CDG Handmade Rustic Aluminium Dining Chairs

CDG Handmade Rustic Aluminium Dining Chairs

by ehaitech |2022年9月16日 | Industrial News

Stylish & Comfortable

Our heavy-duty range of chairs and stools features a durable aluminium frame, finished with a heat transferred wooden finish that is textured and resembles real wood.
For extra comfort, they come with an upholstered seating choise . We have various colors and options allowing you to mix and match.
Where the aluminium frame can weather any conditions,All-aluminium version can be used 100% outdoor.



These heavy-duty chairs and stools have a solid structure and their strong base will remain stable, preventing sagging the way other materials could do after a few years.

No screw, no weakness. The fully welded frame is much stronger and durable, and will outlast any timber or wicker chair.


Low maintenance

Because of the construction of the frame and the material used, these chairs and stools will not rust, rot, or peel.

You can be sure will not stain any surface and additionally, they will perform in any weather for years and last many years.


Convenient storage and transport
The aluminum frame might be super strong but is also super light! This makes it easier for you to move furniture around and rearrange your sitting area as you go.

Plus, all our furniture is stackable, making it even more convenient to store and transport.

Should any inquiry you have , please be freely contact with CDG.

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