10 Elements About Industrial Style furniture

10 Elements About Industrial Style furniture

by ehaitech |2022年6月17日 | Industrial News

Industrial Style have been become polular in the world, especially favorite by younth.
This style exudes a gruff, mysterious quality that many people will fall in love with it.

1. Black, White and Grey classic colors flavor;
Black, white and Grey colors are the perfect colors for insustrial style.
Black color mysterious and cold; white color elegant and light. When they mix, creating layers of change.
Use these three colors for home, restaurant or coffee shop, can make the environment more industrial.


2. Brick walls instead of monotone painting wall;
Brick wall pait with blak, white or Grey color, can bring one old but morden style visual effects,
it is good match with rugged industrial style.

3. Raw concrete walls;

4. A bare pipeline;


5. Metal furniutre;
CDG is one metal furniture manufacturer, strong at industrial and Vintage style furniture, which are very good for industsrial style home or restaurant.


6.Matching with wooden;
CDG’s chair , always matching Plywood or solid woodn seat and backrest;
Bar stool aways wich solid wooden seat.

7. Using leather as ornament ;

8. Ametal skeleton, double joint lamp and bulb;

9. Water pipe style Furniture

10. Old, but not out fashion of the old industry.

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