Outdoor furniture purchase method

Outdoor furniture purchase method

by ehaitech |2020年2月22日 | Industrial News

Today, with landing balcony, open platform, the garden is no longer a new thing. The living space extends outward, is where the natural outdoor furniture. Now there are many types of outdoor furniture on the market, but in the selection of time or to vary from person to person, depending on the environment. CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture manufacturers.For example, young people who love outdoor barbecues, generally used in a table with a sunshade, with an oven is sufficient; middle-aged people most love that can drink tea and chat with the outdoor furniture, there are a lot of people choose folding chairs. In addition, beach chair, hammock and swing are a good choice of outdoor furniture.

1.consider the weather and climate

What’s the weather like in your own place?. How often it rains? Is located in the tropics, hot and damp? Direct sunlight will make the wood furniture cracking, and metal materials in the sun’s temperature will rise, it is not comfortable. If you live where there is often a tropical storm, strong convective weather or on the coast, the instantaneous winds may put aluminum or plastic furniture is very light off.


2.Special focus on material


The most solid iron outdoor furniture. Basically, the surface of the material has been electroplated or oxidized, the mechanical properties of the material itself is relatively strong, and it is not easy to wear, so it is widely used. But has the defects of easy rusting of iron. Need to pay attention to when choosing is anti rust treatment must be in place, and the protective effect of the surface oxide layer of iron furniture up very easy to wear, should be avoided on the surface of the furniture to note when using bump.



3.Don’t forget comfort


Outdoor furniture is generally used to relax the rest, so comfort must be better. Even if some do not use outdoor chair cushion, you can also customize their own, pay attention to the choice of waterproof fabric. Reclining angle must be adjustable to adapt to different family comfort needs.

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