Five Things To Consider When Selecting Bar Stools

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Selecting commercial bar stools might be more complicated than you think. Style, color, design …, we believe you already have a rough idea of what you want, but did you consider what height it should be? Do you want your stools to swivel? Should they have armrests?


#1 Positioning

First of all, you should know where you will place your commercial bar stools. This will help you to decide on the colour and the style you need, especially if you divide your space into different areas with different themes.

A light colour might fit here next to your window but a darker colour might be better at the back near your bar area.


#2 Height

The height will also depend on the positioning of your commercial bar stools, as well as the countertop or the tables you will use. Indeed, remember to allow enough space for customers’ legs between the top of the seat and the bottom of the countertop or the table. It sounds pretty obvious but some restaurants and cafes seem to forget about that!



#3 Comfort

Select stylish commercial bar stools but please don’t cut on comfort. Comfortable stools = happy customers = returning customers.

If you can, select commercial bar stools with padded seats and offer an amazing seating experience to your customers! They will be able to sit for a longer period painlessly and enjoy their meal. This is especially important in bars and pubs where you expect your clientele to sit for a while.

In restaurants, however, you might get away with slightly less comfortable commercial bar stools since the bar counter is not be the main area but just a transition when people wait till their table is ready.


#4 Swivel

The swivel option allows your customers to move from side to side without having to move the base of the commercial bar stool, which can be extremely convenient at times.

Bar stools with swivel will be great at the bar counter but you might want to keep them away from your tables – customers might not enjoy spinning around while eating!


#5 Footrest & Backrest & Armrest

Often underrated, footrests are so important! They allow your customers to sit comfortably without having their legs dangling till it hurts. Female clients wearing heels all day long will love you for that!

Same with backrests, they can bring some extra comfort, a plus your customers will find valuable!

Finally, armrests are also comfortable and they look good. Just be aware they are more challenging to fit correctly as they don’t tuck under your counter or your table.


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5 Steps Help You To Set Up Your Seating Space

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Seating area is one important part for restaurant, which will affect your restaurant performance and customer experience. CDG is one restaurant furniture supplier, we are here to help and provide some proposal base on our own knowledge and experience.


What operating hours?

Firstly, pls. consider your operationg hours before setting up your seating  area.

You will serve breakfast, lunch or dinner? Of you serve all of them?

In that case, the preparation time between each shift will be short and you will need an optimal set-up to allow your staff to operate faster.


That means, you should keep enough space between the tables for your staff to pass through and access kitchen.

At the same time, the chairs should can put under the tables to keep all the paths clear.

Serve what type of food?

Before setting up seating area, you have to consider 2nd point – which kind food your restaurant serve.

If serving large seefeed platters and Bigger Pizza, definitelly you need enough spcace for wide tables.

If offering take-away food, then you just need a few space only.


Which kind dishes will you use?

Think about the plates and cutlery you will use, this is the 3rd  point.

You should have a clear idea of the kind of food you will serve and the plates you will use to do so.

Ceramic or melamine tableware you are going to us?


What table top sizes you have to decide.

Once you have decide the above 3 points, you should start to consider the tables now.

60*60cm are standard size for 2 persons. Than you can think about 70*70cm and 80*80cm these two size for 4 persons.

Finally,  think about big dining tables for team.

Meanwhile, you should thinking to choose the tables  can easy to move and meet differen configuarations.

Square tables allow to conbine with other same size tables.

Round tables don’t offer this flexbility but are great for smaller space, like take-away shops and cafes.

How many table can you  place?

Until this step, you know the shape and size fo the table, you can calculate how many tables you can fit in you seating space.

But we recommand you that to leave at least 1.6m between tables to allow customers to pass and taff operate smoothly.


We hope the above steps will help you to geting start your restaunt.Any table and chair you need, welcome to contact CDG restaurant furniture.

How To Set Dining Room Furniture

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Home restaurant is a place to eat, a reasonable place to put the dining room furniture is our enjoyment, then, how to put the dining furniture to be reasonable? What attention should be taken to dining  furniture? Here, the author will explain the dining furniture display skills.CDG furniture is a dining furniture factory.


In knowing how to place the restaurant furniture, we first come to understand what the main dining furniture. The dining room furniture is mainly dining table, dining chair and dining cabinet.


How to decorate the dining furniture? Follow the meal reasonable to put the principles of furniture.

Dining furniture placed the most important thing is convenient, easy to clean. In the restaurant furniture and furniture should be set aside between the enough space for activities, dining furniture and dining room should be closely linked to the pattern. CDG furniture is a dining furniture suppliers.


The dining room displays a variety of wines or beverages, is an indispensable landscape of dining room, the display of the dining furniture to prevent the smooth passage of the dining room channel principle.

Finally, I would like to talk about the choice of furniture.


The choice of furniture need to pay attention to the size of the space with. Small space with large dining table, or large space with a small table are unreasonable. Due to the practical problems of the purchase, it is difficult for the purchaser to get things to the scene for comparison. So, first measure the preferences of the table size, get the scene to do a more appropriate, to avoid the inconvenience caused by too small or too small.

Mediterranean Style Decoration Collocation

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Mediterranean style furniture with its extremely amiable rural amorous feelings and soft tone and combination collocation the atmosphere quickly is accepted by the large area outside the Mediterranean. The variety of products, long coastline, architectural style, and the culture of wind and earth are strongly formed. These factors make the Mediterranean have the characteristics of free and bold colors and bright colors.CDG furniture is a mediterranean style furniture suppliers.


For the Mediterranean, white and blue are the two main features, preferably with a chic arcade and a little bit of gravel. When building the household that creates Mediterranean style, match color is a main aspect, want to give a person a kind of sunshine and natural feeling. The main sources of color are white, blue, yellow, green and rustic and brown, all of which come from the most simple elements of nature.

Mediterranean style in terms of modelling, generally choose and fluent line, circular arc form is a very good choice, he can put in our home in every corner of the space, a circular arch, a streamlined the doors and Windows, are an important element in the Mediterranean home outfit. And the mediterranean-style demands natural and fresh effect, the wall can not need careful painting, let him naturally present some concave and rough feeling. The TV setting wall does not need elaborate decoration, a Mosaic wall brick Mosaic is very good background.CDG furniture is a mediterranean style furniture manufacturers.


In the household of the Mediterranean style when choosing furniture, it is best to use the furniture of a few relatively low, which makes the line of sight is more open, at the same time, the line of furniture is given priority to with downy, could use some round or oval-shaped wooden furniture, and the whole environment. And curtains, sofa sets, such as cloth art, we can also select some thick cotton cloth, the ancient flavour is dye-in-the-wood, let whole home looks more at the same time, in the design of cloth art, we’d better is to choose some simple but elegant design. This will accentuate the harmonious atmosphere created by the blue and white colors.


Speaking of the furniture in the living room, sofa must be the first, buy the sofa of what style, choose what color sofa, use the sofa of what kind of material… All these questions have become a matter of concern. The choice of sofa: first style wants and integral style unify.


In color, Mediterranean style mainly is blue, white is given priority to, so blue and white striped sofa can match almost all style Mediterranean style sitting room. Of course, some people have a sense of “vertigo” on the blue-and-white sofa, and then consider using either blue or white. But blue is best used with polished blue, not too new, or not too good.


The Mediterranean style, in addition to the usual blue and white, is also yellow, blue, purple, green, earthy and brown. For example this sitting room sofa chooses brown cloth art sofa to match blue and purple background metope, colour and saturation.


On the material, the adornment of Mediterranean style is suitable to use cloth art sofa, because cloth art material can give a person sweet and downy feeling.


Wooden Finish Aluminium Chair

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Love the wooden looking but worry about not durablity euough?

CDG have what exactly what you want!CDG is one professional metal table and chair manufacturer.

We supply different style, but completed range aluminum chairs, bar stool and bar chair with wooden finsh.

They are wood looking in nice design, but strong, durable enought with reasonable price.

Our alumunium chair there are bellowing 4 advantages:

  1. Heavy-duty, durable aluminium frame, can be use with PU seat pad or outdoor fabric cushion;
  2. Solid structure, can remain stable;
  3. Low maintaenance;
  4. Convenient storage and easy to transport. Due to Aluminum strong enough, but very light as well.

And our chair most of can be stackable. You could  save a lot shipping space and cost.

How to Decorate a Restaurant

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While the quality of the food and service in a restaurant should always be the most important factors in operating a restaurant, a large reason that many patrons visit restaurant is for the dining experience. A well decorated restaurant that speaks to the type of cuisine and intended atmosphere can make all the difference in determining whether a patron will return to the same restaurant. Regardless of your budget or design needs, decorating your restaurant should be an important concern.

Develop a theme for your restaurant decor based on your cuisine. If your cuisine is Mexican, you will likely want to feature elements of Mexican design, such as warm saturated colors, rustic wood and mosaic tile designs. The style of your restaurant will also come into play. For example, your restaurant could feature family style seating or intimate tables, depending on whether you want a casual environment or a fine dining feel.


Furnish your restaurant with furniture that will maintain your restaurant’s formality, as well as style. For example, if your restaurant is casual, vinyl booths and wooden tables are standard. If your restaurant is more formal, choose tables and chairs for their style and finish. You can also cover them with tablecloths that add color to the space.


Consider the table style as part of your overall design aesthetic. After all, it’s what customers will likely look at the most while they’re enjoying their meal. There are many ways to accent tabletops, such as paint, tablecloths, tile and glass covers with inlaid designs.


CDG is a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of high quality outdoor and indoor used metal furniture to the restaurant.(

Family Seating By Famous Designer Chair

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It was designed by the French designer Alban Le Henry, who worked for years as assistant in the Bouroullec brothers’ studio, and is entirely produced in Italy as all Colos products. STECCA is a whole family of seating with catchy flowing shapes reminiscent of bentwood chairs.

Stecca is not merely a chair, but a whole family of seating accommodations with catchy flowing shapes reminiscent of bentwood chairs. All the Stecca chairs are robust aluminium lightweights whose uses could not be more versatile, on top of all for outdoor. No matter where you encounter a Stecca, its easygoing and warm nature will always welcome you and invite you for a relaxed seating.


The collection has been reproduced, in this case, with a new material, aluminum: used to make the product suitable for outdoor environment, and its lightness feeling with the variety of colors available, makes it perfect for interior spaces.


In production since 2016, these aluminum chairs with curved structure are available in a wide variety of colors: Mustard, Baby-blue,Aubergine, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Cream, Black. STECCA, also, got the 1st level certification of EN 16139: 2013, satisfing the requirements of strength, durability and safety.


Guangzhou CDG furniture mainly design and supply comprehensive range of high quality furniture to Garden, the Hospitality,Design Studio and Event.the 657S-H45-Alu is cross back design,can be stackable, used to indoor and outdoor.

Top Tips To Make Customers Return To Your Cafe

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Customers are finicky creatures which is why it can be difficult to know just how to get new customers through your doors and, more importantly, how to retain them. So we’ve put together below tips to make your customers feel welcome and want to come back. So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look:


Getting customers through your doors is all about getting the design of your cafe right. We’re not just talking colour scheme and layout but about other various other key elements which play a vital role.


Clean lines

Remember your cafe interior isn’t about creating something that’s personal to you. Instead keep things simple by keeping clutter to a minimum and limit decorations and knick knacks to things that add value. Your design doesn’t have to mean minimalism but you do need to consider every item carefully before installing it.


Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee brewing and freshly baked bread and pastries. We know we do! So rather than overpowering those delicious smells with fancy perfume sprays and air fresheners keep those pungent smells coming to your customers.



It used to be that cafe chairs of old were designed so that customers would drink up and leave as quickly as possible. Today’s clientele demand nice looking comfortable furniture and like to have a choice too for however long they’re staying. If they’re on their own they may prefer a comfy chair hidden away in a small corner but make sure there is something such as a wall or book shelf to give the seat structure on one side. Make sure you have practical upright chairs too, for those looking to work. Couches are great for relaxing and reading the papers with a cup of coffee on a table by the side, but if they’re too soft and comfortable your customers might end up falling asleep.

Choosing Exterior Furniture to Create an Outdoor Oasis

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Follow the 10 steps below to create an incredible Outdoor Oasis for you and your friends and family to enjoy all summer long!


  1. Measure your Space!

Including stairs, entrances to your home, windows, what direction does your space face N, S, E, W, are you in sun or shade, do you have any water features nearby (pond, lake, pool water feature), other design details.


  1. What type of Furniture is conducive to your Lifestyle?

Dining for small groups or large?


Lounging to seat a few or many family and friends?

Dining/Lounging all in one?


  1. What is your Budget?

Buy the best you can afford.

Are you looking for furniture for longevity?

  1. What Colours speak to you?

Warm or Cool Colours?

Bold or Subdued?

Solid or Patterns?


  1. Do you like to change things on a yearly basis?

If you like change work with a neutral base as far as your upholstery, then you can switch everything up year after year with toss cushions, area rugs, placemats, tableware, outdoor wall art and accessories.


  1. Do you need Privacy?

You can consider privacy screens, bamboo fencing, gazebos with netting, curtains and roof top or a solid aluminum rooftop Gazebo.

  1. How to add Colour to your Outdoor Oasis:

Toss Cushions.

Area Rug.

Wall Art.

Outdoor Clocks.



Metal Art.




Floral Arrangements.

Planter Pots.


Outdoor tableware, plates, chargers, glasses.


  1. Create Ambience with:


Flameless Candles.

Candle Holders.

Glass Vases with T lights.

Solar Decorative Lights/Lanterns.

Firepit Tables.

Water Fountains.


  1. Other pieces of Furniture you can add:



Side tables.



  1. Decorate according to a Theme!


Beach House.

Cottage House.







Choose outdoor furniture from CDG(

Replica Freshman Chair

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The Freshman Chair is modelled after an antique Schoolhouse chair from the early 20th century. The Freshman Chair is part of our industrial Schoolhouse Collection and is perfect for any funky cafe or industrial style dining table. Its clean lines and slim, airy profile are beautifully rendered in grade A steel and hand-finished to showcase hand-welded seams. Each piece is finished in an antique walnut stain to create that schoolhouse feel.

These replica Freshman Chairs are also stackable, so perfect for commercial or home use.


If you want more informaton ,pls contact Guangzhou CDG furniture co.,Ltd

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