The Restaurant Design Must Embody The Five Basic Ideas

The Restaurant Design Must Embody The Five Basic Ideas

by ehaitech |2020年9月29日 | Industrial News

1.Restaurant design must fully reflect the concept of human nature. The so-called human nature, is to adhere to the “people-oriented” to promote family, personalized, home, highlight the warm, soft, lively and elegant features to meet people’s rich emotional life and

High level of spiritual enjoyment, moderate publicity personality, through a variety of forms to create the guests comfortable, unique artistic charm and technical strength of the “works.” Through the small links to convey feelings to the guests, and strive to achieve the restaurant and the guests emotional communication.Reflecting the restaurant’s care for the guests, increase the guests close feeling, virtually led the restaurant’s popularity and visibility rise.


2.Restaurant design must fully reflect the concept of advance. The so-called advance, is designed to take into account, both green, environmental protection, but also fashion, or leave regret. On the one hand to consider the green environmental protection of raw materials, but also as much as possible to reduce the income.


To reduce energy consumption. Protect the environment, reduce pollution, is the way of human survival, the restaurant in the guests to provide comfortable accommodation conditions at the same time, not at the expense of the environment at the expense of this is the community on the restaurant requirements. From the restaurant itself, to improve


Efficiency, but also to save energy and reduce investment. On the other hand, to reflect the fashion, to have advanced vision, to lead the trendy, to fully consider the future development trend of the restaurant, according to the forecast to make ahead of the design, to avoid future duplication of investment.


3.The restaurant design must fully reflect the practical concept. Restaurant market positioning is different, the service of the customer groups will be different, then the functional design requirements of the applicability is also different. The applicability of the design is that the function of the design must be considered different


The characteristics of the needs of people, suitable for the use of different guests, but also to facilitate the management of the restaurant. If it is not suitable for the guests to use, then the restaurant can not attract more repeat customers; if not easy to manage the restaurant itself, then it will increase the


The cost of the camp, and can not get good economic benefits.


4.Restaurant design to fully reflect the artistic. The so-called artistic, is to make the majority of guests from the visual, from the psychological sense of pleasing. Guests stay in the restaurant, the deepest impression is often the art of restaurant design. If the design is unique, creative novelty, modeling unique, but also can become a symbol of the restaurant representative, which virtually strengthen the restaurant in the hearts of the guests image, increase the restaurant brand prices, to bring immeasurable economic benefits to the restaurant.



5.Restaurant design to fully reflect the economic concept. Restaurant is a business, self-supporting, self-financing, to minimize the input to produce the largest output, which is the law of the market economy. So, we have to fully reflect the design of this reason


Read, re-decoration, light decoration, it is necessary to consider the rationality, but also reflect the economy, strive to achieve the best results with less investment.



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