4 Cases Of Garden, There Is Always One You Will Like!

4 Cases Of Garden, There Is Always One You Will Like!

by ehaitech |2023年2月8日 | Industrial News

Have you ever sat quietly in your own garden – just sitting quietly, or meditating, or looking around the fields, enjoying the boundless scenery of the garden? I’m not really looking at anything, but I can’t help thinking about what I can do for the garden next. I ask myself silently: “What if I plant a tree here?” or “” If I remove these paved boards, what should I replace them? “To some extent, it doesn’t really matter whether you are conscious of your action, because what you have been thinking, thinking and doing is to improve the outdoor space and let this land belong to you get the visual effect you want.

The process of creating a garden will change according to different styles, fashions, talents, skills, talents, wealth, travel, experiments and history, but all these are refined and summarized, and still return to the original source of demand. In essence, it is all about how a person controls all his or her surroundings to a certain extent.

The following editor has selected four cases of courtyard gardens for your reference. I hope you can get new inspiration from them and contribute to your garden.


1. The flower garden of a Russian female teacher



2. The garden of an American garden architect


3. Mediterranean style garden of a Polish living in Japan


4. The garden of an amateur photographer

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