Industrial Bar Cafe Tables

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when it comes to great cafe furniture, one of the main attributes is that it’s sufficiently versatile to allow you to change or adjust your seating as the needs of your business dictates. Flexible cafe furniture allows you to do just this without compromise and this is exactly what the dry bar table can offer.

So what exactly is a dry bar table anyway?

Dry bar tables are so called because they were initially designed as an accompaniment to a bar to store all the dry goods such as condiments, plates, napkins, cutlery, and menus. Gradually over time the dry bar table has moved away from being an accessory to a bar and is now a table in it’s own right.

So how can it be used to enhance your cafe?

Dry bar tables are both round and of course bar height. As such, they make a perfect table to accompany either barstools or standing customers. Ultimately this is ideal for busy venues that need to add more tables because (A) they don’t take up a lot of space and (B) they can easily be placed in corner areas, or snugs, where a standard table can’t go. In doing so, you have the immediate ability to maximise your seating and increase your bottom line profits.


What’s more, many modern day dry bar tables are weatherproof so they can be used both inside and out. Therefore for cafe owners with outside spaces, it’s easy to throw a few dry bar tables in amongst your outdoor seating to make the most of your space. Moreover, for those with a tiny pavement area, dry bar tables make the perfect solution as crowds can gather and rest their drinks without the need for seating.


The popularity of dry bar tables means that they’re now available in a wide variety of materials, textures, and shades. These range from warming timbers which are perfect for that rustic feel, through to marble or stone lookalikes that can help to embellish any theme, design, or style.


To find out more about dry bar tables and indeed any other type of cafe table, contact CDG Furniture.

Restaurant culture, how to choose and buy eat desk and chair ?

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Tired of the busy hustle and bustle of the city, want to find a piece of pure land to put his tired, home is the best place. Modern people increasingly pay attention to decorate household, to give themselves to create a comfortable environment that occupy the home, also have struggled in the choose and buy of home products. CDG furniture is a restaurant table and chair suppliers.High performance/price ratio, and to know the choice of the table, not to say that the table is good, the most important thing is to be served with domestic outfit style of whole, so we should how to choose a more appropriate table?

1, according to domestic outfit style to choose

If your home decoration style is very luxurious, nature is the need to use some more luxurious dining table to match. Like the Europe type style is decorated in, is to choose to use solid wood table with European carve patterns or designs on woodwork; And rural style in domestic outfit, it is suit to use the original wood color table. In terms of color and material, also need the same as the other furniture, so don’t look very abrupt.


2, the influence of the shape of the table of dining atmosphere

For our Chinese family, like a family reunion together, and the round table for shape and eating habits are the most suitable; Of course the big square table is also very good. If a family member is less, such as “two people” world, or is a family of three, then select a small table for four to six people who basic enough.


3, determine the area of the dining area

Dining area is, of course, be sure to ready, otherwise buy big later discovered on the very heart stopper will not fit. If room area is larger, which has its own restaurant, nature can choose a few larger table, simple sense is relatively heavy, looks also compares the air; If the restaurant area is finite, so a simple table.

Sometimes table need different roles, such as besides eating even when the desk, so in the choice to consider whether can meet the use requirements of family members, in the case of the relatively small space comes up is convenient, if you want to can always away to make room, then folding table is most conforms to the requirements.


4, The same table also need to match and foil

You know, in the restaurant table is not the only furniture, not only to material matching, and other household style also needs and background wall, lamps and lanterns and tablecloths to match the right. If the design of the furniture in dining-room can complete, nature can avoid don’t match, if to buy separate, requires attention to this aspect.



Restaurant Design Trends of 2020

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With the arrival of 2020, the latest development trend in the restaurant design also comes with it. Here are some of the best trends we’ve identified in 2020.


Trend # 1: Green will become the main color


Although dark green will be hot, but make the color with a more fresh choice. Pantone Color Institute predicts that green will be the thermal design color of 2020 because it is a “fresh and vibrant tone that symbolizes a new beginning.”


According to this trend: such as our Windsor series in Retro Green become fashion.


Trend # 2: Goodbye, DIY


The world of homemade Pinterest projects is over, especially in restaurants and commercial establishments. DIY lights, wooden walls, countertops, etc. can be said to have been past, tired of the palette, and looking for space and craftsmen crafts and refining the balance. This new focus on quality craftsmanship will be the forefront of this year’s best restaurant design concept.

Trend # 3: exquisite design regression


When we say goodbye to DIY, we also usher in the idea of ??exquisite and charisma. Look forward to seeing the interior with thoughtful complexity, using saturated colors, attractive patterns and luxurious decorations.


In accordance with this trend: our X back chair assembled fashion appearance with excellent comfort, simple yet air.


Trend # 4: Small size design


The small size of the design still maintains its unique style. Is expected to continue to lead the trend in 2020, clean, modern, simple. The default restaurant will continue to choose simple palettes, white walls and fine furnishings so that their food can shine.


Follow this trend: Our Moon Dining Chair, combined with a simple combination of metal tubing and cast aluminum backrest, keeps the space bright, ventilated and open.


With the opening of these and other restaurant trends, we note a common element: as the world itself becomes more and more digital, the restaurant design trends will continue to move in the same direction to meet the needs of a new generation of modern diners.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal furniture

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Due to domestic people accustomed to wood furniture, metal furniture is a new product, in the domestic consumers, but also some favorite consumers. CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.Here are some of the metal furniture for people to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of metal furniture:

Advantages of metal furniture environmental protection


The raw material of metal furniture is cold rolled steel plate. With the rise of the iron and steel industry of the “green revolution” and “zero energy” of the production process, from the selection of metal materials to the production process and after elimination, will not lead to the waste of resources to the society, and will not have influence on the ecological environment is friendly, reusable and sustainable development of resource products. prevention, moisture-proof, can be used for external use.


Fire is mainly reflected in the metal furniture can withstand the test of fire, so that the loss to a minimum. The most suitable for the southern region. Metal furniture moisture can solve the problem of people. In addition, the metal furniture can be used outdoors, which is more widely used than the traditional wooden furniture.


3.functional diversity, space saving


Because of cold rolled sheet strength, metal furniture after processing the bending process can meet the functional requirements of many aspects, multi drawer, mobile, simple, many advantages can do in different products. In addition, many varieties of welded metal furniture and pile assembly, firm, durable, and can save space.

Disadvantages of metal furniture


The texture is hard and cold


The raw material of metal furniture is iron and this kind of cold rolled steel sheet, the physical characteristics of the hard and cold characteristics of steel furniture, and this kind of characteristics, and people’s choice of the texture of the warmth of the contrary. Therefore, metal furniture is often rejected because of the texture of many people, but with the concept of change and fashion product ideas, more and more people like to buy Metal furniture.


Rough Industrial Style

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Industrial line in the past few years can only be described as flourishing, from the birthplace of Europe all the way to the United States red, then Asia, of course, Taiwan is no exception, now almost all major cities in the world can see the theme of industrial decoration as the theme of high Quality restaurant or coffee shop.CDG furniture is an industrial style furniture suppliers.

1, black and white gray classic taste


Black and white is very suitable for industrial line. Black mysterious cold, white elegant light, the two mix and match can create more changes; When match colour of interior decoration and furniture, the choice of pure black and white gray, you can make the home more industrial feeling Oh!


2, with a brick wall to replace the monotonous painting wall


Bricks and gap of bricks can be different light levels from the general wall, but also can be painted on the bricks above, whether it is painted black, white or gray, can bring a kind of old but modern visual effects, very suitable for industrial line rough atmosphere.


3, bare pipe and wire


Traditional home decoration has a focus: that is how the pipeline configuration to arrange, how to hide will make people aware of their presence. But the industrial decoration maket it to be opposite, do not deliberately hide a variety of pipe and electricity pipelines, but through the location of the arrangement and the color of the match, it will be one of the indoor visual elements. This subversion of the traditional way of decoration is often the most attractive place.

The difference between the hotel dining table and chairs

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Hotel dining room table chair than the use of more damage to the guests at different levels, the concept of furniture care is not the same, so there is a big difference between material requirements:


The hotel dining tables and chairs suitable for use with high hardness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and good table, guests tend to smoke here, accidentally will burn the surface of furniture, design must consider the fire performance table, available with the fire resistance of wood table or metal table; and civil furniture generally do not need to consider.

Good waterproof performance is 2, the hotel dining tables and chairs and tables and chairs; hotel by seasonal changes, will cause the surface cracking deformation, sealing off, mildew and other effects, surface appearance, damage the image of the hotel, directly affect the hotel occupancy rate is relatively low and household furniture.


The difference between civil furniture and hotel furniture


The hotel is more difficult to maintain the table and chair than the home, because of the high utilization rate of hotel furniture, and household furniture is different, is their own furniture, family members will be relatively cherished.

Restaurant consumption culture – Theme restaurant

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Theme is through a series of around one or more of the history, or other theme to attract marks, catering to the customer required basic place. The biggest characteristic of it is to give the general restaurant some topic, around the established to create an atmosphere of the restaurant’s business: the theme of the restaurant, colour, modelling all products, services and activities as the theme service, make theme customers easy to identify the characteristics of the restaurant and the stimulation of consumer behavior.CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture factory.


Compared with the general restaurant, theme restaurant is its impressive dining environment. It is the customer or to create a warm, or mysterious, or nostalgia, or a warm atmosphere, wonderful theme scene, Customers eat both can enjoy delicious cuisine, while some appreciate the culture, the customer is easy on the integration of the restaurant. Distinctive dining restaurant forms and make the general theme restaurants and restaurant separately, so that we can effectively avoid direct competition with the restaurant in general, to have long than short, the advantage must be very clear.

To build theme restaurant

  1. Accurate positioning, from the macro environment of the whole, from the preferences of consumers.
  2. Create a good repast atmosphere
  3. To grasp the essence of food and beverage, food, increase food consumption and aesthetic experience, do as the Romans do
  4. In line with the theme of personalized service, personalized service form, unique equipment, unique recipe dishes, elaborate dishes, pastries, the waiter’s unique style is themed restaurant.

Trend in the industrial furniture

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Traditional industrial furniture is made from materials that are designed to withstand prolonged commercial use. Heavy gauge steel, solid timber and durable fabrics such as leather were used so that they could cope with the daily grind of a busy factory or workshop.CDG furniture is an industrial furniture manufacturers.


Today’s furniture market has been flooded with cheap products made of disposable materials. Mass production of flat-pack furniture that is designed to last only a few years has become common place and unfortunately is destined to be granulated or disposed of in landfill.


Investing in handmade furniture means that you get a product crafted from quality materials. This is also true for industrial-style furniture. As specialists in this area we have spent years developing and refining our processes to ensure our product is of the highest quality.


You can, of course, find “handmade industrial-style furniture” on the internet at low prices. However, this usually means corners have been cut, sometimes quite literally: cheap wood, such as old scaffolding boards, and a poor finish are often tell-tale signs.


We have come across a number of examples of steel furniture that are not coated, so the original oily surface is left to make a mess, slowly rust and look unsightly. We have seen reclaimed wood in the form of old pallets and scaffolding boards that are often filled with rot and infested with bugs being sold as furniture to be used in a home. This wood could have been treated with rat poison and all types of commercial chemicals that you really wouldn’t want to eat your dinner from.


When looking around for your next piece of furniture we advise that you research where it comes from. Does the company present itself as one you can trust? Does it have an “about” page with information and contact details including address? It might seem obvious but does the company actually make the furniture? Does it have a workshop where you can visit and see the items being made? Perhaps most importantly, is the company proud to show off examples of recent work including testimonials and photos?


There has been a boom in this industrial style. It is hard to visit a high street without trendy cafes and shops full of industrial steel and wood furniture.


Get in touch today to start your journey with CDG.

Key Points Of Furniture Purchase

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Furniture is to make a variety of interior decoration components, furniture selection and purchase is very common. But for office furniture and hotels such as furniture procurement, and is different with purchase personal home furniture.  When purchasing for a family, a person usually decides on a decision based on comfort – but for a company purchase, the choice not only covers areas such as comfort, but also whether such as design, appearance, match with the surroundings, or not, and so on. Therefore, before you contact the contract furniture manufacturer, the following points are in your procurement need to pay attention to: 

Make a correct estimate of the furniture you actually need. Measure the correct available space, find the actual demand, put it on paper, and then further trading.


If your office space is too big, then you may need expert sketches and how to organize it well.


Do not forget to find high quality and durable furniture during the course of the transaction. Unfortunately, many corporate bodies are primarily concerned with the prospects, not the quality. It is easy to find furniture with low cost, but with high quality furniture is not all manufacturers can do.


The importance of professionalism. You can order customized hotel furniture from well-known manufacturers. But also to see if the manufacturer can give you a guarantee, to provide you with the guarantee of suppliers often provide you with quality products. So the question before the transaction is more secure.


Why Catering Seating and Comfort Make a Big Difference

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We’ve all been there. You’re on vacation, out to dinner with your loved ones and while you’re enjoying their company and the food is great, you can’t seem to get comfortable. No matter how you twist or turn in your seat, you can’t get over how awkward it feels.


Seating makes all the difference in the catering industry. Imagine getting a bad Yelp review that just won’t go away because someone complained about the chairs in your restaurant.

Choosing stylish, comfortable, durable catering seating can make or break you in the age of the always connected customers, also can create added value for your business and help you win new and more customers.


CDG Furniture( can help you select the best catering seating to work with your requirements and design aesthetic.

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