How to open an American industrial style restaurant ?

How to open an American industrial style restaurant ?

by ehaitech |2020年1月10日 | Industrial News

American industrial wind can be traced back to the second industrial revolution (from 1870s to early twentieth Century, the same period) so early. At first it is not a design style, at best, only the industrial era of daily work, the scene of life refraction. It is today, many restaurants, cafes, creative space has begun to re carved this form of decoration, it is only by the “American Industrial Wind” in the name of a fashionable concept.


There are some books that the industrial design style originated in the working-class life scenes: factories, workshops, schools, what field, which also explains why the industrial style furniture gives people a “heavy” impression, they use a lot of metal materials, pig iron, wrought iron is more early by the rough metal manufacturing and.




A sufficient open space atmosphere (in fact, “Loft” is the original meaning of the spacious workshop / warehouse into other uses of space, such as a house or studio, then of course there are dining space, so Loft industrial wind from American industrial wind likely is the same thing);



As much as possible the use of industrial materials and decoration (such as metal, brick, unpolished wood, paint for interior wall paint brush what this money in the most appropriate practices, is going to have a rough);



Appropriate exposure point of the building structure, natural damage to the wall of course good, not broken you can deliberately give it a hole or something;

Location in the old plant, non residential use of the old house, schools, offices and other buildings is also a good choice (that is, can not meet the requirements of a bit).



With these have been a lot of money, but unfortunately you have only one of these shells, the following software you may also need to consider the window frame: to make good use of open space, the glass frame is a big move. In addition to partition space, and they are hanging chandelier, Edison art lighting lighting industry (signs of abuse, has to be cautious) collocation together, can foil more restaurants (industrial workshop, factory canteens that feel.)



Non functional furnishings: some ladders, metal containers, industrial racks, 100 cabinet what can shop, if they are really useful, such as the owner is just a carpenter or a blacksmith that will like what these things are more and more explosive; Jin, also easily lead to unscrupulous guest a cup of American a tragedy of the afternoon.



Classic industrial furniture: Tolix chair, Navy chair, giant industrial wind leather sofa, sea wind box.



A man with a sense of history: the grocery industry, reflects the process of antiques, grocery is especially important, which neutralizes the industrial wind can seem quite tough, the owner is the pursuit of life. Glass, enamel or iron container is a classic metal; word, three-dimensional characters, brass is due the groceries. Keyword.



Retro kitchen: enamel pot without Le Creuset production Roast Chicken, have one or two Alessi out of print device, at least on the classic color Delong milk coffee pot, kettle, toaster? If you are willing to match a SMEG (50’s Retro Style Aesthetic) refrigerator, you can only say that the sincerity of the owner of the explosion table.



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