Table And Chair Set Furniture Products For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Table And Chair Set Furniture Products For Indoor And Outdoor Use

by ehaitech |2023年11月8日 | Company News

With the improvement of quality of life, people are paying more and more attention to the comfort and leisure style of life. Outdoor furniture, as an important component of leisure life, is increasingly favored by people. As a professional furniture brand, CDG Furniture not only focuses on quality and design, but also pays attention to the practicality and multiple applications of furniture. Today, we will introduce CDG Furniture, a universal indoor and outdoor table and chair set furniture product.


1、 Product Introduction
This table and chair set furniture product from CDG Furniture is made of high-quality raw materials, with strong durability, high practicality, and multiple applications. The product includes a rectangular table and six matching chairs, which can meet the needs of various occasions such as home gardens, outdoor restaurants, and hotel entertainment.

The table of CDG furniture adopts a rectangular design, with a moderate size, which is suitable for both household and commercial use. The desktop is made of waterproof materials, which can effectively prevent rainwater infiltration when used outdoors. At the same time, the edges of the table are meticulously treated, rounded and smooth to avoid scratching hands during use.

The six matching chairs are also made of high-quality materials, and the cushion is filled with highly elastic sponge to ensure comfortable sitting posture. The back and armrests of the chair are designed with hand woven polyester ropes. The overall design of the chair is fashionable, stackable, easy to carry, and space saving.


2、 Advantages of the product

This table and chair set furniture product from CDG Furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical. Whether it’s family gatherings, outdoor picnics, or hotel dining, it can meet the usage needs. At the same time, the product also has the characteristics of multiple applications, whether indoors or outdoors, it can be easily handled.

CDG furniture is made of high-quality materials, greatly improving the durability of the product. Both the table and chair have undergone strict testing and inspection to ensure the quality and lifespan of the product. In addition, the surface treatment of the product is also in place, which can effectively prevent scratches and corrosion.

CDG Furniture’s table and chair set furniture product also fully considers the comfort of use. The cushion and backrest are filled with highly elastic sponge, which can provide good support and comfort. The design of the backrest and armrest also fully considers ergonomic principles, providing customers with a great dining and riding experience.

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