Amazing Nordic Style Dining Chair And Table Set

Amazing Nordic Style Dining Chair And Table Set

by ehaitech |2023年11月30日 | Company News

The Nordic style woven rope chair and outdoor dining table set of CDG furniture is an ideal choice for any outdoor dining area. This woven chair is made of high-quality polyester rope weaving, and each chair is handcrafted with exquisite woven backrest and seat surface, perfectly combined with the aluminum chair frame, presenting an overall exquisite and beautiful appearance.


The Nordic style woven rope chair is not only attractive in appearance, but its design considers comfort and durability. High quality polyester rope weaving material has characteristics such as wear resistance, water resistance, and sun protection, allowing the chair to withstand various outdoor environments. The handmade woven backrest and seat surface provide comfortable support, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasant experience of outdoor dining.


In addition, the Nordic style outdoor dining table is spacious and comfortable to accommodate 6-8 people. It adopts timeless classic color versatility, allowing you to easily match various outdoor decoration styles. The technology plastic wood countertop of the dining table, combined with an aluminum base frame, is both sturdy and durable. The technological plastic wood material makes the dining table waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, without the need for special maintenance, making it more suitable for outdoor use.

The Nordic style woven rope chairs and outdoor dining table sets of CDG furniture not only showcase the minimalist beauty of Nordic style, but also emphasize functionality and durability. Whether used in backyard dining areas for families or outdoor dining areas in commercial settings, this set can meet your needs. You can enjoy delicious food in the outdoor dining area while feeling a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.


In short, CDG Furniture’s Nordic style woven rope chair and outdoor dining table set are a delicate, beautiful, comfortable, and durable choice. Whether in appearance or function, it can meet your needs for outdoor dining areas. With this set, you can create a delightful outdoor dining experience, making your outdoor dining experience more enjoyable and unforgettable.

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