A Love Letter From The Furniture

A Love Letter From The Furniture

by jiemei1 |2019年7月1日 | Industrial News

I know you love me,since the first time we met at the store of that city, I saw the joy in you eyes.

You love me, because you keep me clean, and decorate me, make me beautiful.


you sent me roses, and sometimes you hide them on February 14th,. Come on, I’m the furniture, where you are hiding but in my arms.


All right. I am the furniture. I’m joking about wood. I know your joy, because I just like you love the way you like.

I know that you try to clean, it is not to make the most beautiful furniture but your lover likes to clean & decorate home to make the home more beautiful.CDG furniture is an iron furniture supplier. I also certainly know roses on Valentine’s Day for whom.


And what I want to say is that they didn’t say it to you: your lover likes the way you like, but in fact, she thinks you will like it.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.


When the beautiful home soothe the hard work of him, he is also distressed your hard work. I can also see the child’s diary, writing love you, because it all.


I know, of course, that she loves roses more than you think. Because of her efforts to protect, so do not shed petals.


I am the furniture. I know your understanding, and I know your secrets. I am also a love letter, want to say to you: you love the family, is so hot love you.


Happy every day!

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