Hot Furniture Trends of the Decade

Hot Furniture Trends of the Decade

by ehaitech |2019年10月25日 | Industrial News

Hot Furniture Trends of the Decade


1.Blending Indoors and Outdoors:

This wing-back furniture may look like it’s meant to stay in a Living room, but it’s made of anti-rained and outdoor elements. So, for indoor and outdoor use, no problem.


2.Furniture Going Greener:

Environmental concerns have led furniture buyers to demand green furniture. It has become a mainstream.So, manufacturers are transitiong into greener resources and ways of production.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture suppliers.


3.Prepared for Big Family:

Dinning tables are getting larger,showing the emphasis on entertaining and eating meals with big family or many friends. Now, tables are able to comfortably seat eight or more people, as long as there’s enough space.

4.Popularity of Vintage Furniture:

In recent years, vintage finish furniture has come into its own. This finish, though not originally non-toxic, have finished off-gassing so they are safe for indoor air.


5.Hard Frame, Soft Texture:

A dynamic blending of the hard and soft, this metal frame chair features quilted fabric and stitching to give the piece a pleasing softness.

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