A Useful Hint To The Owner Of A Bar And A Restaurant

A Useful Hint To The Owner Of A Bar And A Restaurant

by ehaitech |2022年5月10日 | Industrial News

How many times a day do you see blog articles popping up in social media titled “the most embarrassing food (time years)”? Once you have aroused your curiosity, you will click on these articles to see a list of food and restaurant trends over the past year. It is clear that these articles can be entertained.

To be sure, there have been many changes in the restaurant industry from the beginning to the present, some of which are better than others. “New” trends are difficult to be implemented in the restaurant industry, and many ideas will take years to improve and verify. But as a consultant in the restaurant, it is necessary to look back on the history of the restaurant and see what it will be in the future.


The 1950s was the golden age of the development of American restaurants.  After the great depression and war, the economy was slowly awakening, and in this period it made the rest of the industry simpler. Because of the improvement of the national highway system, the demand for parking along the interstate road has increased. As more and more passengers are on the road, franchised restaurants are becoming more necessary.

Many of these franchised restaurants are still very popular today. In 1954, the McDonald’s restaurant we knew today was bought from the original McDonald brothers and transformed from Ray Crocker into a franchise. McDonald’s is not the first fast food store, but the wiring system is revolutionary to fast food restaurants. McDonald’s franchise model has become a successful beacon for other restaurants, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and cow queen to adapt to the development of the highway system.

With the improvement of the highway system, the automobile industry has made progress. 1950s is full of car culture, so why is there a difference in restaurants? In 1921, the first drive was opened along the Dallas – Fort Worth freeway and the real heyday of driving in 1950s. It provides hamburgers and milkshakes, and sometimes skates, which become social gatherings for teenagers and families. The trend continued until 1960s, and then began to decline with the promotion and the increase in the number of restaurants.


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