Fresh style restaurant

Fresh style restaurant

by ehaitech |2019年8月1日 | Company News

Conolove is a small restaurant, occupying part of a colonial style house, located in the Columbia Bogota water sector, a building protection zone.


To understand the existing house and its surrounding environment, designers use a tree 20 meters high, has a significant shadow Urap n tree to create space.

The building’s exterior elevation is recognized as a building protection. The operation of the designer in space follows the basic principles of circular and control.

On the one hand, the installation of a spiral staircase, the release of the main rest area, connected to the attic and a platform, will be connected to different levels of differences, allowing continuous channel.On the other hand, a double glass structure, the other part separated from the house, not lose lighting and a series of bending structure, which constitute the entrance, kitchen and work space.

Designers seek to use materials to promote the dialogue between various styles in the project, through the two strategies: continuity and contrast.CDG furniture is a metal furniture manufacturers. The herringbone parquet flooring, wood and stone hexagonal sheet, cast glass table. At the same time, the use of green plants, create indoor small view, natural and comfortable feeling.


Colorful metal furniture, bring fresh feeling to the restaurant, greatly praised by diners.


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