Garden Furniture Maintenance Extends The Life Of Your Outdoor Furniture

Garden Furniture Maintenance Extends The Life Of Your Outdoor Furniture

by ehaitech |2023年2月15日 | Industrial News

With the demand of the furniture market for gardens and gardens, there are many kinds of outdoor furniture on the market. Choosing a batch of outdoor furniture can not only beautify the outstanding style of the environment, but also make people more comfortable to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden. The influence of outdoor furniture on garden style design is beyond doubt. It can add to the icing on the cake or break the overall design. Therefore, many conditional friends will customize a set of furniture according to themselves to ensure the same style.

After spending so much money, we should know how to care carefully. Ordinary outdoor garden furniture should be moisture-proof and moisture-proof, more solid and not easily damaged. Wood, rattan, etc. are made of steel or aluminum frames, which are big choices. This kind of finished products generally have a long service life, and proper maintenance can prolong the service life of furniture.


Maintenance of wooden and rattan outdoor furniture:

Ordinary bamboo and rattan products are dried and antiseptic in the production process. They are made from natural, green and environmental protection materials, and have natural color, which is very suitable for garden use.

The disadvantage of wooden outdoor furniture is that it will be affected by the weather for a long time, and the high temperature will make the furniture easy to crack, so it is best to use this kind of furniture in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid direct sunlight.

The humid climate will make the furniture mildew and breed bacteria, which needs to be cleaned regularly. Therefore, proper care is necessary. When cleaning, clean it with water or salt water, and apply a layer of varnish to protect it after drying.


Maintenance of iron, steel and metal garden furniture:

Nowadays, more and more people like to choose metal furniture products. Furniture made of iron, steel and aluminum products has become the mainstream of furniture selection. Because of its characteristics, it can create a variety of unique style furniture, bright color, fashionable style, strong metal texture and modern sense, which is more adaptable to the trend. Compared with traditional furniture, it is light and durable, and it is convenient to take care of without worrying about mildew and other problems. But even though it has so many advantages, it still has its disadvantages.

1. It is easy to rust. Especially in wet weather in summer, when the humidity is high, the steel will rust and fall off;

2. It is easy to be corroded by acid and alkali liquid. Due to its nature, it is easy to cause chemical reaction, so pay attention to avoid leakage of chemical liquid to avoid injury;

3. Avoid damaging the shape. The main reason why steel products are popular because of their changeable shapes is that their materials are easy to design and manufacture. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the damage to furniture caused by daily bumps. This kind of furniture also focuses on dry and ventilated environment, and avoiding the sun will prolong the service life of the product.

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