Retro furniture tables and chairs of CDG furniture

Retro furniture tables and chairs of CDG furniture

by ehaitech |2021年9月23日 | Company News

The retro iron art tables and chairs will always attract people, and the mystery lies in the harmonious integration of art and handicraft. Pure handmade, is the biggest feature of iron. The mottled rust that is exposed outside, or even a little bit of modification, you don’t remember is very old and rough, but you think it’s a kind of time that brings beauty outside.


CDG furniture every piece of vintage or retro furniture ofcupboard, need to put new tinplate for manual manufacturing, welding, polishing paint, do the old, dry more than ten working procedure can complete complex. These unique old crafts make the retro furniture full of historical vicissitudes, and call for potential inner memories of the outside, the charm can not withstand. Old, heavy or rough texture of iron, however, you can always keep her heart, because craftsmen’s exquisite technology and craft gives them a vivid artistic life and rich cultural implication.

Compared with the alloy and plastic, iron is not easy to deform, for fate, have no compromise deterrent force; it is not easy to mass production, compared with ordinary crafts with unique and personalized labels, it is extensive and offbeat; simple, high affinity and unadorned reflects the line in any case production is not out of the.


CDG furniture retro iron chairs, all for the love and light you recover the original simplicity of its charm of the fire, it is full of nostalgia, keywords clumsy, natural, personalized publicity, but this group of art will fire, because of your love and concern and war, continue to extend the artistic charm, spread in you the heart is also radiation to the more distant future.


CDG retro furniture wrought iron furniture, has more than a piece of art, civil field is known to every family, commercial areas, has been more and more chain restaurant and coffee shop, all kinds of club bar choice.

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