How Can Commercial Outdoor Furniture Survive Winter Smoothly?

How Can Commercial Outdoor Furniture Survive Winter Smoothly?

by ehaitech |2023年11月15日 | Industrial News

As winter approaches, the temperature decreases and the air becomes dry, which puts higher demands on the maintenance of commercial outdoor furniture. In order to ensure the service life of outdoor furniture, CDG Furniture provides a detailed maintenance guide for commercial outdoor furniture in winter, so that your outdoor furniture can pass through the winter smoothly.

1、 Cleaning and Protection
Regular wiping: Regularly wipe outdoor furniture with warm cleaning agents to remove dust and dirt. Remember to wipe off any remaining cleaning agent with a clean soft cloth after wiping.
Cold and warm protection: For furniture that has been exposed to the outside for a long time, we recommend using cold and warm protection when necessary. For example, covering furniture with old blankets or towels to reduce the impact of cold winds on wood.

2、 Avoid exposure to sunlight
The sunlight in winter is strong, and excessive exposure may cause furniture wood to crack or fade. Therefore, outdoor furniture should be avoided from prolonged exposure to sunlight as much as possible. If you need to air dry the furniture, it is recommended to choose when the sunlight is not strong.


3、 Maintain stable humidity
The dry climate in winter may cause wood to shrink, leading to furniture cracking. To maintain stable humidity, it is possible to consider using a humidifier or regularly placing moist soil indoors to increase indoor humidity. At the same time, avoid frequent opening and closing of doors and windows to avoid excessive fluctuations in indoor humidity.

4、 Regular inspection and maintenance
Regular inspection of connection parts: Regularly inspect the connection parts of outdoor furniture, such as screws, nails, etc., for looseness. If there is any looseness, it should be tightened in a timely manner.
Timely repair of damage: If any damage or cracking is found on the surface of furniture, it should be repaired in a timely manner. Materials such as outdoor adhesive and putty can be used for repair.


5、 Paint protection
Regular waxing: In order to maintain the gloss of outdoor furniture paint, furniture can be regularly waxed. However, attention should be paid to controlling the amount and frequency of wax, as excessive use may cause the paint surface to become rough.
Spraying protective film: For furniture with high value, it can be considered to spray a layer of protective film on the surface to increase the protective effect of the paint surface. But it is important to choose the type of protective film that is suitable for outdoor environments.

6、 Avoid using corrosive cleaning agents
The dry climate in winter may make some cleaning agents dry slowly. Therefore, when using cleaning agents, it is important to avoid using cleaning agents that contain strong acids or alkalis to avoid damage to furniture.

7、 Pest and rodent prevention
Although there are relatively few pests and rodents in winter, they cannot be taken lightly. Regularly inspect furniture for signs of insect or mouse bites, and promptly handle any signs.


8、 Storage and Management
Indoor storage: Outdoor furniture can be moved indoors for storage before winter arrives. This can avoid damage to furniture caused by harsh outdoor environments.
Classified storage: classify and store furniture according to its material and purpose to avoid collision or damage from other items.
Label Record: Establish a label record for each outdoor furniture item, including information such as purchase time and usage status, for easy management and maintenance.

Overall, the maintenance of commercial outdoor furniture in winter requires us to be more meticulous and thoughtful. Through the various maintenance measures mentioned above, we can ensure that outdoor furniture remains in good condition during winter and extend its service life. I hope these suggestions can be helpful for your outdoor furniture maintenance work.

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