Blue Bottle Coffee Shinagawa Cafe Schemata Architects

Blue Bottle Coffee Shinagawa Cafe Schemata Architects

by ehaitech |2020年4月29日 | Industrial News

From the architect. Walking through the concourse of Shinagawa Station towards the Kohnan exit, one looks up at the glass-clad shopping mall above and find Blue Bottle Coffee Shinagawa Cafe, their 6th shop in Japan, behind the glass facade. The act of “looking up” to find the place inspired James Freeman, the Founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, to imagine a “heavenly space” for the new cafe.

Based on this image, we envisioned a serene white space which simultaneously resonates the urban vigor at the station concourse; we chose Takigahara-ishi (tuff stone produced in Ishikawa Prefecture) as the main interior finish, combined with wood to create a space composed of a white color palette. CDG furniture is a coffee furniture manufacturers.

Natural hardness of the stone and the horizontal / vertical composition create a cool and sophisticated impression, while the finely textured stone surface gently receives light to enhance the serene feeling; and the stone finish is seamlessly applied throughout the floor, wall and counter paneling to create subdued calmness.

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