Tips Of CDG Furniture Maintenance

Tips Of CDG Furniture Maintenance

by ehaitech |2020年11月27日 | Company News

Perform a thorough inspection of each chair/barstool/table once a month. Particular care should be taken in inspecting structural joints, welds and fasteners (i.e. screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) which can be loosening under norm use. If a product shows any sign of structural failure(i.e. welds, tabs, hardware etc). CDG strongly recommends taking it out of service immediately and repairing it prior to putting back into service.


Metal Furniture Maintenance: Regularly check glides to make sure all of them are in place, to prevent any slipping or tipping over of the chair/barstool. Finished product can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. In a case where the finish has been damaged, repair by sanding the area lightly and applying a light coat of touch-up paint from a spray gun.

Upholstery Vinyl Cleaning: Clean all vinyls with a mild soap and water. Spills or spots need to be cleaned promptly. Otherwise, some stains will become permanent.


Upholstery Fabric Cleaning: Determine the correct composition of the fabric and then clean with a substance recommended for the material according to the directions. Cleaning fabric with the wrong substance may result in permanent damage.

Table Top Cleaning: Do not use abrasive cleaners on any table top. CDG recommends using furniture polish for wood finish top, soft cloth and glass cleaner for laminate tops.

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