The Perfect Commercial Restaurant Furniture Layout – Choosing Furniture

The Perfect Commercial Restaurant Furniture Layout – Choosing Furniture

by ehaitech |2022年9月8日 | Industrial News

You will have to do some serious thinking about what kinds of furniture will work best in your space. You’ll also want to look at local business codes and regulations. The fire department or other regulatory agencies might have rules you’ll need to follow in how your space is set up. Here are some other considerations.

Quality – Make sure to consider the amount of wear and tear your restaurant furniture will be enduring. Refrain from buying non-commercial furniture since it simply won’t hold up. Choose furniture that is made for commercial purposes. CDG furniture is a commercial restaurant furniture factory.


Shape – Analyze your space to determine exactly what shape of tables you will need. Who will be eating at your restaurant the most? You probably want to have some larger square tables, a few smaller square tables, and a round table or two. This will depend on the size of your space and how patrons will be moving within the restaurant.

Style – There are two general styles of tables. You can choose to have anchored seating or portable. A booth is a good example of anchored seating. It might be a good idea to have a mix of both. Portable tables are great for extending anchored seating and for having seats in spaces away from the walls.


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