What kind of furniture you should buy ? It’s all in the details

What kind of furniture you should buy ? It’s all in the details

by jiemei1 |2019年5月8日 | Industrial News

Furniture is an important aspect of most peoples lives. Whether you’re sat on a chair, lying on a bed or working at a desk it’s hard to go a day without the need for some sort of furniture item. We store our belongings in them, we use them for dining, we use them for pleasure and of course for various forms of work. Dining tables, sideboards, sofas, office desks, bar stools, wardrobes, drawers, coffee tables and chairs… these are just some of the many items that help us in everyday life.


In it’s very nature a piece of furniture is designed to provide a function. You define a requirement and then choose a design that will provide a suitable solution to that need. If you need to store lever arch files then you will probably choose some type of cabinet or like wise if you need something to eat from then a dining table is the best choice. This is all very obvious stuff. Now the question is what is the difference between normal furniture and designer furniture. For sure the price is generally different. But why?

A great piece of furniture starts with the imagination of it’s creator. A good designer will explore ideas and develop a solution to a furniture need. A great designer will go one step further. They will turn a functional piece of furniture design into a work of art. Through a careful arrangement of shapes and lines a form can be created that goes beyond function. Think of the iconic Lounge chair designed by Eames in 1956. This is more than just a chair. Yes it is comfortable, but more importantly it is stunning. A perfect combination of materials and aesthetic appeal.


Designer furniture should be engaging, thought provoking, be pleasing on the eye and it should impress. Every detail should work in harmony, all materials carefully chosen and its function should be embedded without sacrifice of aesthetic beauty. Designer furniture should be an investment. You are buying a piece of furniture that excites you, it is more than just a functioning object. It is meant to inspire, to generate emotion and stir conversation. If a dining table can become the talking point of a dinner party or an office desk be a place that inspires you to work then it is successful. It is more than just furniture.


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