CDG Furniture Meets You At SPOGA+GAFA 2024

CDG Furniture Meets You At SPOGA+GAFA 2024

by ehaitech |2024年6月17日 | Industrial News

With the continuous prosperity and development of the furniture market, the world’s leading garden lifestyle expo SPOGA+GAFA 2024 was grandly held from June 16th to 18th at the Cologne Exhibition Center in Germany. At this grand event, the theme is “Responsible Garden”, emphasizing the impact and responsibility of humanity on the environment. Under the leadership of its founder Lisa, CDG Furniture showcased a variety of popular commercial furniture products and the latest designed outdoor furniture products at booth 4.2J-091, presenting a visual and quality feast for global consumers and professional buyers, exploring and showcasing the latest trends and innovative concepts of outdoor furniture.

Entering the CDG furniture booth, the first thing that catches your eye is a series of innovative handmade woven rope chairs. These chairs are made of high-quality polyester rope material, and their design inspiration comes from natural elements such as waves, vines, strings, etc. They are carefully woven by craftsmen, making each chair unique, full of artistic sense, and highly comfortable and durable. Paired with plastic wood outdoor tables or teak wood outdoor tables, they can form a perfect garden furniture set, adding a natural and harmonious atmosphere to the outdoor space.

We also bring numerous high-quality leather dining chairs. These dining chairs are made of high-quality imitation leather material, which has been finely polished and treated to have a soft and comfortable leather feel and good breathability, as well as extremely high wear resistance and durability. The design of leather dining chairs is simple and elegant, with smooth lines. Whether it is a modern style restaurant, a European style caf é, or a traditional style hotel, they can be perfectly integrated into it, adding a sense of nobility and elegance to various commercial spaces. We also provide rich customization services, where customers can choose different colors, materials, and sizes according to their needs and preferences to create fashionable and personalized leather dining chairs.

Of course, the exhibits of CDG furniture also include classic aluminum outdoor table and chair sets. These tables and chairs are made of high-quality aluminum material, which has undergone precise processing and treatment, making them both lightweight and sturdy. The surface undergoes special spray treatment, presenting a vintage style, retro style, and vintage style, and has excellent weather and corrosion resistance.

Even in harsh weather conditions, it can maintain its original luster and texture. The design of the aluminum outdoor table and chair set is simple and elegant, with smooth lines, suitable for both outdoor environments and indoor decoration. In various environments such as courtyards, gardens, beaches, parks, or terraces, these aluminum outdoor tables and chairs can easily cope with the challenges of various weather conditions, and are easy to clean and maintain, bringing comfort and convenience to users.

At this exhibition, CDG Furniture’s high-quality and innovative furniture products have been recognized and praised by customers around the world. As the founder of the company, Lisa personally led a sales elite team and had in-depth communication and interaction with customers and audiences from all over the world. They provided detailed information on the product’s design concept, material selection, manufacturing process, and other aspects, allowing customers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the quality and value of CDG furniture.

At the same time, they actively listen to customer opinions and suggestions, continuously improve their products and services to meet the needs and expectations of more customers. Many customers have expressed strong interest in our products and expressed their willingness to cooperate. At the same time, we have also established cooperative relationships with multiple internationally renowned furniture retailers and distributors, laying a solid foundation for the global layout of CDG furniture.

Welcome customers who are interested in developing in the outdoor furniture industry to visit and guide our booth. Looking ahead to the future, CDG Furniture will continue to adhere to the concept of “quality first, continuous innovation”, bringing more high-quality, fashionable, and comfortable furniture products to furniture enthusiasts worldwide, and jointly creating a better home life. Finally, we would like to thank all the customers and friends who support CDG furniture. We will continue to work hard, continuously improve our strength and level, and provide you with better products and services.

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