Rough Industrial Style

Rough Industrial Style

by ehaitech |2020年7月31日 | Industrial News

Industrial line in the past few years can only be described as flourishing, from the birthplace of Europe all the way to the United States red, then Asia, of course, Taiwan is no exception, now almost all major cities in the world can see the theme of industrial decoration as the theme of high Quality restaurant or coffee shop.CDG furniture is an industrial style furniture suppliers.

1, black and white gray classic taste


Black and white is very suitable for industrial line. Black mysterious cold, white elegant light, the two mix and match can create more changes; When match colour of interior decoration and furniture, the choice of pure black and white gray, you can make the home more industrial feeling Oh!


2, with a brick wall to replace the monotonous painting wall


Bricks and gap of bricks can be different light levels from the general wall, but also can be painted on the bricks above, whether it is painted black, white or gray, can bring a kind of old but modern visual effects, very suitable for industrial line rough atmosphere.


3, bare pipe and wire


Traditional home decoration has a focus: that is how the pipeline configuration to arrange, how to hide will make people aware of their presence. But the industrial decoration maket it to be opposite, do not deliberately hide a variety of pipe and electricity pipelines, but through the location of the arrangement and the color of the match, it will be one of the indoor visual elements. This subversion of the traditional way of decoration is often the most attractive place.

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