Restaurant culture, how to choose and buy eat desk and chair ?

Restaurant culture, how to choose and buy eat desk and chair ?

by ehaitech |2020年8月14日 | Industrial News

Tired of the busy hustle and bustle of the city, want to find a piece of pure land to put his tired, home is the best place. Modern people increasingly pay attention to decorate household, to give themselves to create a comfortable environment that occupy the home, also have struggled in the choose and buy of home products. CDG furniture is a restaurant table and chair suppliers.High performance/price ratio, and to know the choice of the table, not to say that the table is good, the most important thing is to be served with domestic outfit style of whole, so we should how to choose a more appropriate table?

1, according to domestic outfit style to choose

If your home decoration style is very luxurious, nature is the need to use some more luxurious dining table to match. Like the Europe type style is decorated in, is to choose to use solid wood table with European carve patterns or designs on woodwork; And rural style in domestic outfit, it is suit to use the original wood color table. In terms of color and material, also need the same as the other furniture, so don’t look very abrupt.


2, the influence of the shape of the table of dining atmosphere

For our Chinese family, like a family reunion together, and the round table for shape and eating habits are the most suitable; Of course the big square table is also very good. If a family member is less, such as “two people” world, or is a family of three, then select a small table for four to six people who basic enough.


3, determine the area of the dining area

Dining area is, of course, be sure to ready, otherwise buy big later discovered on the very heart stopper will not fit. If room area is larger, which has its own restaurant, nature can choose a few larger table, simple sense is relatively heavy, looks also compares the air; If the restaurant area is finite, so a simple table.

Sometimes table need different roles, such as besides eating even when the desk, so in the choice to consider whether can meet the use requirements of family members, in the case of the relatively small space comes up is convenient, if you want to can always away to make room, then folding table is most conforms to the requirements.


4, The same table also need to match and foil

You know, in the restaurant table is not the only furniture, not only to material matching, and other household style also needs and background wall, lamps and lanterns and tablecloths to match the right. If the design of the furniture in dining-room can complete, nature can avoid don’t match, if to buy separate, requires attention to this aspect.



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