Restaurant style, different design different feelings

Restaurant style, different design different feelings

by ehaitech |2021年6月11日 | Industrial News

Let’s learn about the design style of the restaurant today, different designs give people a different feeling.

The style of restaurant is European style, Chinese style decoration style, classical style decoration style, modern decoration style, simple style.CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture factory.

  1. European-style decorative style is characterized by luxury and opulence. To some degree can say to want more luxurious just how luxurious, from small to kitchen, toilet, big to advocate lie, dining-room, sitting room can reveal luxurious, rich style. Dining-room furniture corresponds to is metal carved flower table.


  1. The style of Chinese style is dignified and elegant. The traditional Chinese style is dominant and the ethnic style is very strong. Dining-room furniture corresponds to be brunet wooden tableware.


  1. Classic decoration style of primitive simplicity, elegance. Widely used in the past, the traditional wooden craft, the exquisite workmanship, fine, stable color, material is given priority to with simple, so the characteristic of primitive simplicity, especially noble, elegant and dominant.


     4.Modern style is modern and fashionable. The sense of time is especially prominent, which really embodies the style of “keeping up with The Times” or “ahead”. Corresponding furniture is concise metal table.


Every restaurant represents the owner of different characters, no matter what kind of personality you are, I hope you can give you the restaurant you want!CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture suppliers.

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