Feeling La Vie Francaise

Feeling La Vie Francaise

by ehaitech |2022年7月13日 | Industrial News

Knowing that tasting French food is not arty, it is a business person’s social skills that embody a person’s social qualities and allow you to win more business opportunities.

Food is not an object on the table, but a person’s life. In Paris, he describes a person as comfortable and can say être dans son assiette (in his own plate); in New York, describing a person as rich, he would say “He went to Jean Georges for dinner”. Similarly, we can walk into the restaurant, approach the table, and live in a gourmet in“France” style.

In the eyes of fashionistas, France is synonymous with fashion. In fact, France is still a big country in agriculture and the third largest exporter of agricultural products in the world. Occupy 54% of the country’s land area is not a luxury flagship store, but farming and animal husbandry. In the famous 11 wine regions, there are nearly 80,000 wine estates with a history of several centuries, and even 400 kinds of cheeses. Of course, the French are equally fashionable in terms of eating, and even they eat, they can be extravagant, stimulating, and yet serious.

In recent years, Parisians have added a new word: fooding, which is food+feeling. In fact, it is a new word summarizing the tradition: food, talk about feelings, heavy feelings. In other words, in addition to the color, flavor and nutrition of the food, it also pays attention to the restaurant’s nvironment, the art and taste of the dishes.

There are roughly four different categories of French cuisine: Café, Bistrot, La Brasserie, Gastronomique. The restaurant has its own flavor, the only thing that is the same is “fine dinner.” Want to eat dinner at Samsung restaurant, it is best to book one or two months in advance, temporary reservation, may only be able to eat lunch.

The cafe has always been the poet’s writing room, the artist’s living room, and the wisdom of the school, soaking in the city’s humanistic qualities. Coupled with a few sets of CDG Cafe Sets, only sitting there drinking coffee, CDG metal furniture bring you enter the French atmosphere.

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