5 Tips For Your Coffee Shop Design

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You may have mastered the art of brewing a perfect cup of coffee and consider your double chocolate chip muffin to be the best in world, but choosing the perfect cafe layout might push you right out of your comfort zone.CDG furniture is a cafe furniture manufacturers.


The design of your cafe is crucial for attracting new customers and turning them into loyal customers, so it’s important that you get it right. We’ve put together 5 tips to help when designing a perfect coffee shop business.


Make your concept clear

Before starting out on your design you need to be aware of your USP or unique selling point. What makes you stand out from your competitors? Is it that you have a retro style? Is your focus on relaxing? Is is child friendly, or healthy? Perhaps it’s contemporary or maybe it’s vegan. Ultimately your coffee shop’s design concept depends on the type of clientele you’re hoping to attract. After all, older retired people have totally different tastes from trendy hipsters or young professionals. Determine your concept now and make sure you know how to be consistent across all key elements of your business.

Shopfront design

What will your exterior look like? Will you have an outdoor seating area? You also need to bear in mind any design restrictions that may be imposed by your location or community. The exterior should instantly convey the concept that you have in mind. If for instance you’re embracing the industrial look then wooden shutters and geraniums on your window sills are not a good fit.



Again signage needs to reflect your coffee shop’s concept. A wooden sign is ideal for an old fashioned coffee shop complete with a yesteryear font. However, if you have a contemporary shop then you need a sign that matches this concept as well as a modern font. It needs to look right at home and it needs to convey instantly to passers by what they should expect when they enter through your door.


Interior design

It’s one thing getting customers through the door but another getting them to stay and to return. From your choice of colour scheme, artwork, seating area, counter, menu board, display cases, and restrooms, everything needs to portray your brand and your concept. Choose textures, colours, and lighting which creates the ambience you’re after and if you have any interesting architectural structures see if you can make them a focal point.



Your shop’s layout is also critical to the success of your business. Not only will it determine how efficiently your staff operate but will also reflect on how comfortable your customers feel. Is there room for customers to slide their chairs in and out from beneath the tables? How about access to the restrooms? Are there sofas or tub chairs for customers looking to relax with the newspaper over a morning coffee? Where can freelancers sit and work? What about your cafe furniture? Is it comfortable and practical?


Your cafe furniture is one of the most important elements of your cafe design since it brings the whole look together and plays a large part in whether customers return. Here at cafe Chairs Specialist we’ve got a wide range of indoor and outdoor cafe furniture in all sorts of materials, colours, and styles, modern and traditional. Why not take a look online in our CDG website.

Customized curved seat as you wish

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With our unique design and our unique customization, we can transform our beautiful curved wooden seat chair into one of your exclusive chairs, which makes your chair more comfortable to decorate and has a perfect visual experience.CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.

We accept custom chair designs, or choose our existing wooden stool chairs, we have oak, walnut, ash and other wood for you to choose, the final effect in addition to immutable wood texture effect, the details can as far as possible in accordance with the design of the customer’s reached.


Of course, in order to match the overall feel of the chair, we have a table with them to choose.

CDG hot sale cross back bar stool

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The wooden bistro chair is an iconic presence at cafés across Europe. Our bar- and counter-height versions are crafted in metal for lasting outdoor use with a rustic finish to add to its antique charm.CDG furniture is a bar stool suppliers.


Welded of steel tubing.

Hand-painted powder coat finish.

Glazed and sealed with a protective top coat.


Rubber bumpers on feet to protect floors.


Bar Height: 19″ wide x 19″ deep x 46″ high

Counter Height: 19″ wide x 19″ deep X 42″ high

Custom Made Furniture

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Custom furniture in recent years popular with consumers, custom furniture and whole house custom enterprise development direction, can be said to be the household can customize wave has swept the whole furniture industry, the wardrobe industry is no exception, custom wardrobe not only can with decorate a style to bring out the best in each other, and meet the personalized needs of consumers, so favored by many consumers.CDG furniture is a custom made furniture manufacturers.

The benefits of custom furniture

Quality assurance, style diversity, efficiency, speed up, adjust measures to local conditions, good and inexpensive. Now we don’t when choosing furniture is easy to see the appearance and quality, style is also very important. The characteristic of custom furniture is to create different styles of furniture to change our lives. A contemporary and contracted style make our favorite style, but a kind of contemporary and contracted style is not a single style, contemporary and contracted can also have a lot of, these are the characteristics of custom furniture, is not restricted by a kind of style.

Custom furniture future growth space is huge

What is time, simply means in historical development in a certain situation and divided on the basis of a certain period. Many industry insiders say, relies on the efficient use of household space, can fully reflect consumers personalized consumer demand and characteristics of contemporary feeling, custom furniture in recent years in the field of furniture consumption has become a new fast growth, also hold up the furniture customization era. Compared with tepid household market, custom furniture in the furniture industry gain of segmentation temper industry growth. Represented by Sophia’s main custom furniture enterprises operating income to achieve 30% growth in recent years, the furniture industry is significantly higher than the overall growth rate. There are forecasts, custom furniture will keep more than 18% growth each year in the future, to the size of the market in 2020 will reach 2020 yuan, a huge future growth space.

How to open an American industrial style restaurant ?

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American industrial wind can be traced back to the second industrial revolution (from 1870s to early twentieth Century, the same period) so early. At first it is not a design style, at best, only the industrial era of daily work, the scene of life refraction. It is today, many restaurants, cafes, creative space has begun to re carved this form of decoration, it is only by the “American Industrial Wind” in the name of a fashionable concept.


There are some books that the industrial design style originated in the working-class life scenes: factories, workshops, schools, what field, which also explains why the industrial style furniture gives people a “heavy” impression, they use a lot of metal materials, pig iron, wrought iron is more early by the rough metal manufacturing and.




A sufficient open space atmosphere (in fact, “Loft” is the original meaning of the spacious workshop / warehouse into other uses of space, such as a house or studio, then of course there are dining space, so Loft industrial wind from American industrial wind likely is the same thing);



As much as possible the use of industrial materials and decoration (such as metal, brick, unpolished wood, paint for interior wall paint brush what this money in the most appropriate practices, is going to have a rough);



Appropriate exposure point of the building structure, natural damage to the wall of course good, not broken you can deliberately give it a hole or something;

Location in the old plant, non residential use of the old house, schools, offices and other buildings is also a good choice (that is, can not meet the requirements of a bit).



With these have been a lot of money, but unfortunately you have only one of these shells, the following software you may also need to consider the window frame: to make good use of open space, the glass frame is a big move. In addition to partition space, and they are hanging chandelier, Edison art lighting lighting industry (signs of abuse, has to be cautious) collocation together, can foil more restaurants (industrial workshop, factory canteens that feel.)



Non functional furnishings: some ladders, metal containers, industrial racks, 100 cabinet what can shop, if they are really useful, such as the owner is just a carpenter or a blacksmith that will like what these things are more and more explosive; Jin, also easily lead to unscrupulous guest a cup of American a tragedy of the afternoon.



Classic industrial furniture: Tolix chair, Navy chair, giant industrial wind leather sofa, sea wind box.



A man with a sense of history: the grocery industry, reflects the process of antiques, grocery is especially important, which neutralizes the industrial wind can seem quite tough, the owner is the pursuit of life. Glass, enamel or iron container is a classic metal; word, three-dimensional characters, brass is due the groceries. Keyword.



Retro kitchen: enamel pot without Le Creuset production Roast Chicken, have one or two Alessi out of print device, at least on the classic color Delong milk coffee pot, kettle, toaster? If you are willing to match a SMEG (50’s Retro Style Aesthetic) refrigerator, you can only say that the sincerity of the owner of the explosion table.



More retro industrial style furniture industry, please contact CDG Furniture, a focus on high-end industrial production retro furniture company.

The advantages of CDG furniture

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It is because the unique advantages of the CDG furniture product was so popular in the market, the company is so amazing speed of development, now our advantages are summarized as follows:


1.metal furniture metal furniture is the core of CDG furniture. At first the CDG furniture as a agence service customers. From the beginning of 2013 we have own design team and factory, began to the creation of its own brand. And have a very clear goal and market positioning. Specializing in the production of coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial use of high-grade metal furniture.


2.Quality control: as the Agence experience and strong professional QC, QA team, CDG in quality control have very professional technology and strict standards, it lead us to the stage of rapid development in a short span of three years

3.Production management efficiency: CDG furniture from 2013 only 30 workers began to now every month 30 to 40 high containers production capacity. Because of CDG down to accumulate experience, innovation, reform and a system of management methods.


4.The price competition, the greatest degree of increase production efficiency, good cost control, the greatest degree of reduction in the marginal cost, from the source supplier of cheap and fine, to material the highest utilization rate control, arranged reasonable inventory etc., our products have very strong competition in the same quality standard.


5.Hand made finish: This is the biggest feature of CDG furniture products. Ordinary powder, although the production efficiency is high, but can’t meet the personalized, characteristics of the market demands, in such a concept, we CDG furniture founded the a series of Hand Made Finish, such as imitate wood, antique series, vintage finish, and the new weathering finish, making CDG products are sold.

The most important restaurant touch points to ensure a great first impression

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The restaurant has only one chance to give a good first impression to new customers, and restaurant owners need to ensure that their impression of each customer will assure an active share and encourage customers to re-visit and their friends to pour in. Here I’ll give you share “The most important customer service point of contact in the restaurant” decoration and significance:



Discover how customers are hearing your restaurant and then form an impression. Find out through the website, social media accounts, word of mouth, and through online reviews. To provide a good impression at the time of discovery, make sure your site includes your menu and current prices, the correct business hours, the appropriate address or GPS location, and visual interest through color, text and photo.


Your restaurant’s facade / restaurant is the first impression

Consider the impressions that passers-by see outside your dining room. Is the building clean? Is the window clean? Is there enough lighting in the street to see your interiors? Is there parking in the pit? Are there enough parking spaces to be clearly marked? Is there a barrier-free access for people with disabilities? Is the logo visible and easy to read? There are many such issues, but the focus is a neat, clean exterior, ample and accessible parking lot that welcomes the customer to drive is your best bet.CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture manufacturers.

Clerk ‘s actions and attitudes

If your restaurant has a shopkeeper / clerk, consider the customer’s first impression in your dining room. Have not immediately confirmed their presence? Is the customer welcoming you? Does it meet special seating requirements?



When it comes to your menu, we’re talking about what really brings to your customers. So the way you showcase your product is the key to your impression of your customers. First, is your menu clean? You certainly do not want to provide a sticky or dirty menu, so make sure your staff regularly clean. Next, is it easy to read? Is the font easy to read without a magnifying glass? Is it easy to navigate? Are there too many products that can create a customer that becomes overwhelmed? Finally, consider pricing. Is the price clear? Does the price reflect the appropriate value for your menu item? When it comes to menus, you really can consider these more thoughtful. However, these are the most important considerations because of their greatest impression.



Your clients will interact most with their servers. Many factors must be taken into account when hiring, training and continuing education with these staff members.CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture suppliers.


Food and drink: Appearance, time, presentation

People use their eyes to eat, so when they see a visually pleasing dish, they will be ready to eat! Coupled with the upsurge of social media, restaurant dishes are becoming the popular point of sharing images on the Internet. It is best to prepare for the spotlight. The way you show your food and how long it takes to reach the customer is two considerations that can serve as a huge impression of each customer.



Finally, the impression of the toilet to the customer is also very important. Is the toilet clean, floor, sink, toilet and so on? Does the garbage overflow? Do you have the necessary supplies in the bathroom? Is there an accessible stall to host the bar at the right height for those who need it? The restrooms are an important part of your dining room and all restaurants should be considered. Make sure it is clean, stocked and accessible will ensure only a positive first impression.


Customer satisfaction is the key to any business, especially in such a competitive industry.

Restaurant Furniture Trends

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Restaurant trends run far and wide all over the world. Some businesses are focused on speed and efficiency while others are more concerned with a customer’s experience. Needless to say, in some shape or form, these businesses need a type of furniture that represents their company and their brand.CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture manufacturers.

Here at East Coast Chair & Barstool, we help restaurants, bars, and the hospitality industry find their perfect furniture that embodies their business and atmosphere. With such a diverse customer base, we wanted to show what has been our most popular furniture items by state in the past year.


1.GLADIATOR Ladder Back Chair and Bar Stool

A durable and simple shape to complement many types of interiors.


2.GLADIATOR Full Ladder Back Chair and Bar Stool

The full ladder back offers even more shape to the contours of your guests.


  1. GLADIATOR Full Vertical Back Wooden Chair

An elegant wooden chair with slimming vertical back design.

Classical Design Thonet Chair

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Solna 14 chair is French designer mike. Sauna (Michael Thonet, 1796-1871) in 1859, is a very elegant craft characteristic, but can be one of the classic furniture of mass production industrialization way, by stood to his own company (Gebruder Thonet) production from 1859, is still widely used


Solna chair designer called mike. Solna, Germany and Austria, was a carpenter do cabinet . His father is a famous leather craftsmen, Franz called Buddha. Sauna (Franz Anton Thonet of Boppard), his childhood with his father do leather apprentice, has his own practice do cabinet in 1819. Married a year later, lady called ana. “he (Anna Grahs), they have five boys.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.

In 1830, solna began testing pressure bending wood, wood, with animal glue and fixed shape, the use of this method in the furniture. He multilayer bending wood composite, reoccupy adhesive is fixed, the success in 1836 created the first curved wooden chair, called “wave, chair” (German called “Bopparder Schichtholzstuhl”, is equivalent to in English “Boppard layerwood chair”), in order to able to mass production in the future the curved wooden chair, he tried to buy the glue factory chase mill “m” company (the Michelsmuhle), to promote their own bent wood technology must be patent, 1837, stood to try to patent in Germany, Britain, France, Russia, but didn’t succeed. Stood back to focus on improving their chairs, with hot steam to bend wood, material selections were a little bit thin, light, solid wood chair, he made a lighter, more elegant, beautiful solna to chair. Master the new technology, he continues to design, make the important


Solna chair structure characteristic: bend natural, smooth lines, keep the integrity of the wood texture, the furniture of glued laminated bending process, can be in larger surface bending forming, according to the needs of human characteristics and use of a flood, torsional, no crack, deformation, etc. Tell from the design, sleek lines bent wood furniture is unmatched by other furniture. From the material application, in addition to the surface layer is made of high quality veneer, lining material not only requires low, and can be short to long, wide, make full use of the material, is real wood, greatly reduced because bending shape and waste generation.


Our CDG furniture also has a series of metal similar solna chair, can be piled up, suitable for commercial venues.

Rigolo Café

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From the architect. Rigolo was designed to be a neighborhood cafe/bakery, combining a French-inspired menu with an inviting and warm dining space. The project involved remodeling an existing retail space of an existing 1950’s building.

Save this picture! Ethan Kaplan

The primary elements of our design include removing the low-lying drop ceiling to reveal the existing roof structure, which gives the space a lofty feel, inserting a slit skylight into the roof, allowing natural light to flood into the center of the space. Terry & Terry Architecture also designed a wood ribbon wall on the west side of the interior to connect the front and back entrances; the wall also functions as built-in seating for the dining tables.CDG furniture is a dining set factory.

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