How to choose restaurant table and chair ?

How to choose restaurant table and chair ?

by ehaitech |2020年6月24日 | Industrial News

With the development of economy and the acceleration of the pace of people’s life, more and more western restaurants. In particular, where the population is more concentrated, it is everywhere.CDG furniture is a restaurant table and chair suppliers.


The increase in Western restaurants, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. To create a good atmosphere for customers to pay attention to. So, how to give customers to create a better atmosphere? Xiao Bian reminds you that the choice of fast food tables and chairs is very important, its choice to a large extent determines the beauty and comfort of the restaurant, so you should be particularly careful in the selection. The following is a small series of tables and chairs to provide you with some knowledge about the choice of table and chair:


1.according to the size of the restaurant to choose a fast-food restaurant table, in general, the larger size of the circular dining table, set up and use in a large area of the restaurant, and try to avoid the use of small restaurants.


2.according to the style of the restaurant to choose the table, table and other aspects of the color and shape to form a unified restaurant is appropriate, so it will look more harmonious. Of course, the color can also be two times the processing and utilization of table cloth, to achieve a unified effect.


3.tables and chairs of the material, there are many kinds of table top now, the most commonly used materials are solid wood, marble and glass three. The characteristics of a variety of materials are different, such as solid wood natural beauty, but not easy to clean, easy to clean glass material, but also more easily dirty, must always wipe.


Table 4 chairs should not be too heavy, the probability of moving a high chair drag, therefore, if too heavy, will give you life to bring a lot of unnecessary troubles.


CDG Furniture has consolidated itself as a reliable supplier of top quality Contract, Designer and Garden furniture. We are a professional manufacturer supplier of restaurant table and chair.


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