customer’s consumption experience. From the position of the space, the dining space is generally in the center of the entire dining space design, where all streamline is gathered and transformed. Therefore, the dining space design is the hub of the entire dining space design and the top priority of the entire dining space design.


3. Cooking room design
In most catering space designs, cooking operation space is invisible to customers (except for a few special restaurants such as Japanese teppanyaki restaurants), but it is the food storage, processing and production department of the entire restaurant, which has a direct relationship with the profits of the entire restaurant. In the catering design, how to design the cooking operation space, how to effectively provide convenient service personnel under the premise of safety and health, and how to promote the improvement of work efficiency become the main issues to be considered in the catering design.


4. Restaurant corridor design
For a restaurant with a larger area, the dining area and other functional divisions, or private rooms and private rooms will form a small corridor. Of course, if the area is larger, the corridor will be larger and longer. The corridor outside the door should be bright, so there must be a light on 24 hours, because the corridor in front of the door is too dark, which brings many inconvenience to passers-by. The corridor in the room should also be bright and not too dark, otherwise, it will be bad for the guests’ luck.


Restaurant space design has its own unique design principles. CDG Furniture is a professional manufacturer of indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture. Our restaurant furniture follows the principles of customer orientation, applicability and uniqueness. Our rattan wicker furniture products, metal dining furniture products and outdoor furniture products can be well applied to practical cases to help the restaurant owners create successful restaurants.

What Aspects Should The Outdoor Dining Area Of ​​The Restaurant Consider?

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Make full use of your restaurant outdoor dining area. The outdoor dining area of ​​the restaurant can add value to your restaurant, especially for some customers who like outdoor dining in your restaurant. They will feel that you have considered their needs and will be more willing to come to your restaurant to dine in the future.

If you are the first outdoor dining area, or you want to make your outdoor dining area more durable, you should consider several aspects.

1. First impression

The first impression of your customers’ good first impact can have a huge positive impact on your restaurant’s business. If your outdoor dining area is in front of your restaurant’s main entrance, it can attract guests for you, but if it is not set up, it is easy to reject guests outside the door.

Whether your customers like indoor or outdoor, when they approach your restaurant, you will first see the outdoor dining area in front of your main door. A clean and tidy outdoor dining area, friendly and enthusiastic staff will be more attractive.

2. The outside of the restaurant is an internal extension

Customers who choose to dine outdoors are equally important to your restaurant business as the customer who dine in the room. They also want to get the same service as the indoor. Even if your outdoor area is small, there are only a few tables, and your employees should provide the same service as indoor.

Your outdoor area should be regarded as an extension of indoor dining space. You can choose different themes, decorations and furniture for the outdoor area to create a different atmosphere for it, but to ensure that the entire restaurant maintains the same service and catering standards.


3. Spacing

You should consider leaving enough distance between the guests of each table in order to hesitate to feel more comfortable. In addition, a little extra space can reduce bumps between customers.

4. Your target crowd

Analyze the type of outdoor dining crowd. By understanding your target crowd, you can design your space accordingly. If you want to attract children with children, it is recommended to design a safe space suitable for children, so that parents can relax and enjoy the refreshment. Choose restaurant furniture that is easy to clean so that you can clean up your table faster and prepare for the next table guests.

The warm and quiet atmosphere of the outdoor dining area can attract couples, brothers, or personnel types of company staff to enjoy afternoon tea. Outdoor dining area may be affected by cars or passers -by noise, but you can choose to decorate and choose outdoor restaurants tables and chairs to create to create Elegant or fashionable atmosphere.


5. Weather

Although you can plan everything about outdoor dining areas, you are powerless to the weather.

Wet weather is definitely not conducive to outdoor meals, and people will not eat outdoors outdoors on storms. However, in cold weather, as long as you take appropriate measures, you can still bring a happy outdoor experience. A bunch of warm blankets must definitely It will make your customers more comfortable. You can hang one on each chair, or you can use it for your own use.

The sunny weather is suitable for outdoor meals, but too hot will also affect the appetite of customers. Large outdoor parasols are placed on your outdoor dining area, which can improve the comfort of guests. Some restaurants in hot weather will also make users spray the system outside the system. , To relieve the hot weather.

Outdoor dining area is an important part of your restaurant. It can increase the satisfaction of your customer, thereby increasing the income of your restaurant. If you keep in mind the customer’s needs when planning the outdoor dining area, you can definitely create a customer Satisfied outdoor meal space.

Maintenance Methods Of Metal Outdoor Furniture And Rattan Outdoor Furniture

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The outdoor furniture in the dining room has been placed outdoors for a long time and is exposed to the sun and rain. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the outdoor dining room furniture that has undergone special waterproof, anti-corrosion and sunscreen treatment. Purchasing is one aspect, and nursing is another aspect of extending the service life of the furniture. Now the person in charge of CDG outdoor furniture will introduce the maintenance tips for metal outdoor furniture and rattan outdoor furniture.


Metal outdoor furniture
The commonly used materials of metal outdoor furniture are aluminum alloy and various iron products, which are durable and easy to clean and maintain. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct cleaning method to maintain the unique luster of metal. Aluminum furniture is often used for outdoor dining chairs, benches and tables. Before cleaning, please remove all seat cushions and back cushions to clean all aluminum frames. For daily cleaning, gently brush the stains with a microfiber cloth or soft sponge brush dipped in neutral detergent, and then rinse with clean water.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is most afraid of oxidation. If oxidation is found, use metal polishing paste or white vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio to remove defects before cleaning. Avoid using alkaline cleaners such as ammonia, which will cause more serious oxidation.

When rust or paint is found on iron outdoor furniture, gently remove the rust stains with fine sandpaper, and then wipe off the scrap iron with gauze or microfiber cloth dipped in industrial alcohol; Then apply anti rust paint for protection. After the iron outdoor furniture is cleaned, apply a layer of car wax to protect the rust or paint falling places.

In a word, all metal outdoor furniture is afraid of corrosion, so avoid using strong acid or alkali cleaners when cleaning, and avoid scratching the surface protective layer when handling.


Rattan outdoor furniture
The rattan furniture is light, tough, fresh and breathable. When you put rattan tables and chairs outdoors, you will feel a lazy holiday style. It is indispensable furniture in many outdoor courtyards and outdoor dining areas.

Rattan furniture has a variety of natural and plastic materials. Natural materials, such as rattan, rattan bark or bamboo, can absorb moisture in case of rain or wet environment, but their UV resistance is very poor, and they are easy to fade or deform when often exposed to the sun or placed in a high temperature environment. Therefore, it is better to form a habit that when you put it outdoors, you should put it in a place with sunshade on the roof or move it back indoors when not in use.

Rattan outdoor furniture, such as PE rattan, can be moisture-proof, anti-aging, and insect resistant, making maintenance easier. CDG rattan furniture manufacturer recommends that to keep outdoor rattan furniture as beautiful as new, it is best to use a nylon bristle brush to remove dirt and debris. It is easy to judge the softness of the nylon brush. The toothbrush that is suitable for brushing your teeth is also safe for cleaning rattan furniture. For daily cleaning, dust and dirt can be wiped with a wet rag.

5 Ways To Purchase Metal Furniture

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More and more people like to shop for metal furniture in the furniture market, from metal indoor dining chairs to metal outdoor dining chairs, from metal dining tables to metal bar furniture. But how can we choose good metal furniture?

1. Look at the material of metal furniture
Metal furniture has the basic combination of metal plus glass, metal plus leather, metal plus solid wood and metal plus cloth. When selecting, pay attention to the material. You can start by touching, observing the color, and viewing the brightness. Good metal products usually have a smooth and flat feel. The material looks more textured, and is not hard to touch. The color is relatively full.


2. Look at the style of metal furniture
When choosing metal furniture, you should consider the overall style of the house. If the home decoration is mainly in cold colors, the selected metal furniture should be solid wood plus metal furniture, mainly in bronze and golden yellow, because in the eyes of people, the cold color is backward and the warm color is forward, so don’t reverse the position.

3. Look at metal furniture technology
When purchasing metal furniture, it is generally necessary to check whether the iron components are well protected against corrosion, otherwise the furniture is easy to rust. Pay special attention to whether the anti-corrosion treatment of the joints between metal materials is well done, and whether there are obvious defects.


4. Look at the details of metal furniture
When purchasing metal furniture, attention should be paid to the details. For example, some furniture will have some patterns, such as petals. At this time, attention should be paid to whether the process is exquisite and whether there are broken lines.

5. See the welding of metal furniture
Generally, the welding points of good metal furniture products will not be exposed. Check the quality of metal furniture and the welding part of the furniture that can be knocked with hard objects. If the quality is good, the general knock marks are basically the same as the color of the coins. If the quality is poor, the color of rust will generally appear.

CDG’s Handmade Antique Metal Furniture

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We CDG is a professional handmade antique finishing furniture supplier, we have our own factory and R&D team, here would like to tell you why buy CDG’s handmade antique metal furniture ?

1.Antique furniture is generally very well made — and made by hand. If it has lasted this long it will likely withstand the daily grind of modern life. Of course, antiques can break and they do carry their own set of rules for maintenance and cleaning. But a table that has lasted through 200 year’s worth of meals is probably pretty well made. Moreover, scuffs and imperfections are often celebrated in antique furniture not dreaded.

2. Antiques are trendproof. While antique pieces are less likely to be super trendy they are also less likely to ever be completely untrendy. If you buy a piece with beautiful lines, curves and construction it is unlikely to offend even the trendiest of trendoids.


3. Constrast is good. Antiques can add texture, energy and personality to even the most modern or contemporary decor. In fact, it is the contemporary room that benefits most from a few antiques. The old pieces cast a new light on the newer pieces — and vice versa. If your living room is chock full of mid century modern, adding an ornate Rococo console table or Gustavian barrel back chair turns a monochromatic (albeit stylish) setting into something truly original and fun.

4. Antiques retain or increase in value. Well-cared for antiques go up in value over time. While prices rise and fall (many experts say that now is the best time to invest in antiques, by the way), antiques are a good investment over the long haul. In some ways a new piece of furniture is like a new car: the new models plummet in value the minute you drive them off the lot.

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