Advantages Of Aluminum Furniture

Advantages Of Aluminum Furniture

by ehaitech |2020年5月28日 | Company News

Love the wooden look, but afraid it is not durable enough? We have exactly what you want! A full range Aluminum chairs and tables finished with a Wooden finish, Vintage Finish and Retro finish.They are in solid and reasonably price.

Fashion and Comfortable

Our heavy-duty range of chairs and tables features a durable aluminum frame, finished with a handmade  wooden, Vintage and Retro finish that are textured and resembles real wood. For comfort, the design match human’s body curve, outdoor fabric cushion or upholstered seat are available.


We have several colors and options allowing you to mix and match.

Wooden finish: Dark and Light Wooden finish

Vintage finish: Vintage White, black, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Red and Green

Retro finish: Retro Cream white, Light Yellow

Where the aluminum chairs and tables can weather any conditions, the upholstered seat does not. we recommend you to keep these chairs and table for indoor. Only the full aluminum chair version and table can be used for outdoor.



These heavy-duty chairs and tables have a solid structure and their strong base always keep stable,other materials could do after a few years.

No screw, no weakness. The fully welding frame is much stronger and durable, and will outlast any timber or wicker furniture.


Easy maintenance

Because of the construction of the frame and the material used, these chairs and tables never rust, rot or peel. You can be sure will not stain any surface , they could use in any weather for years and last many years.

If the chair or table with dust, just use common water and soft a soft cloth to clear, that fine. 

Easy to store and convenient to transport

The aluminum furniture might be super strong but also super light! This makes it very easy for you to move furniture around and re-arrange your sitting area as you want.

At the same time, all our chairs are stack-able, making then are very easy and convenient to store and transport.


Different design, same characteristics! Discover today CDG best seller, the Cross Back range, as well as the Thonet range and the newly added Salt chairs and armchairs.Any more questions? Leave a comment, we will reply you in short!


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