Nordic Wind Design Windsor Chair

Nordic Wind Design Windsor Chair

by ehaitech |2022年3月23日 | Company News

Talk to the Nordic home style and way of life, I believe there must be a lot of friends like me, my heart is full of envy, while not consciously play a thumbs up, praise, that how to build a stand the test of time, and not greasy, white lasting new classic Nordic style? I’ll share the mystery with you today.

Pure white as the base, make the space more comfortable and bright. A large number of raw wood materials are used, and the natural wood texture is used as a whole.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture factory.


The lively work method with a straight line interlaced collage shows a rich sense of visual change. The part of the ceiling, do not make general encapsulation treatment, in a three-dimensional oblique angle, ingeniously hidden audio-visual equipment in the invisible.


Through the soft indirect light source, with the local projection light, make the light and shadow more colorful and rich. Bold selection of colorful sofa background wall, create a unique lively feeling and vitality.


With a large area of pure white as the base of vision, through the natural wood texture, desalination of the original space ice cold, adding a few happy and warm.

So, share with everyone outside the Nordic style of decoration, there is no doubt that Guangzhou j.may company also to solve a problem. Below is a big introduction to our CDG Furniture North European retro table chair Windsor chair. CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.


Design idea

Nordic style is an organic combination of science on human and nature, society, and environment, which epitomizes the green design, environmental design, sustainable development design concept; it shows respect and preference for traditional craft and natural materials; it is in the form of more soft and organic, so rich a strong human touch; Home Furnishing style it largely reflected in furniture design. Pay attention to function, simplify the design, simple lines, and use a bright and neutral color.

Style characteristics

1, Nordic style in dealing with space generally emphasizes spacious indoor space, both inside and outside, and maximizes the introduction of natural light. In the spatial graphic design, we pursue the sense of fluency; the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture furnishings, lamps and utensils are all characterized by simple sculpt, pure texture and fine technology.

2, wood is the Nordic style of the decoration of the soul. In order to help the indoor heat preservation, the Nordic people used the good heat insulation wood during the interior decoration. The wood basically uses unrefined logs and preserves the original color and texture of the wood. The buildings are mainly of spires, top beams, purlins, rafters and other building components made of indoor visible logs. This style is used in flat roofed buildings to evolve into a pure decorative wooden “false beam”.

3,The decorative materials used in Nordic style are stone, glass and iron, but all of them retain the original texture of these materials without exception.

4, the choice of home color, bias light color such as white, beige, light wood color. Often with white as the main tone, the use of bright color of pure color, or black and white as the main tone, not added to any other color. The feeling of space is clear and clear, and there is no sense of confusion.

5, the curtain carpet soft outfit collocation, cotton and other natural texture preference.

Design influence

It changed the image of the pure Nordic style, which was too rational and stereotyped, integrated into the modern cultural concept, and joined the application of new materials, which is more consistent with the needs of the international society. Therefore, in recent years, the international community has become more and more popular. Most of the Nordic homes we see now are the embodiment of the New Nordic style.



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