Maintenance Methods Of Metal Outdoor Furniture And Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance Methods Of Metal Outdoor Furniture And Rattan Outdoor Furniture

by ehaitech |2022年11月16日 | Industrial News

The outdoor furniture in the dining room has been placed outdoors for a long time and is exposed to the sun and rain. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the outdoor dining room furniture that has undergone special waterproof, anti-corrosion and sunscreen treatment. Purchasing is one aspect, and nursing is another aspect of extending the service life of the furniture. Now the person in charge of CDG outdoor furniture will introduce the maintenance tips for metal outdoor furniture and rattan outdoor furniture.


Metal outdoor furniture
The commonly used materials of metal outdoor furniture are aluminum alloy and various iron products, which are durable and easy to clean and maintain. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct cleaning method to maintain the unique luster of metal. Aluminum furniture is often used for outdoor dining chairs, benches and tables. Before cleaning, please remove all seat cushions and back cushions to clean all aluminum frames. For daily cleaning, gently brush the stains with a microfiber cloth or soft sponge brush dipped in neutral detergent, and then rinse with clean water.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is most afraid of oxidation. If oxidation is found, use metal polishing paste or white vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio to remove defects before cleaning. Avoid using alkaline cleaners such as ammonia, which will cause more serious oxidation.

When rust or paint is found on iron outdoor furniture, gently remove the rust stains with fine sandpaper, and then wipe off the scrap iron with gauze or microfiber cloth dipped in industrial alcohol; Then apply anti rust paint for protection. After the iron outdoor furniture is cleaned, apply a layer of car wax to protect the rust or paint falling places.

In a word, all metal outdoor furniture is afraid of corrosion, so avoid using strong acid or alkali cleaners when cleaning, and avoid scratching the surface protective layer when handling.


Rattan outdoor furniture
The rattan furniture is light, tough, fresh and breathable. When you put rattan tables and chairs outdoors, you will feel a lazy holiday style. It is indispensable furniture in many outdoor courtyards and outdoor dining areas.

Rattan furniture has a variety of natural and plastic materials. Natural materials, such as rattan, rattan bark or bamboo, can absorb moisture in case of rain or wet environment, but their UV resistance is very poor, and they are easy to fade or deform when often exposed to the sun or placed in a high temperature environment. Therefore, it is better to form a habit that when you put it outdoors, you should put it in a place with sunshade on the roof or move it back indoors when not in use.

Rattan outdoor furniture, such as PE rattan, can be moisture-proof, anti-aging, and insect resistant, making maintenance easier. CDG rattan furniture manufacturer recommends that to keep outdoor rattan furniture as beautiful as new, it is best to use a nylon bristle brush to remove dirt and debris. It is easy to judge the softness of the nylon brush. The toothbrush that is suitable for brushing your teeth is also safe for cleaning rattan furniture. For daily cleaning, dust and dirt can be wiped with a wet rag.

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