History of Windsor Chair

History of Windsor Chair

by ehaitech |2021年11月16日 | Industrial News

The beginning of the history is a little obscure. As early as sixteenth Century, there had been car craftsmen invented spindle chairs, colleagues, they also made the wheel spoke. The design has been based on the development and change of the western Welsh and the Irish “Club Chair”, but there is no definite evidence.

It is imagined, the first Windsor chair envisioned in Buckinghamshire, there is the production center moved to high wycombe. The back of the first Windsor chair was designed with a variety of comb back fine bones.


By eighteenth Century, steam curved wood became popular and used in the production of distinctive bow chairs for Windsor chairs. In 1724, the first batch of Windsor chairs produced in the Windsor town of Burke, England, was transported to london. Windsor seat got its name and place of origin. Since the name of Windsor chair is more like design than where it came from, the chair of Windsor chair is popular all over the world.

The English settlers introduced Windsor chair to Americans, deputy governor of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania Mr. Patrick is the earliest discovered imported, so the Windsor chair, and later the legend, the first American Windsor chair, in 1730, Philadelphia in the United States from the traditional British design produced.


However, the legend from beginning to now, 400 years later, CDG furniture company, breaking the traditional wood materials, innovative use of new metal material production Windsor chair, the chair can be widely used in outdoor, meet a growing outdoor leisure restaurant and cafe market.

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