How to easily maintain metal furniture

How to easily maintain metal furniture

by ehaitech |2020年8月28日 | Industrial News

Metal furniture with various forms, green, fire and moisture, etc., so by a lot of consumers love, but the metal furniture with a long time, will lose luster, serious will rust, a direct impact on the life of furniture. So how do we maintain metal furniture in our daily life?


1, Avoid bumps

     This is the first thing to buy after the metal to pay attention to the point, the furniture in the handling process should be careful; placed iron place should be hard to meet the place; place once selected, it should not be frequent changes ; Placed iron furniture, the ground should also be smooth, so that furniture legs four legs stable, plain ground, if shaking instability, the course of time will make a slight deformation of Iron furniture, affecting the life of furniture.


2, Clean dust

     The best choice of cotton knitwear for the rags, wipe the surface of metal furniture. For the depression on the furniture and embossed decoration of the dust, it is best to use fine soft wool brush to dust.


3, Away from the Acid and Alkali

     Corrosion of acid and alkali is the metal furniture, “the number one killer.” Metal furniture, if accidentally stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as alkali, soapy water, soda water), should immediately use the water to clean the sewage, and then dry cotton dry.


4, Away from the sun

     Furniture placed in the position, it is best to avoid the direct sunlight outside the window. Metal furniture for a long time to withstand the sun, will make the color change color; color paint layer of dry peeling off, metal oxidation deterioration. If you encounter strong sunshine and can not move the furniture, curtains or shutters can be used to block.


5, Isolated moisture

     Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value. Furniture should be away from the humidifier, moisture will make the metal rust, chrome off and so on. Furniture, clean, avoid using water to clean the furniture, can be wiped with a damp cloth, but do not rinse with water.


6, Eliminate rust

     If the furniture is rusty, do not advocate sanding with sandpaper. Rust less shallow, cotton yarn can be dipped in oil applied to the rust, wait a moment, with a cloth wipe can eliminate rust.

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