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Commercial Furniture Manufacturer For Chair & Table – CDG Furniture

CDG is a professional commercial furniture manufacturer and supplier for chair and table, commercial furniture, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, and bar furniture, and it was founded in 2006.


Our commercial furniture factory based in Guangzhou. With 10,000 square meters workshops and 100 skillful workers crafting our furniture items day and night.

As a manufacturer and supplier in the furniture industry, we are not only designing, but also commercializing and supplying a comprehensive range of high quality commercial furniture to various functional occasions, including hospitality, design, event, education, and commercial markets.

With a great sales net, products are popular both international and in domestic markets. Customers from Australia, North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East are satisfied with what we are offering.

  • Specialist On The Contract, Designer & Garden Metal Furniture
  • Professional Furniture Manufacturer, Providing Customized Service
  • 100% Handmade Finish Metal Furniture For Indoor & Outdoor Use


Jan IMM Cologne Germany

Mar CIFF GuangZhou

Sept Spoga+Gafa Germany

Sept Expo ShangHai


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Let Outdoor Furniture Dance Freely With Nature

In recent years, the trend of outdoor furniture design has showcased a cross border mix and match style. Whether casual or classical, the creation of space is centered around the human living experience, while maintaining a personalized style to meet the needs of different groups of people. In many outdoor furniture products, a new demand […]

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Leisure Furniture Helps You Better Balance Work And Relaxation Time

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How To Purchase Guaranteed Catering Furniture?

With the development of the catering industry, restaurant operators have increasingly high requirements for catering furniture. When purchasing dining furniture, it is not only important to pay attention to its appearance and comfort, but also to its guarantee performance. So, how should we purchase guaranteed catering furniture? 1、 Understand the functions and dimensions of the […]

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