Interior trends for 2019

Interior trends for 2019

by jiemei1 |2019年5月15日 | Company News

When the Canton Fair is coming , it is the time that we release our new 2017 catalogue for the year ahead, which features brand new furniture designs and offers an insight into interior trends for 2019.


In a digitally driven world, we are seeking more raw materials, which bring a focus towards a more grounded approach to design, offering a digital detox from the outside world. CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.The home needs to be a sanctuary now more than ever so a more laid back approach with organic patterns echoing nature will be a big drive for 2019.



Metal are running through our new collections, such as steel and alum.



In terms of colour, we are still seeing a strong influence coming through with the Retro trend. For example, Retro green which stems from a greater concern with our natural environment and the impact we are having on it.


Similarly, more sunny tones such as , retro white , retro yellow, retro blue,colours are showing through, which are linked to a sense of  fresh,aged occasion and a celebration in the vibrancy of nature.


CDG Furniture design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of high quality commercial furniture to the Hospitality, Design, Event, Education, and Commercial markets. CDG Furniture has consolidated itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of top quality home and outdoor furniture.

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