Why industrial wind so popular

Why industrial wind so popular

by ehaitech |2020年11月13日 | Industrial News

Now young people are increasingly pursuing individuality, do not take the unusual way, hope home improvement can have a different style, with the idea of ​​change, industrial wind home style gradually rising from Europe, and spread to the world. What is the reason for the industrial wind home to install so popular? Let’s look for the reason!

1, black and white color
With the American,European and Chinese style of the lamp is different, the industrial wind home style is used in a large amount of black, white and gray,the black match the elegant white, that is the main color of the industrial wind.

2, bare wall
In the normal home improvement, we will use the wall paint cover the wall, brush clean or other color finish. The industrial wind home decoration is different, when a large number of exposed wall, giving a unique sense of hierarchy. Simple with a paint or lime brush on the wall, rough texture gives a rough feeling.

3, bare pipelines
I do not know if someone remembered the age of the industry, the pipes and wires is bared in the factory, and the Han arm with his arms wielding the hammer, and the sound was blown back in the workshop. In the home decoration, in order to restore the kind of heavy industrial atmosphere as much as possible, home decoration with bare wires and pipes, the room will play the industrial wind to the extreme.
4, metal furniture
Heavy industrial wind, of course, ultimately, metal furniture. In the home decoration use a large number of iron furniture, the room exudes a unique metallic luster and texture, in the visual is also extremely shocking effect. Metallic luster gives the feeling of cold, in the furniture with the wood furniture can be combined with the cold at the same time, without losing the beauty!

5, old things
Industrial wind in addition to the hard, the characteristics of the soft equipment is also very characteristic. You can think of the factory floor of the last century, as far as possible the home style is rich industrial style from small details. In the furniture accessories, you can use some old tools, such as: the old wrench, hammer, etc., in the details of the deal can be refined, so as to make the industrial wind home improvement more holistic.

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