Mediterranean Style Decoration Collocation

Mediterranean Style Decoration Collocation

by ehaitech |2021年1月14日 | Industrial News

Mediterranean style furniture with its extremely amiable rural amorous feelings and soft tone and combination collocation the atmosphere quickly is accepted by the large area outside the Mediterranean. The variety of products, long coastline, architectural style, and the culture of wind and earth are strongly formed. These factors make the Mediterranean have the characteristics of free and bold colors and bright colors.CDG furniture is a mediterranean style furniture suppliers.


For the Mediterranean, white and blue are the two main features, preferably with a chic arcade and a little bit of gravel. When building the household that creates Mediterranean style, match color is a main aspect, want to give a person a kind of sunshine and natural feeling. The main sources of color are white, blue, yellow, green and rustic and brown, all of which come from the most simple elements of nature.

Mediterranean style in terms of modelling, generally choose and fluent line, circular arc form is a very good choice, he can put in our home in every corner of the space, a circular arch, a streamlined the doors and Windows, are an important element in the Mediterranean home outfit. And the mediterranean-style demands natural and fresh effect, the wall can not need careful painting, let him naturally present some concave and rough feeling. The TV setting wall does not need elaborate decoration, a Mosaic wall brick Mosaic is very good background.CDG furniture is a mediterranean style furniture manufacturers.


In the household of the Mediterranean style when choosing furniture, it is best to use the furniture of a few relatively low, which makes the line of sight is more open, at the same time, the line of furniture is given priority to with downy, could use some round or oval-shaped wooden furniture, and the whole environment. And curtains, sofa sets, such as cloth art, we can also select some thick cotton cloth, the ancient flavour is dye-in-the-wood, let whole home looks more at the same time, in the design of cloth art, we’d better is to choose some simple but elegant design. This will accentuate the harmonious atmosphere created by the blue and white colors.


Speaking of the furniture in the living room, sofa must be the first, buy the sofa of what style, choose what color sofa, use the sofa of what kind of material… All these questions have become a matter of concern. The choice of sofa: first style wants and integral style unify.


In color, Mediterranean style mainly is blue, white is given priority to, so blue and white striped sofa can match almost all style Mediterranean style sitting room. Of course, some people have a sense of “vertigo” on the blue-and-white sofa, and then consider using either blue or white. But blue is best used with polished blue, not too new, or not too good.


The Mediterranean style, in addition to the usual blue and white, is also yellow, blue, purple, green, earthy and brown. For example this sitting room sofa chooses brown cloth art sofa to match blue and purple background metope, colour and saturation.


On the material, the adornment of Mediterranean style is suitable to use cloth art sofa, because cloth art material can give a person sweet and downy feeling.


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