Moveable or fixed bar tables? making the right choice for your cafe

Moveable or fixed bar tables? making the right choice for your cafe

by ehaitech |2020年4月23日 | Company News

For any cafe, restaurant, or bistro that wants to stand out from the crowd, aside from décor and of course the food/drink, one way to make a great first impression is through the furniture you use. As a result bar tables are becoming increasingly popular because they not only promote a more relaxed dining experience for the customer, but they can also make great use of space, effectively increasing your bottom line.CDG furniture is a bar table factory.


So you’ve decided that you’d like to add some bar tables to your venue, but which ones do you choose?


There’s no getting away from the fact that when it comes to bar tables there’s a multitude of them to choose from. That said, there are some criteria that just might help you make up your mind and each of these should hold similar weight when making your decision. These are practicality and space.CDG furniture is a bar table manufacturers.

Moveable or fixed bar tables


With a choice of either moveable or fixed bar tables, which ones do you go for? Obviously if it’s flexibility you’re after then the moveable variety gives you this in abundance. They allow you to change the seating arrangements to suit the demands and needs of your customers and come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials. There are down sides in that clients may decide to move tables themselves to seat more of their friends. This might block aisles, gangways, and access points making it difficult for you to serve other customers. Another point to remember is that moveable tables aren’t as sturdy as fixed tables and therefore cafe owners can expect an increase in drinks spillage and glass breakages.

As beneficial as the moveable bar table is, the fixed table also has it’s advantages. Firstly, as they’re secured to the floor fixed tables won’t be manhandled so much. This means that they stand a greater chance of lasting longer. Although it’s fair to say that you loose flexibility with fixed tables they do have an advantage in that they gives you the chance to think about making the very best use of your space before they’re fitted. For instance wrap-around tables can be installed around poles and beams and smaller tables fitted into recesses for that cosy intimate feel. Finally some customers don’t like change and may favour fixed tables, especially when they have a preferred seating place.

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