Why Industrial Is The New Rough Luxury

Why Industrial Is The New Rough Luxury

by ehaitech |2021年2月20日 | Industrial News

Industrial has become such a strong trend and we totally embrace it. We just received some pretty awesome stools, and we are super excited to introduce them. We hope you’ll like them the way we do!

Pure forms, humble materials, stripped-back styles, these new stools are dramatically different from what are already have. Say hello to our new range of industrial stools!CDG furniture is an industrial stool manufacturers.

Dane bar stool, chic rustic.



“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. We can only agree when looking at this new bar stool. With its minimalist design, this Dane bar stool is stylish and elegant. We love it!

This bar stool is composed of a natural ash wood timber seat and a steel frame that comes in 2 colors, black or white. A footrest was added, for extra comfort.


Reznor bar stool, rough luxury.


This bar stool is wider than other models and is quite imposing, almost looking like a throne. This unique criss-cross style will certainly add depth to your space and enhance your customers’ experience.

The steel frame is zinc plated prior to powder coating and can be used outdoors where it will weather any condition.

Lastly, this stool is stackable, which is always a plus when it comes to storage.

Maxx II bar stool, delicate industrial.


Simple but not simplistic, delicate but not fragile, this heavy-duty bar stool is all about subtlety.

Composed of mild steel, the Maxx II bar stool can be used indoor, as well as outdoor. To perfectly match your place’s theme, you can choose from the antique brass and antique nickel finish options. The 1st option being warmer and the 2nd slightly colder. No matter what color option you select, its rough aged look will help enhance your place’s charm.

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