A Simple Art Chair

A Simple Art Chair

by ehaitech |2021年9月16日 | Industrial News

Inspired by the rattan chair, with the pursuit of beauty and the art of the extension, the Italian realized by Harry. Harry bertoia chair in the rattan chairs to a beautiful ghost. With a soft rattan furniture also has strong durable Yang steel, iron chair glorious completed the rigid flexible and beneficial to all out mission.


The series of iron wire chairs show the connotation and temperament of modern simple furniture with bright and smooth lines, simple and elegant colors and exquisite workmanship! This kind of furniture always creates a peaceful, unconstrained, natural and harmonious atmosphere!

Wire Chair

Especially with the improvement of people’s living standard and taste improvement, low carbon, environmental protection, practicality, simple structure, modern, fashion, sturdy and durable wire chair, and has also been welcomed by the market, from the commercial coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, upscale clubs, high-grade office buildings, but also for the family, villas, the pursuit of comfortable, modern fashion life choice.


CDG furniture as a professional manufacturer of metal furniture 15 years of industry experience and the history of precipitation, the product series is not the lack of a chair figure.

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