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Commercial Furniture Manufacturer For Chair & Table – CDG Furniture, CDG is a professional commercial furniture manufacturer and suppliers for Chair & Table, Commercial Furniture, Garden Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Bar Furniture manufacturer. Founded in 2006.

Our commercial furniture factory based in Guangzhou. With 10,000 square meters workshops and 80 skillful workers crafting our furniture items day and night.

We design,commercial furniture manufacturers and commercial furniture suppliers a comprehensive range of high quality commercial furniture to the Hospitality, Design, Event, Education, and Commercial markets.

With a great sale net,products popular both abroad and domestic,customers from Australia,North Ameria,South America,Europe,South Africa,Middle East and South Africa.

  • Specialist On The Contract, Designer & Garden Metal Furniture
  • Professional Furniture Manufacturer, Providing Customized Service
  • 100% Handmade Finish Metal Furniture For Indoor & Outdoor Use


Jan IMM Cologne Germany

Mar CIFF GuangZhou

Sept Spoga+Gafa Germany

Sept Expo ShangHai


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2020年2月22日 / 0 Comment / 14 Views

Dining table chair Purchasing skills

Today, the increasingly rapid pace of life, everyone is hoping to pleasant to drink coffee, but when it comes to pleasant to drink coffee, coffee tables and chairs to less of it.CDG furniture is a dining table chair factory.It is also the key of the purchase, as long as the master some skills to buy, […]

2020年2月22日 / 0 Comment / 14 Views

Outdoor furniture purchase method

Today, with landing balcony, open platform, the garden is no longer a new thing. The living space extends outward, is where the natural outdoor furniture. Now there are many types of outdoor furniture on the market, but in the selection of time or to vary from person to person, depending on the environment. CDG furniture […]

2020年2月12日 / 0 Comment / 37 Views

Assess Your House from the Outside

The builder’s bit of lawn, two trees, and few foundation shrubs fall far short of the existing possibilities. Streetscaping is an excellent investment in both present enjoyment and future value. A pleasant view from the street gives a sense of individual pride and accomplishment. And it adds greatly to your property’s value by setting the […]

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