Plywood Dining Chairs Are Popular In Australian Restaurants

Plywood Dining Chairs Are Popular In Australian Restaurants

by ehaitech |2024年5月27日 | Industrial News

In recent years, a plywood dining chair from CDG furniture has gradually become popular in Australian restaurants, and with its simple and fashionable design and excellent quality, it has become a confident choice for commercial restaurant venues.
The frame of this plywood dining chair is made of thick iron material and processed with precision technology, which not only ensures the stability and durability of the chair, but also gives the dining chair a modern and beautiful line. The luster and texture of iron materials complement the overall decoration style of the restaurant, creating a modern and comfortable dining environment for customers.


The part of the seat and backrest, CDG furniture uses a five layer structure of water ash plywood. The water ash wood is famous for its beautiful texture and excellent physical properties, and the design of the five layer structure further enhances the strength and stability of the plywood. This material not only ensures the comfort of the seat and backrest, but also gives the dining chair a natural beauty. The natural texture of the water chestnut also adds a unique charm to the dining chairs, making each plywood dining chair a focal point in the restaurant.

In terms of color selection, The plywood dining chairs of CDG furniture also embody the design concept of simplicity rather than simplicity. The use of three colors, white, natural wood, and black, not only conforms to the trend of modern aesthetics, but also provides a variety of matching options for restaurants. White gives people a fresh and pure feeling, which is very suitable for restaurants that pursue a minimalist style; Natural wood color emits a warm and natural atmosphere, suitable for restaurants that hope to create a warm atmosphere; Black appears stable and atmospheric, suitable for restaurants that pursue high-end and fashionable styles. The combination of these three colors not only meets the style needs of different restaurants, but also provides customers with a rich visual experience.


The plywood dining chairs of CDG furniture also perform well in terms of comfort. The design of the seat and backrest fully considers ergonomic principles, ensuring comfort for long-term use. The width and depth of the seating surface have been carefully calculated to accommodate customers of different body types, while the tilt angle of the backrest provides good support, allowing customers to maintain a comfortable posture during meals.

This plywood dining chair also emphasizes practicality, and its simple design makes cleaning and maintenance very easy. Whether it’s oil or dust, it can be easily wiped clean to keep the dining chairs clean and hygienic. In addition, the material of plywood also has certain wear resistance and scratch resistance, which can withstand daily wear and tear.


The plywood dining chairs of CDG furniture not only stand out in design, but also embody the concept of environmental protection in the production process. During the manufacturing process, CDG furniture strictly controls the selection of raw materials and energy consumption during the production process, striving to reduce its impact on the environment. The production process of plywood uses environmentally friendly adhesives, reducing the emission of harmful substances and making the product more environmentally friendly and healthy.

Our plywood dining chairs not only enhance the overall image of the restaurant, but also provide customers with a comfortable and enjoyable dining environment. in the future CDG Furniture will continue to lead the trend in the catering furniture industry with its innovative design and excellent quality.

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