How to choose the table Base of the restaurant

How to choose the table Base of the restaurant

by ehaitech |2020年4月2日 | Company News

The nice thing about buying a single desktop and table base is that you can mix and match a custom look that reflects the ambience of the restaurant.CDG furniture is a table base Manufacturers.


For example, you can match a wooden countertop to a stainless steel base for a modern industrial look, or combine a granite countertop with a gorgeous black cast iron base to create a classic style.CDG furniture is a table base factory.


At CDG Furniture, we offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. All of our table stands are made of high strength structural steel or heavy cast iron.


A variety of options, which is more suitable for your mind it? Do not hesitate, let’s compare cast iron and iron legs. Below, we create a simple list to understand the pros and cons of the next two.

Cast iron legs:


In the long run, cast iron is strong, heavy and durable. Its surface texture effect is relatively coarse. We offer different styles of cast iron.




    Durable and heavy duty

    We use an outdoor powder that is impervious to water and ensures that it does not rust

    The color of the powder coating looks natural. Also welcome homemade color. We recommend the use of deeper non-gloss treatments, such as matte black or black, to hide the defects of cast iron.

    Adjustable rubber stopper helps to eliminate swing. And is suitable for most models.




    Although most of the color we can do powder, but some of the surface smooth light (such as white, silver, etc.) will show the natural defects of cast iron, we do not necessarily recommend

    May require more careful cleaning, because the surface is not smooth.


Iron table base:


    More concise and refined, stainless steel in the design and surface treatment have better flexibility, the advantages of a broader, applicable to a variety of styles of the table.




    Very durable

    We use outdoor powder, with impermeable to ensure that it is not easy to rust;

    Easy to clean. Just use warm soapy water and a clean towel.

    The color of the powder coating looks very self-evident, also welcomed the custom colors.

    The iron contains at least 30% of the regenerated component

    Adjustable feet help to eliminate swing. Suitable for most models



    The weight is large, making handling difficult

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