A Brand-New Trestls Table

A Brand-New Trestls Table

by ehaitech |2019年9月28日 | Company News

If you’ve ever needed a particular size or style dinning table, you might be looking around for quite some time.This is one reason to turn to us.We can build you a reclaimed white-washed  table, hutch, or one of many other sorts of furniture items that seems from salvaged wood that will be just the right fit and look for your home.CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.Thats what our customer did after an extensive search for a“grayish”table that had a pedestal and would stand up to the test of time.  


Built from reclaimed hand-made finish, this dinning table is more rugged than your old Levi jeans!Sanded down to a smoother level, this trestle table is quietly elegant but, don’t be fooled by the delicate look… It can stand up to even the hardest of family trials. 

White washed to perfection, the brown tones of the come thru the milky tones giving it a antique appearance.  Still bright and cheerful, this is one great dinning table for any home where you don’t want to have to “care” about the feet that will be on it. Seen with our half phoenix base.As seen:  230*97cm , white washed finish Priced as seen:  $245 .CDG furniture is a dining set factory.


This nice ,rustic,traditional dinning table is a table that you and your guests will love.Impeccable hand-crafted to balance warmth and  elegance,this dining table is perfect to enjoy a lifetime of family gatherings and  festive entertaining.

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