What Should I Do When Outdoor Furniture Encounters Rainy Days?

What Should I Do When Outdoor Furniture Encounters Rainy Days?

by ehaitech |2023年3月8日 | Company News

Outdoor furniture is very popular, but the most unpredictable is the weather. The biggest worry of many people before purchasing outdoor furniture is what to do with outdoor furniture placed in the yard and terrace when it rains? Wouldn’t outdoor rattan furniture get damp and moldy when it gets wet? Wouldn’t outdoor metal furniture rust and paint when it gets wet? However, what are the differences between these problems and CDG outdoor furniture products?


As we all know, ordinary outdoor furniture must be taken back or covered up quickly in rainy days. If no one happens to be present, it will suffer. The surface, cushion and cushion of outdoor furniture will be soaked in the rain for a long time, and it is easy to rust and mildew if the quality is poor. CDG outdoor furniture products do not have this kind of trouble. All cushions and cushions of Xinningju outdoor furniture are made of waterproof and breathable technology fabrics. Secondly, the technology fabric can also prevent pollution and mildew, but the waterproof fabric can not make the entire cushion waterproof. Zippers and pinholes will allow rain to seep into the interior, so the requirements for padding of cushion and cushion in outdoor furniture are relatively high.


CDG outdoor furniture products also take this situation into account, so Xinningju cushion padding adopts quick-drying cotton, which has higher performance of moisture and moisture prevention. Therefore, it has also been deeply loved by designers in the field of outdoor home furnishing. Compared with ordinary sofa filled sponge, quick-drying cotton can quickly leak water and restore dryness. Even if it is accidentally wet by rain, it can only be dried in the sun for 2-3 hours, which will not affect the quality of outdoor furniture. So rainy days will not cause any quality problems for CDG outdoor furniture. Whether in the beach, swimming pool or garden, CDG outdoor furniture products can well adapt to various scenes.

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