Advantages of CDG Furniture

Advantages of CDG Furniture

by ehaitech |2021年10月20日 | Company News

It is precisely because of the unique advantages of CDG furniture in various aspects, the product is so favored by the market, the company has such amazing development speed, now our advantages are summarized as follows:

1. metal furniture: metal furniture is the core of CDG furniture. At first CDG genmed furniture in the form of Agence customer service. From the beginning of 2013 has its own design team and the factory started its own brand. And there are very clear goals and market positioning. Specializing in the production of coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial use of high-grade metal furniture.


2. quality control: as the Agence experience, professional and powerful QC, QA team, CDG furniture quality control in very professional technology and strict standards, it allows us to enter the stage of rapid development in a short period of three years.


3. production efficiency management: CDG furniture from 2013 only 30 workers began to now each month 30 to 40 high cabinet production capacity. This is inseparable from CDG furniture all the way down to accumulate experience, innovation, reform and a set of systematic management methods.


4. price competition, improve the production efficiency to the maximum extent, to control the cost, reduce the maximum degree of marginal cost, high quality and inexpensive source from supplier, to control the material utilization rate is highest, to arrange the inventory, make our products in the same quality standard is very competitive.


5. manual effect: This is the biggest feature of CDG furniture products.Although the ordinary powder has high production efficiency, but can not meet the personalized, the characteristics of the market demand, in such a philosophy, we have developed a series of CDG furniture manual appearance, such as handmade imitation wood, antique series, shedding effect, and the new Fenghua effect, making the CDG furniture products are sold.

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