Restaurant Design Trends of 2020

Restaurant Design Trends of 2020

by ehaitech |2020年8月7日 | Industrial News

With the arrival of 2020, the latest development trend in the restaurant design also comes with it. Here are some of the best trends we’ve identified in 2020.


Trend # 1: Green will become the main color


Although dark green will be hot, but make the color with a more fresh choice. Pantone Color Institute predicts that green will be the thermal design color of 2020 because it is a “fresh and vibrant tone that symbolizes a new beginning.”


According to this trend: such as our Windsor series in Retro Green become fashion.


Trend # 2: Goodbye, DIY


The world of homemade Pinterest projects is over, especially in restaurants and commercial establishments. DIY lights, wooden walls, countertops, etc. can be said to have been past, tired of the palette, and looking for space and craftsmen crafts and refining the balance. This new focus on quality craftsmanship will be the forefront of this year’s best restaurant design concept.

Trend # 3: exquisite design regression


When we say goodbye to DIY, we also usher in the idea of ??exquisite and charisma. Look forward to seeing the interior with thoughtful complexity, using saturated colors, attractive patterns and luxurious decorations.


In accordance with this trend: our X back chair assembled fashion appearance with excellent comfort, simple yet air.


Trend # 4: Small size design


The small size of the design still maintains its unique style. Is expected to continue to lead the trend in 2020, clean, modern, simple. The default restaurant will continue to choose simple palettes, white walls and fine furnishings so that their food can shine.


Follow this trend: Our Moon Dining Chair, combined with a simple combination of metal tubing and cast aluminum backrest, keeps the space bright, ventilated and open.


With the opening of these and other restaurant trends, we note a common element: as the world itself becomes more and more digital, the restaurant design trends will continue to move in the same direction to meet the needs of a new generation of modern diners.

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