Elm table top maintenance

Elm table top maintenance

by ehaitech |2020年4月2日 | Company News

Elm, known as a “blockhead”, wood texture understanding clear, moderate tenacity, strength and hardness, smooth surface planing, the chord surface pattern is beautiful, is one of the main timber furniture. The wood features: Sapwood heartwood, sapwood narrow dark yellow, dark purple heartwood grey; light material is hard, high mechanical strength, straight texture, rough structure. The elm furniture high-end practical, elm table also very welcome.CDG furniture is a table top factory. Good furniture or learn to care, we will try to understand the maintenance method of elm furniture.

How to maintain the elm table top–make good use of covering


Here, “covering” is not to say that the table should be covered with a layer of cloth, but that should be installed in the room curtains objects, so that they do not suffer from the sun exposure. In fact, not only is the elm table, all in addition to teak wood table should avoid direct sunlight. If do not pay attention to the maintenance of the elm furniture of the sun, so the furniture will not only lose their original luster, affecting the decorative effect, but also let loose wood, slowly deformation or cracking. We still have to pay attention to maintenance of elm surface temperature, because the table elm density is low, so the shrinkage and swelling rate is relatively large, and the elm table are not painted, relatively easy to deformation.


How to maintain the elm table top–keep cleaning


The table need always wipping the table, elm is no exception. Due to the nature of elm mesa special, very easy to happen moth event, do so in the elm table maintenance to more often wipe. In the table we should wipe with a soft cloth carefully wipe down the elm texture itself, at the same time in order to decay, we can be put on the cloth insect repellent. Yes, Xiao Bian here to remind you, must not appear in the maintenance process of elm surface water, that is to say we can’t wipe the furniture directly with wet cloth. Because of this will make wood furniture damp swelling, the final deformation.

How to maintain the elm table top–keep Waxing 


To solve the problem of how to maintain the old elm table must pay particular attention to the problem of waxing. The wax before we should use cotton cloth to wipe the furniture surface dust, like some stains we can be eliminated with a little alcohol. After waxing is the official, we should first coated with polishing wax, and then dry cloth slowly and evenly. In general, waxing frequency once a week is enough, should not be too frequent. At this time the elm table maintenance, we must be careful not to be overly friction furniture, to avoid damage to the twilight zone.


How to maintain the anti – elm table


Table maintenance and make sure the elm elm table because insects, flavor is sweet, so very popular borers welcome, so often the best general wipe, wipe with a soft texture, and then wipe down, put some amount of insecticide. Typically, a quarter of a waxing maintenance on Elm table, the table does not protect by moisture intrusion, but also protect the surface. Elm table maintenance should also note that the wood furniture are afraid of exposure, so to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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