How to Match Table Bases and Chairs

How to Match Table Bases and Chairs

by ehaitech |2021年6月11日 | Industrial News

Sometimes when compiling the perfect look for your restaurant or business, things don’t go as planned. Maybe you find the chairs you were envisioning, but the tables that go with it don’t mesh with your décor or aren’t the right size specifications.


Instead of giving up on the chairs you really want, learn how to match table bases and chairs for a look that is truly unique!

When figuring out how to match table bases and chairs, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


First off, always make sure that whatever chairs and bases you are trying to combine can complement each other.


While a certain degree of mismatched whimsy can be fun, combining two elements of design that clash can be jarring to the senses. For example, while combining a hot pink chair with a basic steel table could be kitschy, combining a hot pink chair with an old-fashioned wood pub table might not work as well.


Always put the two items next to each other if possible.


It is recommended to try to find elements within each separate item that is comparative to make it work.


For example, if a chair features a metallic accent, try to find a table base with a similar frame or accent. You want them to look different, yet compatible.


Aside from colors and materials when learning how to match table bases and chairs, you should also keep in mind the contrast in sizes.


When choosing a chair of a certain height, make sure the table base chosen will be right for that particular height and not too tall or short.


You don’t want guests sitting at a table where they feel like they are at the children’s table at a holiday reunion or like a kid at the adult table. Make sure you check the measurements to get a correct scale!


Finding the right furniture for your business can require a little creativity and courage to break out of the mold. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until you discover the perfect combination to bring your dining space to life!


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