Let Outdoor Furniture Dance Freely With Nature

Let Outdoor Furniture Dance Freely With Nature

by ehaitech |2023年5月24日 | Industrial News

In recent years, the trend of outdoor furniture design has showcased a cross border mix and match style. Whether casual or classical, the creation of space is centered around the human living experience, while maintaining a personalized style to meet the needs of different groups of people. In many outdoor furniture products, a new demand is conveyed – how you think, do, and express yourself.


The home furnishing trend that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s has made a comeback, leading people to miss those beautiful old times. Standing in front of the luxurious tanned leather sofa, one cannot help but think of the life scenes of the past: the light and elegant home environment, the scattered wooden furniture, the casually opened books, the dark dressing table… If the color is changed to elegant white, it is also a light, lively, and casual modern home style. The round and full sofa shape makes people involuntarily want to immerse themselves in its embrace, lying on it reading or listening to music, Feel the soft and comfortable feeling comfortably.


The cross-border mixing and matching of outdoor furniture is not limited to the diversification of styles, but also reflected in the use of furniture materials. Mixing and matching materials with vastly different styles can create a unique fusion in the ultimate conflict. A series of free and bold combinations of plastic and iron, fabric and porcelain, leather and solid wood, wood and porcelain, fabric and leather, and so on, will make the room rich and three-dimensional. At the same time, conflicting decorations are used to achieve cross-border integration, such as chairs that are completely of the same color or their surfaces decorated with flower patterns. Cross border mixing and matching “brings together things that traditionally do not belong together, creating a more unique artistic effect.


The selection of cross-border design for outdoor home products is very broad, with furniture of different eras, materials, and shapes freely combined. Home is no longer a model, but its own state. Nowadays, “leisure life” has become a life philosophy pursued by people, reflected in outdoor home products. What is exhibited is a “slow design” that increases additional emotional communication between people and the world around them by downplaying the functionality of the product. Slow design embodies the spirit of “people-oriented” design, which does not refer to the length of design time, but emphasizes that designers should be in a state of calm, relaxed, and casual perception in design creation, that is, following the most sincere state of their hearts, hoping that people will have a moment in the pursuit of material life, listening to their hearts, caring for life, and enjoying life.


In fact, the ever-changing colors and personalized styling are more manifested as a relaxed attitude towards life, fully reflecting youth, vitality, and fashion. In terms of color, it is no longer limited to the basic colors of “black, white, and gray”, but rather a mixture of multiple colors, either bold and bold, or gentle and introverted, or interesting and humorous; In terms of styling, local decoration is used to showcase the user’s personality, such as using circular, semi circular, and curved shapes, closely combining outdoor furniture design concepts with popular elements such as fashion, internet, and anime. Furniture that can adjust its functions and combinations at any time due to lifestyle changes, and pursue entertaining structures in design, such as hidden, stacked, and rotated designs that can make the home full of a sense of gaming, is a manifestation of this style.

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